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China’s Strike Hard Campaign: Local resonances in Global War on Terror

Dr Suraina Pasha 6 Min Read

Nine years since China launched its version of the War on Terror, here is some global context on the ongoing political and military anti-Muslim offensive.

Islamophobia report says Muslim states have failed Uyghurs

Maira Mirza 6 Min Read

In a new paper, the Centre for Uyghur Studies has sharply criticised Muslim countries for alleged inaction in calling out the decades-long Uyghur genocide by China.

Macron unwittingly joins cat and dog fight between US and China

Maira Mirza 6 Min Read

The French president Emmanuel Macron has tried and failed to distance himself and Europe from the Second Cold War involving rival superpowers, China and the US.

Remembering the Barin Township Uprising 

Dr Suraina Pasha 4 Min Read

Dr. Suraina Pasha marks the 33rd anniversary of one of the foundational atrocities carried out by the occupying Chinese government on Uyghur Muslims in early 1990.

Has al-Aqsa left our hearts?

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

In light of the continued Zionist desecration of al-Aqsa, Islam21c's Campaigns Co-ordinator offers a wake-up call for Muslims on how we should view the third-holiest site on Earth.

International Women’s Day – honouring our Uyghur mothers and sisters

Maira Mirza 14 Min Read

In part four of this series, Islam21c’s Campaigns Co-ordinator and Stand4Uyghurs lead recounts her March 2022 Istanbul trip, while marking International Women's Day.