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High Aspirations

The effect of knowledge on early Muslims is evident to all whereas having high aspirations is a topic many are unaware of even though it has and is still crucial to a Muslim’s success as well as that of his or her community. The article contains important and practical points for one to consider as well as mention of thirty or so accounts demonstrating the high aspirations of Muslims from the early generations. In the next revision of this article a further hundred will be added insha’allah.

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About Saleem Chagtai

Saleem is a Muslim Chaplain, with a rich background in Islamic knowledge including Islamic Creed, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence and Principles of interpreting the Qur'an. Saleem has been very active in the field of dawah ranging from grass-roots dawah stalls to delivering lectures at Universities and also internationally, such as at the prestigious American University of Beirut (Lebanon). Saleem is a regular participant on radio phone-in debates and has presented numerous television shows on channels such as Islam Channel and IQRA TV, explaining Islam in a positive light to the general public. He also serves as Imam and khateeb at a number of Mosques in London. Saleem is a great defender of Islamic orthodoxy and believes Muslims should derive inspiration from their long scholarly tradition. Currently he is a lecturer and trainer for iERA and is Head of Communications.


  1. Very Good – Thank you
    Salaamu Alaykum,

    Jazakum Allahu Khaira, thanks for this.

  2. Deficient!
    Masha Allah, a good offering that we are hoping to be increased to excellent in the next offering with further accounts, insha Allah and might I suggest proper referencing? I don’t know if it was an intentional omission or not, but the correct ascription of ayat and ahadith at the very least should be considered essential, and ideally extended to the athar also. With such additions then this document can be taken as the guide and benefit it surely should be for those seeking nearness to their Rabb; but it is more difficult to set with yaqin those narrations one is unfamiliar with in ones heart without proper ascription; surely one should be allowed one to verify or further study the sources? May Allah bless and make easy the efforts of all those concerned, jazakum Allahu khayr.

  3. The Pharmacist

    Fawaid Overload!
    Allahuakbar! I found myself reading many sentences twice or thrice over because of the immense benefit I gained from each one. This is indeed a lost treasure…make Allah gather us together with those behind this effort in Jannah.

  4. serious
    Alhamdulillah, very nice to read actual comments from the salaf, it brings the term salafi alive.

  5. Abu Abdurahman

    I look forward to reading more examples in the next one. it is just inspiring to read them

  6. just anotehr bro

    really enjoyed that and I hope it has a lasting effect upon me. People like Tony Blair have a huge amount of himma and use it towards their misguided ends – we must oppose this with uluw al himma upon the truth.

  7. Wonderfully Uplifiting.
    An important contribution. High aspirations, confidence, and a strong positive mind are essential to ensure a successful resistance to hegemonic narratives and discursive frameworks. As Nandy (1983) has argued, colonialism is not just subjugation of bodies but of minds too. Since colonialism is a matter of consciousness it needs to be defeated in the minds of people… But in order for resistance to be effective it needs a counter narrative and discursive framework through which to be successful. Papers like these help in supporting and corroborating a Muslim weltanschauung; we need many more insha’Allah.

  8. Jazakh Allahu Khairan.
    Masha Allah. These are EXACTLY THE KIND OF THINGS I’VE BEEN WANTING TO READ. Not the menial things that I’ve been finding in many, many books. I realised a little while ago that it is so beneficial for everyone including myself to go back to basics. I’m fed up trying to talk about real Islam, and subjects of Qur’an and Iman, only for the subject to be changed into ‘the jinn’, ‘punishment of the grave’, ‘free masons’ or something others consider to be more exciting. Yes, all subjects related to my Islam are exciting. I will not deny that, but these subjects of high aspirations and bettering yourself and your iman are much much more exciting.
    Jazakh Allahu Khairan for this well thought out, well laid out, well presented advice. May you be rewarded in your efforts and continue to be guided insha Allah. I can’t tell you how refreshed I am to find this – I have often been told that I think in a masculine way, may be this is correct, everytime I find something of any meaning, it’s written only by men! One day I hope to come accross another sister like myself, so I can talk on a level other than trying to ‘spice up Islam’. I pray I am guided, as are we all, the whole Ummah. Amin.
    I’m so so happy, you wouldn’t believe it. I really needed to read this.

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