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Babu & Mike’s “Alternative” to Prevent – like putting lipstick on a pig

8 Min Read

Dal Babu and Mike Howes are trying to sugar-coat the toxic Prevent pill, bogusly claiming MCB support. It's not going down very well...

What the Tory Government Calls “Integration” is Muslim Disintegration

19 Min Read

ʿAbd-Allāh Thomson decodes the government's latest "integration" green paper. The good news is we are free to do as we are told.

“Moral Injury” and the pre-emptive war without end

21 Min Read

If the justifications for military action against Muslim countries seem weak to non-Muslims, what do those encouraging Muslims to join the military imagine they look like to us?

Revealed: How British Fearmongers Made Millions

15 Min Read

In my last article, I tried to explain the imminent threat populism poses in the western world and asserted that Islamophobia is currently the populist tool of choice. Recent financial revelations in Holland have proven this beyond doubt and provided a strong link to their influence in the UK. Politically-awake Muslims will be well aware of Robert Spencer, an Islam hater so extreme in his preaching that he is banned from entering the UK, a country that is not totally averse to promoting fear of Muslims. He runs a vitriolic blog called ‘Jihad Watch’ which received funding of nearly $1

How Islamophobia Will Destroy British Politics

22 Min Read

The minor signs have been coming in thick and fast these last few decades and now the Dunya seems about to enter the period of the “rule of fools”. Rasūlulllāh (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said “Soon the Luka b. Luka will take over this world.” He is also reported to have said, “This world will not end until it belongs to the Luka b. Luka.” The word luka is used to indicate foolishness, ignorance or unworthy characteristics. Luka b. Luka, therefore, means the mean, foolish son of a mean fool who purely follows his whims and desires to achieve

Hitler isn’t as unique as people pretend

16 Min Read

If Hitler were alive today he would be delighted to see how fast and far Europe is progressing down his preferred path. I suspect he would have particularly liked the phrase “multiculturalism has failed”. It might remind him of the time he said “the leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.” What better for a racist leader than to lump together everyone of every other cultural background as unacceptably abnormal? Hitler now appears to be conquering even the countries that resisted him in his lifetime and I start to

Why I am voting for BREXIT

19 Min Read

This article is part of our EU Referendum debate series, click here to read more. Articles to Remain in the EU: Why I am voting AGAINST BREXIT The Muslim vote on the Referendum must be to REMAIN Articles to Leave the EU: Why I am voting for BREXIT The Muslim Brexit – No Justice No Peace This article comes with a big disclaimer: Bad things are going to happen if we leave the EU. But then bad things are also going to happen if we remain in the EU. There is no simple answer to the problems faced by Muslims in

Manufacturing the Muslim Enemy

20 Min Read

Islamophobia - a thousand years of deadly lies What we are witnessing in today’s socio-political climate is not the first period of intense propagation of Islamophobia in the West. There have been a few other periods which stand out in history and each is intimately linked with empire. In the 11th century, Pope Urban II spread baseless fear of Islām to a European population who would have had almost no interaction with Muslims. He claimed that “Christianity was in dire peril, threatened by invasion and appalling oppression”. Ostensibly, his call to arms was to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslim infidels, but coming as

I’m a non-binary Briton. And proud.

11 Min Read

All this hype about Muslims not being British enough reminds me of Barack Obama’s 50% white heritage and the question that no one asks: Just how white do you have to be to not be black. The clear answer is you would need to be 100% white. We have become so used to this odd definition that a blue eyed, white woman with a perm was able to say she was black, stood for and was elected President of a branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in the USA. Presumably people put her skin colour

Would a Brexit shield us from the storm?

18 Min Read

It’s not looking pretty in Europe. Through the mainstream media lens that most Britons rely on to see across the channel, and even more so through the unregulated and wildly distorting social media lens, the picture presented is one of terrifying “Islamisation” at the hands of uncivilised and out of control Muslim immigrants with savages raping and pillaging on a scale not seen since the Vikings invaded. In fact a recent rise in Pro-Viking immigrant propaganda seems to show nobody has ever been as bad as Muslims are now. The Daily Mail gave us “Raping and pillaging? Viking conquests were