Akbar Khan

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Thoughts on Religion and Politics

8 Min Read

Continuing from an article I wrote on the freedom of speech, it may be asked as to whether there is a link between religion and politics; the answer simply being yes. All too often the word ‘politics’ is a misused term which causes some people to disagree, usually those of a secular belief, but from observations of the society we live in, I believe it is evident that politics plays an ample role in ones life whether religious or not. One popular description of politics, 'the art of the possible' was arguably first used by Otto von Bismarck of Prussia,

Thinking about Freedom of Speech

15 Min Read

There are a number of issues of which popular British culture had previously been tolerant but no longer so, as events continue to show. Taking the example of the veil, whilst the nation-wide debate on the veil continues to reach new heights, it becomes very clear that however increasingly exhaustive the debate becomes, there remains a lack of interest towards the alternative perspective, namely, the views of the Muslims. At times, publicly ill-informed comments are made regarding the issue of the veil. So where does freedom of speech commence and conclude, and does it in fact, have any boundaries at

Living in the Shade of the Qur’an

10 Min Read

The times we live in at present are indeed very worrying; this worry far surpasses the magnitude of the attacks launched upon the Nation of the Muslims from outside its realms, but indeed her slow and painful emersion into ignorance of the Book of Allah, and a deeper insight into its implementation in our daily lives. “And among them are unlettered ones who do not know the Scripture except wishful thinking, but they are only assuming” “It is but a reminder to the worlds” “And you will surely know its information after a time” Contemplation upon the word of Allah