AbdulRahman El-Nounu

AbdulRahman El-Nounu is a Mechanical Engineer by profession having completed a MEng and is currently pursuing his doctorate (EngD) as a Manufacturing Research Engineer. He is actively involved in arranging Islamic structured courses with international Dawah institutes and delivers basic study circles in his locality while attending regular Tafseer classes. AbdulRahman’s research and political activism focuses on international affairs and he is an author to Islam21c on current Middle-Eastern issues.
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Gaza and boycott of the Prophet and Companions

8 Min Read

Lessons can be learnt from the Quraysh boycott of the Messenger ﷺ and the ongoing challenges faced by Gazans.

Living With Hypocrisy

9 Min Read

The Munāfiq is the most dangerous thing in the life of the Muslim

Shamima Begum – all of a sudden not British

12 Min Read

Should brown people's Britishness be dependent on good behaviour?

The Fiqh of Lasers

11 Min Read

This article is not a fiqhi article, nor will any fatwas be issued. What this article is designed to do is make us think. Scholar 1: Lasers. The word lasers is taken for granted. In reality, Laser is an acronym. It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are single wavelength highly concentrated beams of energy. There are four steps in laser action: Absorption of Energy; Spontaneous Emission; Stimulated Emission; Population inversion.  At the first stage, energy is absorbed by an atom, the electrons are excited into vacant energy shells. The atom then decays through the emission of

Islamic Law for ‘Primitive’ Societies?

18 Min Read

One argument frequently touted against Islām and Muslims is the assertion that Islamic Law was conceived for a primitive era and applying it to our advanced society is incompatible. Advances in technology, communication and scientific discovery have rendered those laws null. This argument does not take into account Divine Revelation and the element of submission of a Muslim. The word “Muslim” translates as “one who has submitted.” Indeed, when you submit to God you trust that although there are some things that you do not understand and may struggle to resolve in your own mind, you accept them whole-heartedly because

Managing The Work-Life-Death Balance

12 Min Read

The purpose of this article is not to offer any clear-cut instruction; rather, the aim is merely to provoke the reader into contemplating the various issues being discussed. In the western world we often lament our lack of time. We often observe people who exist within our stratosphere that appear incredibly busy and we look at ourselves in self-depreciating disgust. I have a few questions related to this image; Does effort and toil necessarily equate to productivity? Is an overwhelmingly demanding schedule the right approach for you? I will start by offering an example from my own experience of the

Devil’s Drop Box

13 Min Read

How long does it take for the first notions of paganism to spread and become manifest? Will we actually be able to recognise that they have spread? Have they already spread? It actually took five centuries for pure paganism to spread to all Arabia before the advent of Islām. Arabia had been blessed with the religion of Ibrāhīm (ʿalayhi al-Salām). There was no empty vessel for the Shayṭān to fill. Rather the Shayṭān could only work to distort what already existed as is his way. Shayṭān remains active till this day and will do until the Day of Judgement. His

Secularism: the Caliphate’s Final Blow

15 Min Read

Throughout history the disease of nationalism is a consistent cause of the downfall of nations. In a startling display of this Abū Jahl cited that his aversion to becoming a Muslim, despite knowing that the Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) was indeed a Prophet, was tribal competitiveness. He says: "I know that he is telling the truth, but there is something holding me back. The descendants of Quṣayy b. Kilāb b. Murrah wanted al-Ḥijābah (Guardianship of al-Ka‘bah and preservation of its key), as-Siqāyah (Custody of Zamzam and catering the pilgrims during the Ḥajj), al-Ifādah (Authority of trade and commerce),

Islamic History X

18 Min Read

  If we say, Punishment has reached them, And rejection by God has come to them, Then we, too, like them, and more than they, Deviate, and can one who deviates be safe? Can we be sure that vengeance will not fall upon us, When corruption has combined with license upon us? The veil is stripped from people whenever Free rein is given to disobedience This poem was recited by an anonymous Muslim poet while mourning the loss of Toledo, the former Visigothic capital in 1085, permanently shifting the balance of power there in favour of Christians monarchies. When one

Sisi Mubarak, Everyone!

8 Min Read

AbdulFattah al sisi, we salute you. We all rise to congratulate and honour the magnificent man who has managed to maintain a moral code so profoundly. The moral code of Fir’awn (I mean) has been a long-standing tradition maintained and cultivated over the centuries to suit the needs of the wealthy and the advantaged alike. Sisi is the greatest ambassador of this tremendous art in our time. Critics of Mubarak had long since acknowledged that he lacked the destructive, murderous nature of a true leader. Mubarak tried his best, but he just lacked a deep insight into the effective use