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Death and Disbelievers

Ahmed Ali 19 Min Read

Yes, I know Hitchens has been dead for a while and that this article may seem a tad late (more than a month to be precise!), but since the ‘religious’ community (that

The New Religion of Globalised Greed Part 2: Circles of Influence

Karima Hamdan 23 Min Read

*This is the second article in the series 'The New Religion of Globalised Greed'. click here to read part 1.While this week the career of Tory Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, fizzled

Who is killing the Syrian people?

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 8 Min Read

   At least 6000 people have been killed by the Syrian regime within the last 10 months; more than 60,000 people have been thrown in jail or have disappeared. The regime is

Islamic Ed. Series Pt1: Indoctrination versus Cultivation

Faisal Siddique 8 Min Read

The US led War on Terror, commonly understood by Muslims as a war on Islam, has resulted in close scrutiny of Islamic faith schools especially within Western liberal societies.  This has resulted

Decolonising the Mind

Syed Haider 25 Min Read

‘My dear doctor,’ said Flory, ‘how can you make out that we are in this country for any purpose except to steal? It is so simple…the British Empire is a device for

Thoughts on Religion and Politics

Akbar Khan 8 Min Read

Continuing from an article I wrote on the freedom of speech, it may be asked as to whether there is a link between religion and politics; the answer simply being yes. All