Karen Tahirah Jayes

Tahirah Jayes is the author of the award winning novel 'For the Mercy of Water', a spokesperson for CAGE and also the co-ordinator for CAGE Africa, which highlights abuses of the rule of law and CVE in Africa. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
3 Articles

Balancing Mercy & Accountability After Christchurch

7 Min Read

"For forgiveness in all its beauty to be realised, we need justice as a part of it..."

Leaders who are afraid to be clear about Islam do us a disservice

18 Min Read

"I would not have come to Islam if Muslims had told me that everything going on in the Western world was fine..."

Op-Ed: Prevent and the CCE are one and the same and both must be boycotted

6 Min Read

“We do not believe that communities should be party to their own oppression”