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Muslim Charities & Charity Commission

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The month of Ramadan is finally upon us. It is a time in which we can grow closer to our Creator, primarily through the noble acts of fasting and by occupying our time with the performance of beneficial acts of worship such as prayer, recitation and giving charity to organisations which aim to further the Islamic cause. The drive for fundraising from Muslim charities is clearly visible during the blessed month. Prime time on all Muslim television stations will be dominated by charity appeals, the continuous barrage of emails and pamphlets through the door and not to forget the reminders

Assisted Suicide – Another Battleground for the Atheists versus Theists

17 Min Read

Introduction There has been a growing call in the United Kingdom to legalise the act of ‘assisted suicide’, where the death of a terminally ill patient is moved along with the assistance of another individual on grounds of compassion. Earlier this month the Faulkner report concluded that there is a strong case to allow assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in England and Wales. This report was funded by Sir Terry Pratchett who himself suffers with Alzheimer’s disease and has been actively campaigning for a change in legislation since his diagnosis. The findings of this commission have re-ignited the debate

The Puff Culture. Is it really harmful?

18 Min Read

Introduction Over the course of the last decade, there has been a remarkable surge in the prevalence of shisha smoking, particularly amongst the younger generation. This popularity has been fuelled in part by the appeal of inhaling flavoursome smoke alongside the emergence of numerous exotically decorated ‘shisha cafes’, where one can indulge in a myriad of tobacco flavours ranging from fruity apple to fizzy coca-cola. Perhaps the most significant factor in the rise of shisha smoking lies in the belief which many people hold, that it is a ‘healthier’ or ‘herbal’ alternative to cigarettes as it doesn’t have carcinogenic effects.

Zam Zam – Holy or Poisonous?

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The BBC has recently highlighted concerns surrounding Zam Zam water that it is contaminated with harmful elements. In an undercover investigation, they exposed the illegal selling of Zam Zam water in Islamic Bookshops and following analysis of the water being sold, they found high levels of nitrate and levels of arsenic three times above the maximum permitted level. Moreover, they asked an undercover pilgrim to retrieve some Zam Zam water from the source, and they found the composition of this water to be similar to that being sold in the UK.  Despite performing such a covert ‘sting’ operation, maybe one

The Injustice of Usury

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Since the union between David Cameron and Nick Clegg was formed last year, we have had a series of austerity measures forced upon us, including reforms to the funding of Higher Education in the UK in an attempt to tackle our huge national debt. Despite the angry protests of student bodies, MPs voted in favour of such reforms. With much of the dust now settled from the initial uproar, Aaron Porter has promised a further wave of demonstrations. My previous articles have called for students to be holistic in their approach to protesting. They should avoid focussing solely on the

Where does Debt come From?

14 Min Read

As the Government looks to cut funding to Higher Education Institutions, graduates are instead being asked to pay for the void Messieurs Cameron and Clegg have left them with. With the possibility of student debt rising to £40,000, students have been vociferous in their response against the hikes in tuition fees. The previous article called to students to make a rational response against the proposals and tackle the issue by confronting the core problem of debt. But before addressing this key matter, it is important to understand why we have debt in the first place. There is a common saying

Tutition Fees and Student Debt. Are Students Asking the Right Questions?

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Current protests by students have managed to revive student activism reminiscent of the 1960s when ‘student power’ was at its peak. This is of course all thanks to the recent proposals to increase university tuition fees which has ignited the anger of the UK student population, the results of which is clearly evident across various news stations. The National Union of Students (NUS) have issued a number of statements against these proposals; the current President of the NUS, Aaron Porter, accused the Government of betraying a generation saying that the NUS will “resist proposals to increase student fees” based upon