Dr Uthman Khan

Dr Uthman Khan is an Academic and student of knowledge. He was born and brought up in London, where he completed a Masters in Engineering. He has studied Arabic, Quran, various Islamic Sciences and other topics with scholars from the UK, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also completed a PhD in Applied Science by devising a novel approach for engineering design. Uthman remains active in research and is dedicated to sharing knowledge and ideas.
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Migration Myopia

7 Min Read

For as long as people have resided on Earth, migration has been a major driver for historical change. Migration towards the ‘developed’ world was a growing trend in the 20th century, and many receiving communities became increasingly alarmed. Then came the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Arab spring, all of which do not seem to be ending, but have undoubtedly led to one of the greatest migration crises in human history, and the true crisis is that millions of migrants, after perilous journeys, have arrived at their destinations but are not allowed in. The narrative that is often painted is something like

Ramadān: The Month of Deeds

13 Min Read

All praise belongs to Allāh the Most High, who created both life and death as a test to see who is foremost in deed.  Through His infinite mercy He blessed mankind with selected times and seasons in which the best deeds are made obligatory and the reward for good deeds is multiplied. Allāh, the Most Wise, prescribed the third pillar of Islām, fasting, in the second year after the hijrah of the final Messenger (peace be upon him). Fasting is obligatory upon every sane Muslim adult, Allāh the Most High says, “O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is

Uthman Khan

Ignited Egypt

4 Min Read

Anyone who has visited Egypt will have come into contact with the overt Egyptian populace, they are renowned even in the Arab world for their strength of expression and manner of speech. But for decades this population has bowed to subjugation on many fronts of life. Praising the autocratic president is mandated, religious compromise and reserved contact with foreigners are from amongst other enforcements. The situation is similar to tying up and gagging a child to stop them from misbehaving, an utter disgrace. The Egyptians have endured such a position throughout history dating all the way back to the ancient

Turning to the Qur’an in Times of Tribulation

14 Min Read

The murder of a family member causes great unrest in one's heart. And indeed the death of a small animal is sufficient for an individual to remember the return to their Lord. Upon the idea of the creation of mankind, the Angels were disturbed because of the potential level of injustice and the spilling of blood that we would cause. Yet Allah, with His infinite wisdom created mankind, and informed them of their role as custodians of truth and justice in this world. With this in mind, we reflect on the current situation of the world, and the escalating legitimised