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Internalising the Names of Allāh: Al-’Azīz

When we come across verses that end with the names of Allāh – and many a times the verse ends with a pair of names – we should not just simply read them and move on. Rather, we should stop and analyse them in order to understand why Allāh paired those specific two names together rather than providing a different combination. By doing this, we will be able to internalise the names of Allāh within our lives.

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“I don’t pray, but it’s in my heart”

"As harsh as this may sound, and as politically incorrect as it may be, I have full confidence and no hesitation in stating that whoever claims to be a Muslim, acknowledges Allāh as His Maker and Provider, and has an interest in being safe on the Day of Reckoning, yet still neglects the prayer, then that person is an evil person."

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