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Ignited Egypt

Anyone who has visited Egypt will have come into contact with the overt Egyptian populace, they are renowned even in the Arab world for their strength of expression and manner of speech. But for decades this population has bowed to subjugation on many fronts of life. Praising the autocratic president is mandated, religious compromise and reserved contact with foreigners are from amongst other enforcements. The situation is similar to tying up and gagging a child to stop them from misbehaving, an utter disgrace.

The Egyptians have endured such a position throughout history dating all the way back to the ancient kings and pharaohs. But the young population of Egypt are not willing to follow such a humble stance. Most of the youth have little hope for their future and yearn to travel elsewhere for a better life, and with the ousting of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali from Tunisia, the possibility of major change in Egypt is their new-found noble cause. 

After days of protests in several Egyptian cities, involving tens of thousands of protesters, President Hosni Mubarak has decided that he would like to stay in power but is willing to change the members of his cabinet. Is the population of Egypt going to be fooled? The answer is no. The truth is that the National Democratic Party of Egypt is not the problem, nor is it the President and his friends, rather it is the ideology that has been established to contain the population similar to many other governments in the world today. This is why Egypt is not the first nor the last to take action towards a revolution, we have examples from all over the globe, in addition to countless examples throughout history.

 The way that Allah (exhalted be He) has always decreed major change in society is outlined in the Qur’an,

“Indeed Allaah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.[1]

This implies that the overall condition of a nation is dependent on the actions and intentions of the individuals that make up the nation[2].

The scene in many cities today in Egypt is a joyous scene of men, women, and children displaying their hope for change through action. What they are after is not democracy or specific western values; rather they want freedom from the ideological beast that they have endured. Freedom from this beast is a necessity for one to practise their religion, and the protection and practise of Islam must be the greatest aim of all Muslims and is indeed the purpose that this world was created. It is this freedom that must be sought and any such stance is nothing but praiseworthy.



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[1]  Surah Ar-Ra’d 13:11
[2] See the explanation of Ibn Kathir and other exegesis’.

About Dr Uthman Khan

Dr Uthman Khan is an Academic and student of knowledge. He was born and brought up in London, where he completed a Masters in Engineering. He has studied Arabic, Quran, various Islamic Sciences and other topics with scholars from the UK, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also completed a PhD in Applied Science by devising a novel approach for engineering design. Uthman remains active in research and is dedicated to sharing knowledge and ideas.


  1. Establish khilafah and shariah towards One Islamic World
    Alhamdullilah Allah SWT have paid our doa towards One Islamic World.
    We are all hopping for THe Guidance of Allah SWT at all time to establish
    One Islamic World order according to AL Quranulkarim and Al Sunnah.
    InshaAllah we will never be fall apart again as we were before.
    We have being forced to follow the Unislamic Law by colonialists.
    Allahu Akhbar. You have been doing the rightway to save the true teaching of Islam.Amen.

  2. Sincere Submission to Allah by Muslims
    i think as human we have lost it all, we kill each other randomly at the slightest opportunity, we develop sophisticated machines and snippers to extinct the human race. We have worshipped our desires and made our emotions that are highly subjective to rule us. our choice is dunya and not seeking the pleasure of Allah.

    Allah (SWA) gave us the Quran and the hadith to be means of guidance and Mercy to humanity but it doesnt reflect upon our lives. as muslims Allah (SWA) has granted us all that we need to live. We must pray to Allah to forgive us all our sins and grant us hikmah. Allah is perfect and we are not, He alone has knowledge.

    Allah (SWA) be praised, i Love Allah and His meassenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and they are dearer to me than myself, my children, my husband, my parents and all that is in the world

  3. Reformation of all Arabic country
    Indonesia had reformation, now is all arabic country must reformation, and khilafah is the way

  4. Shaikh Rachid Ganouchi Returns Home to Tunisia – Allahu Akber
    Shaikh Rachid Ganouchi welcomed home by thousands after 22 years in exile

    Say: “O Allah, Lord of all dominion! You bestow dominion on whomever You please, and take away dominion fom whomever You please, and you exalt whom You please, and abase whom you please. In your Hand is all good. Surely You are All-Powerful.” [Al-Qur’an 3:26]


  5. JazaakAllaah khair for your comments,
    In a hadith Qudsi Allaah said: “Oh, my servants! I have made oppression haram (forbidden) upon myself, and also between you. So do not oppress each other.”
    Any action against oppression that is in accordance with Islam should be commended. The population of Egypt are muslims that have been oppressed for too long, and the muslims should know that our fellow muslims are tortured Severely and many have even been killed because of this oppression, including people of knowledge. Compassion towards these people is mandatory upon every muslim regardless of what we think will be the outcome, so my heart is with the people. It may be what follows will be worse than the current regime, and I do not disagree that there is fitnah in this circumstance. Nevertheless, Allaah surrounds everything and His decree is always good.

