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What do we learn from the latest ISIS speech?

ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Adnani released a statement yesterday that Muslims around the world should thank him for because he made things crystal clear for anyone with eyes to see. Before we begin, it has to be made clear that Adnani is ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi’s spokesman and cannot be considered as “just another” ISIS member.  Therefore it is only reasonable to assume that Adnani’s statements are in fact Baghdadi’s.  With that in mind here are three brief points Adnani made clear in his statement and thus gifted the Muslims with around the world.

  1. Muslim Blood Around the World Means Nothing to ISIS

In Adnani’s statement he mentioned the following:

If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allāh, kill him in any manner or way however it may be.  Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict.  Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling.

What did we learn from this?  This article will not be a theological discussion on the permissibility or impermissibility of this type of order. I do not believe his statement has entered the realm of Islamic reality to merit such a response.  So I will limit the analysis to something else at this time.  Let us say that individual Muslims in non-Muslim countries begin to carry out Baghdadi’s orders, suddenly and arbitrarily attacking  individuals, “spit in the faces of ordinary citizens” as Adnani instructed Muslims, or other such actions.  What exactly would be the response to this?

Is it reasonable to assume that non-Muslim citizens of the US, Canada and France would simply turn away, impassive and unaffected? Is it reasonable that they would simply stand by and watch as Adnani stated Muslims in the West should, even to civilians: “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”  It is entirely unreasonable and implausible that a non-Muslim would not mind seeing their countrymen being treated in this fashion and thus not concern himself with it.  I think it is far more reasonable and likely that a mass aggression towards Muslims would ensue.

Muslims in many western countries do not amount to even 5% of the population.  Muslims would become easy targets for any and all and they would be practically powerless to defend themselves.  Does Baghdadi’s “rule” extend to those lands wherein he can protect the Muslims from almost certain backlash?  And why would Adnani say: “Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict”, at the tail end of issuing his leader’s order?  Should Muslims not always seek the advice of people of knowledge?  Why would he feel threatened by Muslims seeking advice from the Qur’ān and Sunnah?  Strange.

  1.  Clues to what may or may not be motivating ISIS leadership

Why would Adnani, or indeed Baghdadi, issue an order that will clearly harm Muslim interests with no discernible benefits for Muslims at large?  I can only come up with two reasons ISIS leadership would push for such a scenario.  Either:

I. Both Baghdadi and Adnani are grossly ignorant when it comes to the highly likely scenario that Muslim blood will flow in the streets of non-Muslim lands.  Maybe they are so disconnected that they think the 1.5% of the American population that are Muslims can protect themselves from the other 98.5% should they implement his orders.  Has the “Khalīfa” so little regard for the safety of Muslims around the world


II. Perhaps Adnani and Baghdadi have an anti-Islamic agenda.  Some may not think this is realistic.  “They are just misguided,” some will say.  However, let us look at some of their accomplishments over the past year or so:

– They were successful in turning their guns on fellow Muslims and halted Mujāhidīn advances against the Assad regime. One that was on the brink of collapse in early 2013. Baghdadi announced the ISIS entity in Syria and the revolution has been backtracking ever since.

– They were successful in avoiding any and all attempts to settle grievances with other Islamic factions in a Sharīʿa  This is in spite of calls from an endless list of scholars around the globe for them to do so.

– They were successful in unifying the entire planet in calling for international intervention in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts—on the side of the tyrants!  Barack Obama would not have been able to achieve this without the evidence of rampant—bordering melodramatic—evil that ISIS provided.  Even the best US spin machine could not have even fabricated enough videos sufficient to bring all these squabbling countries together.

– They were successful in displaying the ugliest, bloodiest, most distorted image of Islām that any group has been able to do perhaps in the history of the religion. Even George Bush and Tony Blair did not have this level of success in demonising jihād and Mujāhidīn.

While I am not in a position to say whether or not ISIS are agents of one government conspiracy or another, I am certainly in a position to say that ISIS efforts will probably appear in CIA/MI6 trainee manuals of “How to undermine a Just Islamic Struggle” for years to come.

  1. ISIS Leadership is truly committed.  But to what?

As of 00:30 on Tuesday 23rd September 2014, US airstrikes have started in Syria.  Spokesman Rear Adm John Kirby said fighter and bomber jets and Tomahawk missiles were used in the attack.  Additionally, other anti-regime forces who are not ISIS are reporting that as of 03:20 their positions have come under attack in Idlib by missiles not seen in the Syrian territories before.

