Yazan Abu-Jbara

Yazan has an MSc in International Development from Bristol University and is an ardent Palestine activist, taking part in many initiatives in support of the Palestinian cause. Yazan has engaged in arranging student exchange programmes between Gaza and the UK and is a keen researcher and academic on the issue, delivered research papers at universities including Oxford surrounding the Palestinian identity problem. Yazan left the UK just over a year ago to work with a relief agency working with Syrian refugees on the Jordanian border. Through this work, he has come heard many first hand accounts of the Syrian struggle and the suffering of the refugees. He is now a regular contributor for Islam21c alongside the Middle East current affairs team.
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The Refugee Dilemma

8 Min Read

As a result of the influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan, many Jordanians are coming to realise that their businesses are improving. Many Syrians are happy to receive lower wages than their Jordanian counterparts, extended shop opening hours have generated more sales, and even customer service standards have also increased. The Syrian approach to customers is more considerate as oppose to the unyielding attitude adopted by locals who believe that they are doing customers a favour by selling them goods. Business owners want to maximise their profits and Syrian manpower caters for this. At the same time, monthly wages enable

Little Rula

6 Min Read

Name: Rula Class: I didn’t finish my education School: Refugees in Jordan Only these three short lines were written on the tag of an oil painting notebook owned by a little Syrian girl, a refugee residing in al-Zaatari camp in Jordan. I was touring one of the Youth Empowerment Centres at the non-governmental organisation (NGO) that I work for that operates on the Jordanian border. After stopping by this notebook, I asked the responsible adult volunteer who Rula was. I was told that she had left. I wish I had met Rula to hear her express her feelings and explain the