Dr Abdelrahman Elashry

Dr Abdelrahman Elashry (BDS) is a dentist by profession. Having graduated from Cardiff University, he is now pursuing a Masters degree (MSc) in Restorative Dentistry at UCL in London. He is currently studying Sharī'ah at the Tafsir Academy, with a special interest in Quranic studies and Tafsir.
5 Articles

We Need to Change the Way We Think About Sleep

34 Min Read

"It is not a goal in and of itself, rather it is only a means." Dr Abdelrahman Elashry argues that we need to change the way we think about sleep.

Ibn Qudāmah’s Ship

18 Min Read

A Journey to the Island of Treasures

The Status of the Heart

12 Min Read

"No worldly matter, not even circles of knowledge or giving da’wah, are worth neglecting this vital organ over..."

Reviving the Flat-Lined Heart

15 Min Read

A new series on the most important part of the body

7 Key Ingredients to a Healthy Marriage

13 Min Read

Key essentials that husbands and wives need from each other