Keep in mind this is the same United States that makes a total mess of every single country it sets foot (or bombs) in.  The world had grown so totally weary of its aggression, lies and deceit that there is no way any country would have followed them in another coalition.  However ample ammunition was provided by ISIS to bring another such “coalition of the willing” back to Muslim lands.  Is Baghdadi sincere to the Muslims yet grossly ignorant and inept as a leader or is he something else?  It is perhaps that he is so awful as a leader that he simply cannot see that he is a tool in the hands of those who would harm Muslims lands.

I will not engage in conspiracy theorising, but the effects on Muslim interests since the announcement of ISIS in Syria 18 months ago is clear to anyone with any intelligence.  I know some will blame me for “helping” non-Muslims against Muslims by speaking out against ISIS. Journalism places reality at the feet of the people so they can make intelligent and informed decisions.  After all is said and done there are some who would still support Baghdadi no matter what. I remember a statement a friend of mine used to say: “Bilal, you cannot wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep.”

Source: www.islam21c.com

About Bilal Abdul Kareem

Bilal Abdul Kareem is a former programme director at an international Islamic TV network. He is a director and producer of many films and documentaries as well as a presenter. Bilal has been documenting foreign fighters in Syria for the last two years, and has produced reports with Channel 4, BBC, Skynews, and the Dutch program Newseur.


  1. It is astonishing to read that your main problem with ISIS orders is the possible backlash against the moslim population! It would only be humane to attack these orders (killing innocents) for what they are. Barbaric!!

  2. Asalamualikum wa rahmatulah.

    I would live in any country in the world except a country controlled by IS. Even on Sourth Pole would be a more just, safe and humane country than one controlled by IS.
    Maybe we should send IS to the south pole and call them ICE then they can make takfir on the penguins instead of their brothers.

    IS can not be fought with weapons you need to fight them by knowlegde a lot of psychiatrist and very importantly remove all the dictatorships in the Islamic world. IS is not the disease, they are a symptom of to many years with dicators. Any one would become crazy!

  3. Hamza Smith-Marshall

    1) The Islamic state is not a set-up. There has never been any proof of that conspiracy theory just the echo chamber news.

    2) What was the excuse last time for bombing Muslims anywhere? The West doesn’t need The State in order to kill Muslims, they just go ahead and do it regardless. Myanmar, Iraq war 1 & 2, Libya, Somalia, and on and on.

    3) Where do people get this idea of a ‘cosmic battle’? Oh right from RT news, since The State never said anything about a cosmic battle. Just let the TV do your thinking for you.

    4) The author is just a simple coward. Muslims in the west have worked hard to stick their heads in the sand and sell each other out for decades. Now that the sincere Muslims with courage fight for the cause of Allah (SWT) the week cowards say there should be no fighting. Kind of reminds me of the argument the Munafiqeen gave in Medina when the time to fight came there. Hhhhhmmmmm?

    But we will wait and see if The State is on the path of Allah you will see them vicorious over the kuffar nomatter how many there are. Remember the first battles against the Romans were 2,000-4,000 Muslims vs 200,000 -400,000 Romans. Allah gives the victory to whom ever he wills.

    May Allah give victory to The Mujahideen and humiliation to those who speak against them


  4. jazakAllahu khair for this article. You spoke the truth.
    Another important point is that ISIS has no care about people going to hell fire. They convey the message of Islam in the worst possible way. Many people in the West have embrassed Islam as I personaly did. It seems they get more satisfaction from killing people while thinking they will go to hell rather than from people being guided to Islam so they could go to Paradise.
    ISIS is a calamity for the muslims. It is normal we hate them and their evil actions for the sake of Allah.


  5. But don’t they, the Non believing countries have that ruling of killing citizens in Islamic land? I believe it’s called collateral……

    If only you, Bilal, can see how they are dropping bombs indiscriminately at this very time in their mission to subdue IS, you would agree on the decision taken.

    Regarding the “brink of collapse in 2013” for Syrian regime, where do you get such information from? The western media would have been replete with such news and the world would have been close to jubilation had this been a fact.

    The reason you cannot see Bush and other US presidents as evil and barbaric is because they have a first class cover up mechanism. It’s better if you can summon the courage to travel to the lands affected by their decisions and thereafter write your articles.

    You live in a dream world to be;lieve that another coalition would not have been formed without IS presence. The obvious conclusion is that the Non believeing world wish to extinguish the flame of Islam by turning the servants of Allaah(swt) into slaves of the Non belivers system. Are you happy with that outcome so you could save your skin Bilal?

    • The reason why they are dropping bombs on Muslims is precisely BECAUSE of these ISIS munafiqs, who have excelled not only in killing mujahidin – the most beloved people to Allah – but anyone else they can get their hands on. If they were falsely accused they would have an excuse, but they’re openly defending their stupid actions.

