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Is Your Home an Islamic Home?

Dr Aisha Hamdan 12 Min Read

Allāh says: "And Allāh has made for you in your homes a place of rest…" This may seem like an unusual question and your automatic response may be "Why, of course my

Beware of the Marriage Bandits

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 11 Min Read

I am sick of hearing about those brothers who prey upon the susceptibility of our sisters, using deception as a tool for marriage, and marriage as a guise for the fulfillment of

Do you know how to deal with fallacious discourses regarding Islām? – Part 2

Sheikh Alomgir Ali 10 Min Read

How should a Muslim deal with & reply to specious arguments (shubuhāt) regarding Islām?

How to Deal with and Reply to Specious Arguments (shubuhāt) Regarding Islām – Part 1

Sheikh Alomgir Ali 11 Min Read

It is of paramount importance that a person connects his heart to Allāh and the afterlife in order to protect himself from the traps of shubuhāt and their adorned illusions.

Preventing terrorism or recreating Islam?

Editor 6 Min Read

The Prime Minister issued a report yesterday entitled Tackling Extremism in the UK, which he claims will do more to ‘confront extremism and radicalisation’. Drawn up by the Prime Minister’s Task Force on

Bangladesh: State Sponsored Slaughter

Sheikh Abu Talha 8 Min Read

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