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Has al-Aqsa left our hearts?

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

In light of the continued Zionist desecration of al-Aqsa, Islam21c's Campaigns Co-ordinator offers a wake-up call for Muslims on how we should view the third-holiest site on Earth.

International Women’s Day – honouring our Uyghur mothers and sisters

Maira Mirza 14 Min Read

In part four of this series, Islam21c’s Campaigns Co-ordinator and Stand4Uyghurs lead recounts her March 2022 Istanbul trip, while marking International Women's Day.

Gujarat 2002 – revisiting India’s state-sponsored Muslim massacre

Maira Mirza 5 Min Read

Today, we mark 21 years since the start of the devastating Gujarat Genocide of 2002, when 150,000 were displaced, and 2,000 mostly Muslim people were killed.

Delhi Police murder of Muslims: these are the events of 23 February 2020

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

In February 2020, Delhi Police began facilitating or allowing the torture, displacement, or murder of around 2,000 Muslims, at the hands of Hindutva mobs.

In memory of the 1997 Ghulja Massacre

Campaigns 6 Min Read

We mark 26 years since the occupying Chinese regime unleashed a horrific attack on the Uyghurs of Ghulja, East Turkestan.

Tale of a Uyghur mum who fled Chinese persecution in East Turkestan

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

In part three of a mini-series, Islam21c’s Campaigns Co-ordinator and Stand4Uyghurs lead recounts her Istanbul trip from March of 2022.