Bilal Abdul Kareem

Bilal Abdul Kareem is a former programme director at an international Islamic TV network. He is a director and producer of many films and documentaries as well as a presenter. Bilal has been documenting foreign fighters in Syria for the last two years, and has produced reports with Channel 4, BBC, Skynews, and the Dutch program Newseur.
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What do we learn from the latest ISIS speech?

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ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Adnani released a statement yesterday that Muslims around the world should thank him for because he made things crystal clear for anyone with eyes to see. Before we begin, it has to be made clear that Adnani is ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi’s spokesman and cannot be considered as “just another” ISIS member.  Therefore it is only reasonable to assume that Adnani’s statements are in fact Baghdadi’s.  With that in mind here are three brief points Adnani made clear in his statement and thus gifted the Muslims with around the world. Muslim Blood Around the World Means Nothing

Is David Cameron leading the UK to disaster?

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Another Journalist Murdered by ISIS as Cameron Leads UK to Disaster Journalist Steven Sotloff is dead. He was beheaded in another grisly ISIS video posted on the Internet. The life of British national David Cawthorne Hanes was threatened this time towards the end. What sort of response is warranted by the UK? Should that response be more air strikes? Should it be more legislation? On Monday UK Prime Minister David Cameron went before Parliament to ask for new “Anti-Terror” legislation. Among the tools he said he required to keep the people safe were the following: - Legislation to allow police