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The Jihād of Job Hunting

“Akhī, how can you go to a job interview with that beard?  Trim it down a bit.”

“Akhī, why are you being so extreme?  Just shake her hand during the interview; Islām makes exceptions for necessities, and this is definitely a necessity.”

“Akhī, why don’t you just ‘exaggerate’ a bit in your CV or when you are being interviewed?  You’re not lying, you’re just exaggerating a bit, and that’s acceptable, isn’t it?”

These are words I have heard many times on many different occasions, and I assume most people reading this have heard them, too. So, what’s the answer?  Alhamdulillāh, I am a brother who has been blessed with a beard, and I do not shake hands with women, so how did I deal with the above so-called “obstacles”? Let me tell you my story.

As a university student in this day in age, the main method of getting jobs is to apply while you are studying in your final year, or apply for a placement in your penultimate year, and this is exactly what I did.  I knew that job opportunities are scarce and competition is high, so I applied early to try to avoid any disappointment.  Because I live in London, I wanted to find a job in London so that I didn’t have to move out and live in a different city where Islām is not as widespread, and where I wouldn’t have any friends.  However, when I looked at the opportunities available, and the nature of my degree, I did realise that it might be difficult to get a job in London, so I made my first compromise in that I would accept job offers in the entire south of England.

When applying for jobs, I ensured that I didn’t lie on my CV, and when answering the competency questions, or participating in a phone interview, I also ensured that everything I said was true.  I won’t deny that in my first few interviews/answers to competency questions, there were some “exaggerations” from my part, but Alhamdulillāh I didn’t get those jobs, and I pray that Allāh will keep me steadfast in not doing this again.  When I got to my first final-stage job interview, which was for a job in Southampton, I received the usual comments and “advice” that I should trim/shave my beard, and shake hands with a female interviewer if she put her hand forward, but what stopped me from listening to this “advice” is that I knew that my sustenance comes from Allāh, so how can I get a job if I disobey Allāh in the process?  Even if I had gotten the job, how could I ever expect to have any barakah (blessing) in that job if I disobeyed Allāh in the process?

The first interview, as expected, didn’t go too well and I didn’t get the job.  My second interview was in Slough, and again I tried to maintain Islamic principles when attending the interview and not do anything that displeases Allāh, but again I was rejected.  Being rejected in the final stage of a recruitment process is very disheartening because it means you have already gone through all the previous stages of answering competency questions, phone interviews, et cetera, and fallen at the last hurdle.  What makes it even more annoying is when they tell you not to feel bad because you have been specially selected from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people to attend the final stage.

Now that I had two rejections at the final stage of the recruitment process, my motivation was lowered and the ‘need’ for compromise began to hit me.  The compromise could be in my dīn (trim my beard, shake hands, and so on), or it could be in where I was willing to work.  Again, Allāh reminded me of the importance of abiding by His Guidance, and that only He controls my sustenance, so I made the second compromise: where I was willing to work.  Now I was looking anywhere within the UK.

My third final-stage interview was in Aberdeen.  It was a two-day assessment centre, and I was thinking how much of a waste it would feel if I went all the way to Aberdeen, stayed for two days, only to end up with a rejection. And guess what?  That’s exactly what happened.

All of the previous interviews I mentioned were in my penultimate year, when I was applying for a placement, and at the beginning of my final year I made my third compromise: I was now willing to work for any company in my sector, anywhere in the world.  So, I applied to over 50 companies!

As time went by, I got more and more rejections, including those in the final stage of the recruitment process.  The total number of companies that I was waiting to hear from was quickly decreasing, and so were my hopes of finding a job in my sector.  Despite all of that, I kept on reminding myself that Allāh is al-Razzāq, and that only He can provide for me, not my physical appearance, or my actions, and that is what kept me going.

As time went on, and I was coming closer to completing my degree without securing a job, I made my fourth compromise: I began to apply for teaching positions as the hopes of working in my sector were diminishing, and becoming a teacher would be my back-up option.  I then heard back from a company which I had previously applied to, and they invited me to attend a first-stage interview, and Alhamdulillāh, they then progressed me further to the final stage assessment centre based in Aberdeen.  Approaching the assessment centre, I was thinking to myself, “this is going to be another rejection; oh well, I’m used to it by now.”  Alhamdulillāh, the assessment centre went fine and at the end of it, I sat down with an HR representative so that he could give me feedback on how I had performed.

