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The Irony of Joan Rivers

IMG_2703 - Edited

“… therefore the news of that which they mock shall soon come to them” [1] The Irony of Joan Rivers Earlier this month, during the Israeli massacres in Gaza where over 2,000 innocent men, women and children died, the American ...

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Banning ISIS flags or Muslim declaration of faith?

shahada flag

Banning the “ISIS flag” will outlaw the Muslim declaration of faith In some parts of the world, there are few more divisive and contentious issues than the flying of flags. These are usually as a result of historic injustices and a ...

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And Gaza is Victorious


And Gaza is Victorious   “And on that Day, the believers will rejoice. With the help of Allah. He helps whom He wills, and He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.” [1] Allah is the greatest and to Him belongs ...

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Gaza Under Siege – Timeline


  This page is dedicated to providing a range of daily updates highlighting and analysing the Zionist-Israeli terrorism on the people of Gaza. Please send us more relevant daily content from the web via the comments below. Monday,25th August 2014, ...

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Are they as important as James Foley?

James Foley

First and foremost, let’s be clear, Islām prohibits the killing of any civilian regardless of nationality, ideology or creed. Let us also be clear that the principles and maxims of justice in Islām is unparalleled. Allāh says in the Glorious ...

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Operation Selective Conflict

selective conflict3

“Without a policy to defeat IS in Syria any approach in Iraq is doomed to failure.” Julien Barnes-Dacey of the European council on Foreign Relations. So, should we assume that a vibrant course of action will now be taken? President ...

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Narendra Modi: a Fascist Complicit in Genocide?


The victory of Narendra Modi in the last Indian elections sent shockwaves through the world, not only because of his close ties to the fascist-inspired RSS but also because of his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots which left thousands ...

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Protect Your Own Edge

idf vs kids

Israel is Taboo. Criticising anything Israel does is akin to political suicide in this modern day. What hold does Israel have on the world that as soon as Israel enters a confrontation, politicians en masse immediately feel the need to ...

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Moeen Ali and the Language of War and Protest

moeen ali

“I wear the beard as a label,” cricketer Moeen Ali said in an interview earlier this summer[1]. “I want people to know I am a Muslim and I want people to know I am representing the Muslim faith. I want ...

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The Anniversary of Rabaa and Sisi’s Genocide


  General Sisi’s military coup claimed that it was put in effect to answer the calls of the masses who gathered in Tahrir square on the 30th of June 2013. The 30th of June protests indeed won the sympathy of ...

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