AbdulRahman El-Nounu

AbdulRahman El-Nounu is a Mechanical Engineer by profession having completed a MEng and is currently pursuing his doctorate (EngD) as a Manufacturing Research Engineer. He is actively involved in arranging Islamic structured courses with international Dawah institutes and delivers basic study circles in his locality while attending regular Tafseer classes. AbdulRahman’s research and political activism focuses on international affairs and he is an author to Islam21c on current Middle-Eastern issues.
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529 Deaths in One Sentence. Welcome to al-Sisi Egypt

9 Min Read

After months of detention without trial, Egypt’s coup-planted courts have sentenced to death 529 supporters of the first elected president in Egyptian history. The two day long trial for an alleged attack on a police station did not allow the defendants’ lawyers into the proceedings but nonetheless issued the verdict of death. The ludicrous proceeding can hardly be referred to using formal terms. It stemmed from the illegitimacy of the coup even if it had enacted full justice and applied a correct legal arrangement. But on top of this, the proceeding was an ultimate fallacy, rather than a ‘court’, it

The Egyptian Media’s Dirty Game

10 Min Read

What is the common perception of the media and what is its main goal? Every media outlet, whether the newspapers, news channels, entertainment such as TV series, movies or radio has the same goal. It is the same goal that every business pursues, the bottom line, the controller: the Profit. Typically, the easiest route to a profit for the media is to provide content that its target audience can relate to. In a very crude example, the Sun newspaper in the UK will, on a daily basis, print a picture of a topless woman. It knows very well that its