Sana Mahmood

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Muslim organisations call for urgent review of new lockdown restrictions

4 Min Read

Mosques could be forced to close again from Thursday following second lockdown announcement.

If only you knew your true worth

11 Min Read

I have realised that self-worth – or lack thereof – is a battle that needs to be spoken about.

French elite force arrests Muslim activist after anti-Islamophobia campaign

3 Min Read

After criticising French President Emmanuel Macron, French elite force raided the home of popular and vocal charity leader Idriss Sihamedi.

War crime evidence against Assad regime submitted to German courts

5 Min Read

Three NGOs have submitted a criminal complaint to the German courts over the use of chemical weapons and sarin gas attacks in Syria by the criminal Assad regime.

Clash in S. Caucasus: Azerbaijan fights occupying Armenian forces

7 Min Read

Azerbaijan has accused its neighbouring country Armenia of attacking civilian settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh, a region internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan but occupied by Armenian forces since 1993.

Sudanese leaders in the UAE for talks with Emirati and US officials

4 Min Read

Reports suggest that Sudanese leaders are discussing a 'possible' deal with Israel as delegation travels to discuss US 'terror' list removal, according to state media.

Algeria joins Qatar in opposing the normalisation of Arab-Israel deals

4 Min Read

Algeria and Qatar oppose any agreement to normalise relations with Israel and join widespread condemnation across the Muslim world.

Libya: Khalifa Haftar’s rival government officially resigns

3 Min Read

The rival government of the brutal military commander Haftar has submitted its resignation following several protests over deteriorating living conditions and corruption.

The Jamal Khashoggi murder: Saudi Arabia condemned over ruling

4 Min Read

"The ruling handed down today in Saudi Arabia again makes a complete mockery of justice."

Public consultation on removing monuments linked to slavery

3 Min Read

The City of London Corporation has today launched a public consultation on the removal and relabelling of monuments with links to slavery.