The feedback was good, Alhamdulillāh, and I was getting very excited; then came the killer question.  The question was: “It‘s physically visible that you are someone who practises his faith, so do you think it will affect you in any way if you are to work with us?”  A lot of things went through my head at that moment, but I decided that I would be honest in my answer and not hide anything, so I replied that it shouldn’t really affect me, except that I am not allowed to have any physical interactions with the opposite gender, hence I didn’t shake hands with the female interviewer.  We then had a long discussion on how I can best go round this issue without compromising my religion, or sounding rude to others.  After that, he said they would get back to me soon.

When I finished the assessment centre, I stayed behind a bit to wait for a brother I had met there to finish, and while I was waiting, a senior manager came to me and said, “You mentioned in your application form that you were president of a society in university—which society was that?”  I swallowed my anxiety and replied: “The Islamic Society.”

A week later, I received a call from the recruitment department saying that they wanted to offer me a place in their company.  I had attended many interviews before this one, and I met many companies, but subhānAllāh, out of all the companies I interacted with, this one was the one I felt closest to.  And guess where the job was?  London, Alhamdulillāh.

Looking back at what I had gone through and what I did, now I really appreciate and understand that Allāh is the One who provides for me, and that if the whole world goes against me, but Allāh is by my side, then I will surely succeed.  Who would have thought that being open and frank about my requirements and my belief would actually help in getting me the job?  As Allāh says in the Qur’ān,

“They plan, and Allāh plans, and Allāh is the best of planners.”[1]

During my application process, I made many compromises, but Allāh helped me to ensure that none of those compromises were in regards to the dīn, and subhānAllāh, I was rewarded with a job that I could have never dreamed of getting.  Out of the over 50 companies I applied to, only two were in London, and this was the only one in central London, but because Allāh is the One who controls everything, including my sustenance, He provided me with the best job out of all of the ones I applied to.

I want to use my story as a reassurance and as a message to everyone who is struggling to abide by the commands of Allāh that you should keep steadfast and remember that Allāh is al-‘Alīm (the all-Knowing), al-Qādir (the Most Able), al-Razzāq (the Sustainer) and al-Qahhār (the Irresistible).  Don’t ever think that if you make a small compromise in your dīn that you will be successful, because when you make that compromise, you are reducing your reliance on Allāh and relying on something else.  How can we expect something else we are relying on to be of greater help than Allāh?

Whenever you are faced with a hardship or a tough decision, remember Allāh’s words in the Qur’ān:

“…And whoever fears Allāh, He will make for him a way out.  And will provide for him from where he could never imagine.  And whoever relies upon Allāh – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allāh will accomplish His purpose.  Allāh has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.”[2]



[1] Al-Qur’ān 8:30

[2] Al-Qur’ān 65:2-3

About Abul Baraa

Abul Baraa studied Chemical Engineering at UCL, and now works full time for a major Engineering firm. Throughout his time at university, he was involved in Islamic Society da'wah and wrote a number of articles for the society's periodic newsletter. Abul Baraa is a firm believer of the necessity to continue Islamic Studies throughout working life, and is a regular attendee of a number of weekly circles. He has completed an in-depth study of Imām al-Nawawi's 40 hadīth with Ustādh Alomgir Ali, and has created a blog with summarised bullet-point commentary on each hadīth, which can be found on


  1. Asslamwalaikum. I’m so glad i came across this. I will graduate soon and its really difficult for me to find a job. I don’t like to lie and i know it’s wrong aswell.
    Everyone in my family has a job. When i tell them i can’t find a job or i can’t apply for certain jobs because i don’t have the skills they tell me to lie.
    Allahamdulillah i have never been tempted to do that.
    If i want to get a job inshallah i hope it is truthfully, through my efforts and skills not lies.
    I am really struggling but i know my deen is more important. If allah wills i will find a good job inshallah. I always remember that when i’m struggling surely they’re is something better planned for me. Inshallah i hope everyone finds a good job. I will pray for everyone and i hope you can pray for me to. Jazak allah khair.

  2. I found this article in a very dark time regarding interviews. I don’t know if the writer will be seeing this, but thank you so much for sharing. I can’t explain in words how it has just saved me.

