Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Shaykh Ali Ihsan Hammuda is Islam21c's Tarbiya Editor. A UK national of Palestinian origin, he gained bachelor's and Masters degrees in Architecture & Planning from the University of the West of England, before achieving a BA in Shari'ah from al-Azhar University in Egypt. Shaykh Ali is the author of several books including The Daily Revivals, The Ten Lanterns, and The Friday Reminder. He delivers sermons, lectures, and regular classes across the country. He is currently based in Wales and is a visiting Imām at al-Manar Centre in Cardiff, and also a senior researcher and lecturer for the Muslim Research & Development Foundation in London.
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Four Imams | Departing the World in Egypt

17 Min Read

“I saw al-Shāfi’ī in a dream after his demise. I said to him, ‘O Father of ‘Abdullāh, how did Allāh receive you?’ He replied, ‘He sat me on a throne of gold and poured over me the purest of pearls.’”

Four Imams | A Teenage Jurist

13 Min Read

Did you know that al-Shāfi’ī was only fifteen years old when his teacher gave him permission to issue verdicts?

Four Imams | Like Teacher, Like Student

21 Min Read

What a privilege it is to share the biography of yet another luminary – a man whose story leaves one both lost for words and immensely grateful to Allāh for His gift to humanity through such an individual.

Four Imams | The Imam of Madinah

22 Min Read

“I was with Mālik b. Anas whilst he was conveying to us Ḥadīth, when a scorpion stung him sixteen times. Mālik’s colour began to change as he coerced himself to have patience without interrupting the Ḥadīth of the Prophet ﷺ."

Four Imams | Star of the Scholars

19 Min Read

“If the scholars are mentioned, then Mālik is the star."

Four Imams | The Great Debater

31 Min Read

Sh Ali Hammuda explores the personality, manners and worship of Imām Abū Ḥanīfa, as well as examining the remarkable intelligence that would allow him to intellectually topple his opponents in debates.

Four Imams | A Unique Perspective

20 Min Read

Sh Ali Hammuda's brand new series looks at the lives of the eponymous four imams of Islam, in a unique way to distill lessons for us in the 21st century.

The Butterfly Effect

18 Min Read

Did you know that both World Wars were actually ignited simply because a car was driven to the wrong street?

One God Many Names | Al-ʿAzīz (The Mighty)

43 Min Read

A life with al-ʿAzīz renders the believer strong, even if bound to a wheelchair, and rich, even if poverty stricken, and free, even if shackled in chains, and a living legend even if put to the sword.

Six Steps for a Sensational Summer

20 Min Read

As you see others leading their carefree lives this summer, Muslims on the other hand will patiently restrain themselves, with eyes that never lose sight of the perfect and eternal Home.