      And you seem not to know who the author is or read his bio – he’s THERE on the ground and has been there for the last FEW YEARS. THAT’s how he knows all of this, whilst thick kids around the world get fooled by all the bells and whistles on ISIS’ propaganda.

      Iblis himself and the rest of the shayatin from men and jinn absolutely LOVE ISIS.

      • You might as well tell everyone that you no longer accept Islam since your compassion is greater for the enemies of Islam over the haq(right) of Muslims. In Shaam, Shi’a do not equal Muslim. The rightly guided Ulama have declared this clearly. Nor does democracy equal Islam, Nor Secularism. Those are not acceptable to a Muslim at all if one’s faith is upon Allaah’s judgement.

        The sign of the time is clear too “Many in number”, but the faith does not go further than the throat. If you cannot reconcile that UK or any other kufr government has no right to kill non combatant/non threatening Muslims in whatever form or strategy, then there is no hope for your salvation. Read the Qur’an and you can verify this statement. Don’t curse at the messengers.

        Rather spend more time amongst yourselves and form defense committees since the UK government amongst others are going all the way to usurp your rights and property. And don’t blame others because you and most others know that this is their plan/threat all along in order to usurp the land of your brethren who live in Islamic environments. Perhaps you should retrospect and see that you are actually the cause for the indiscriminate bombings in Muslim lands since you do not stand up meaningfully to challenge, but just give a few unheard bleats until the media whores quieten down.

        Work in unison to sell up and clear out of the land of Kufr and set up your livelihood(if it’s halaal) in dawlah Al-Islam. Do not be chicken s**** who rely on the protection of kuffaar.

        They don’t want Deen in Muslim land, and they don’t want Deen in their land. They don’t own this Deen or us. They colonized and corrupted Deen at every opportunity. It’s time to put a stop to this and give back to Allaah what belonged/s to Him. Stop being such wimps.

        • What a waste comment – it has absolutely no information in it. In fact I couldn’t even tell if you agreed or disagreed with me.

          The da’wah of tawhid had also been going from strength to strength in the west, another thing that ISIS/Iblis managed to throw a spanner in.

          Again, you provide absolutely no justification for the blood of the blessed mujahidin that ISIS have butchered – because there IS none. They are a bunch of thick kids that the shayatin are using to provoke bloodshed of Muslims on a small and large scale.

          You don’t have to look far for proof of this – EXACTLY 12 months ago the UK AND the USA’s leaders were UNABLE to take any military action in Syria because of their people’s opposition. THANKS to ISIS now the tables have turned and due to the marketing and propaganda of ISIS and the rest of the enemies of Islam, those obstacles for military intervention have been removed. But at least the average Muslims across the globe have absolutely no doubt about ISIS – they had their plan to spill Muslim blood, but Allah سبحانه وتعالى had HIS plan to expose them. But their desires to continue the land grabbing, looting, highway and bank robberies, continue to blind them. I’m no longer mincing my words because ANYONE who was foolish and sincere amongst their ranks has either left or been killed by them, all that’s left is the ‘dogs of hellfire’ that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم called them as…

  6. رَبَّنَا أَفْرِغْ عَلَيْنَا صَبْرًا وَتَوَفَّنَا مُسْلِمِينَ

  7. This is a false dichotomy.

    Has it not occurred to you that these people are so deeply devout, they believe they are in a cosmic battle of good and evil.. They do not see the world how we see it. The physical planet we live on is just a mere part of a broad universe. If Muslims get oppressed due to their actions, they don’t care.. They see this as the end times anyway. They do not even believe in civil rights for anybody, so it matters nothing to them what happens to western muslims. They do not expect the world to continue much longer anyway.

    I found the reasoning in this article very strange. It tried to look at Isis as if they are are a rational political organization attempting to further the Islamic cause. To them, furthering the Islamic cause, is blowing the entire planet to pieces with nuclear bombs so Muslims can go to heave.

    Do you not understand, these people are lunatics.

  8. Allahu alim we are living in very turbulent times, to the point where the average Muslim doesn’t know what is true and what is false. The article hints at conspiracy theories…… Really Allahu Alim

  9. I have listened to the audio and there is no mention of cutting off people’s heads….??

  10. Common sense at last. none of their practices are remotely Islamic whilst they have grossly benefited the shayteen. ISIS is an obvious set up, it is a shame some Muslims are falling for it. Istikhara and seek knowledge !!!!!!!

    • Samy Merchant

      ISIS reminds me of the ruthless Assasins sect of old. And it seems that just like the Crusaders had a secret and sinister alliance with the Assasins, so do the present day warmongers have one with ISIS.

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