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Rupert Murdoch Thinks All The World’s Muslims Should Be Held Responsible For Paris Attacks

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White people, Australians and journalists have been apologising for a tweet by Rupert Murdoch which said all Muslims should take responsibility for the terrorists who carried out three days of horrific attacks in Paris. The media mogul, who is a US citizen who was born in Australia, sparked outrage after tweeting that "maybe" most Muslims were peaceful, but the 1.4 billion followers of the religion should be held accountable for the attacks until they acknowledge the "jihadist cancer" in their faith. Continue reading at Huffington Post here Reactions to Charlie Hebdo The Charlie Hebdo shootings have provoked a storm of

Mourning the Journalists Yet Noticing the Media Hypocrisy

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  by Rabbi Michael Lerner As the editor of a progressive Jewish and interfaith magazine that has often articulated views that have prompted condemnation from both Right and Left, I had good reason to be scared by the murders of fellow journalists in Paris. Having won the 2014 “Magazine of the Year” Award from the Religion Newswriters Association, and having been critical of Hamas’ attempts to bomb Israeli cities this past summer (even while being equally critical of Israel’s rampage against civilians in Gaza), I have good reason to worry if this prominence raises the chances of being a target

5 Gaza Lies Media Keeps Repeating

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As Israel continues to pound Gaza, the Palestinian death toll of the latest round of violence has crossed the 100 mark. Thus far, the American media has given Israeli officials and spokespersons a free pass to shape the narrative of this conflict with falsehoods. Here are the top 5 lies the media doesn't challenge about the crisis in Gaza: 1. Israel Was Forced to Respond to Rockets to Defend Its Citizens CNN, like many other American outlets, chose to begin the story of the latest round of violence in Gaza on November 10th, when 4 Israeli soldiers were wounded by Palestinian fire,