  6. Same all! Same all!
    I agree with sultan’s commment above. We should work towards making our lifestyle upon the Sharia of ALLAH. I think our brothers in Egypt and Tunisia are mistaken to take these actions if they are not ready to ask to be governed by Sharia law. Otherwise it would be the same old guards taking charge of the running of their countries. What about being with our muslim brothers eventhough they are oppressed or oppressors? Why cant we advice and Pray for our Muslim leaders and ask Allah to guide them? I think we are just creating enmity and hatred among factions within our Muslim societies by doing these actions. I ask Allah to unite the muslims across every corner of the globe and guide the muslim leaders on the Haq.

  7. De javu
    Words of advice from your indonesian brother. Weve had the same struggle for democracy back in 1997 and 13 years on the corruption are now more widespread than ever and its becoming a democrazy state. If mubarak goes down, the rest of his cronies & same or similar people will probably pretend to be “pro reform” like what happen in my country. Dont expect happy ending.

  8. The Muslim Brothehod
    Why is it that you don’t mention Egypt’s and the Muslim world’s most historic, viable, principled Isamic movement and their future role in governance Insha’Allah. Should we not be supoporting our brothers in the he Muslim Brotherhood?

  9. The answer to all of Humankind’s problems is a guarantee of “Individual Speech, Thought and Endeavor”. When these are curbed (no matter what the government calls itself) then progress is stopped within the society itself. History has shown that the type of government does not matter so much as the “Wisdom” of those who govern. What has made “America” so progressive (and powerful) has been the establishment and maintenance of Individual Freedom of Speech…about all things. Unfortunately, there are those in Islam who use the religion as a political tool…often making the charge of “Insult to the Prophet (Pbuh)” in order to rid themselves of political opponents…or to even suppress Individual Freedom…in support of their position of dictatorship. Isamic Nations may also feature “Individual Freedom” (witness the Ancient Islamic Spain)…too many Islamic Nations, today, sadly do not afford Individual Freedom…and therefore sow the seeds of poverty and disorder within themselves.
    Wa Rematulla, Wa Barakatuhu.

  10. the truth
    alhamdulillah.atleast now our muslim ummah has started thinking.but should be careful not to choose the worst.hope for the best the shariah.

  11. I cant help but feel this article is meerly “jumping on the bandwagon” of the media attention to events in Egypt. I think it would be a wild stretch of the imagination to say that these actions are some sort of Islamic uprising.

    I am by no means a supporter of the current regime and I do agree that revolution MAY lead to increased religious freedom however as you rightly mention “Indeed Allaah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”
    Is this change simply demonstrations on the street or does this refer to a change in individual behaviour to be more in line with the Shariah?
    Unless this is an Islamic revolution which it isn’t there aren’t any guarantee that things will get better for muslims.

  12. The Muslims need Islam
    The Muslims Ummah in Tunisia, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world have tried all these other ideologies after the destruction of the Khilafah in 1924. All of these ideologies have failed her wheather it be Capitalism or Communism. The Ummah is now calling for the return of Islam as a state, which many surveys and polls have indicated. Its is the duty of Muslims to support the Muslims worldwide who are calling for the Khilafah.

  13. Mohammed Akteruzzaman MBE

    Founder & Chairman of non-profit making organisation
    In view of the popular uprise in Egypt, the world community should lend unqualified support to get rid of the tyrant Mubarak and establish a real democracy there. It looks USA is beginning to re-think its cozey relation with Mubarak and support the Egyptians. $1.5 billion USA annual grant to Mubarak must be ceased straightway. The west must learn by now the lession of supporting illegimate dectators is a most damaging and extremely shot sighted Foreign policy which will not pay a dividend in the long run. Therefore, they must stop playing these games and be honest with world community and with their conscious. Thanks. Akter

  14. khilafah is the ultimate islamic solution
    what the people really desire is the implementation of shariah and khilafah. there must be unity amongst the ummah via the establishment of the khilafah state to secure the interest if islam and muslims. we need the muslims in the uk and beyond to start realising this and start calling for it as wely. the very least we could do is support the islamic groups who are orginising demos and other activities to highlight the problems of the ummah and calling for the establishmet of khilafah.

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