  3. I received this story as an email back in 2011 and am grateful to have found it again alhamdulillah. I have been working since graduating alhamdulillah but recently attended a job interview. After much hesitation I emailed the HR representative to request that I couldn’t shake hands with the opposite gender due to my beliefs. She replied straight away and said it was fine, and informed my female interviewer. Please note that UK employment law states you cannot discriminate between genders, so I declined shaking hands with the male interviewer as well to abide by this.

    Yes I felt embarrassed but I politely declined it and stuck to my principles. My advice would be to place trust in Allah. We are blessed in the UK to have a culture that is more accepting of religion alhamdulillah- I have a prayer room at work and vegetarian food is easy to find. Both of these things are unheard of in some other countries in Europe. jzkAllahkher 🙂

  4. jzkAllahkher

  5. For most Muslims living in this country, it isn’t like that. I know many people who have graduated 7 years ago and still cant find a good job in the sector they studied in. They are working in low skilled and low paid jobs and finding it hard to make ends meet, buy a house or get married. Most Muslims in the UK tend to live in council houses on benefits and unlike Jews, Hindus, Christians and Chinese people, they don’t seem to work in well paid jobs. Personally, I think you should keep a tidy and trimmed beard, shake hands with the opposite sex and if you choose to wear the burka make sure its good quality and nicely cut. Shaking hands with the opposite sex isn’t a major sin and you cant go your whole life avoiding the opposite sex at your workplace. Just as long as everyone is polite and respectful, I don’t see why you cant speak to each other. There are people who will always be over the top. No wonder unemployment rates are high among Muslims in the UK, especially females.

  6. Omg, thank you so much for this, I’m currently looking for a part time job as I am studying and I have applied to over 30 part time jobs and no luck, I was feeling depressed but Alhamdulillah I found this page, you were rejected so much but you tried and tried, AND YOU GOT IT. This gives me so much hope I won’t give up or compromise my deen, I will not shake hands, I will not lie on my CV, since I have no experience that is probably the reason why!

  7. SubahanAllah what an inspiration. Gno start looking for a job soon will defo keep this in mind inshaAllah.

  8. Such a inspiring story brother. I really needed it because i had a interview i was so excited about and was not offered the role. I was on the last stage. But like you reminded me Allah id the best of planners. Im
    Proud of your story

  9. Masha Allah, a beutiful and inspiring article. May Allah increase the blessings and khair you and others who are striving to stay true to the faith…

    My question is how do you interact with the opposite gender after passing the hand shake test. They say eye contact is crucial but the word of Allah swt is keep your gaze down.

    This question is for the brother who wrote this article or anyone with knowledge on this issue i am facing.

    Jzk Allah khair
    Wasalamu alaikum

    • Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

      Jazakallah khair for that very important but difficult question. The issue of lowering the gaze is a very difficult one to avoid and to explain. Alhamdulillah I work in a very male dominated environment where interaction with women is minimal and infrequent. I am in no position to give a ruling on this issue and I call upon the shuyookh and editors of islam21c to clarify this issue for me, you and everybody else

  10. Jazakumallah khayr for this amazing article. It has come at the right time. Im going through the exact same thing, except i am looking for a different job after i found out my jobscope involved dealing in casino matters. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did you take during this job search? Thankyou.

    • I applied from the beginning of my final year at university (September), and received a job offer within 6 months i.e. before i graduated, as it was a normal graduate scheme job where applications begin in September and offers are made between Feb-May. Though it is easier said than done, it doesn’t matter how long you are without a job, as long as you are adhering to Allah’s commandments and trying your best, then know that you will only get a job when it is the right time for you to get a job, even if that means it takes 10 years. Throughout all of that time, you are doing what you can and following Allah’s commandments, hence you are comfortable knowing that it is best for you not to get a job during that period as Allah hasn’t decreed it. This is the beauty of Islam in that we feel comfortable and assured no matter what the scenario is, as long as we are doing what pleases Allah.

  11. Mashallah what a fantastic article. This resonates with me so much except that I have yet to find a job 6 years from being made redundant from my last job but Allah will always prevail.

  12. MashALLAH very good article. May Allah reward you.

  13. JazakAllahu khayrun for sharing your valuable experience. It can be hard adhering to your values but you are absolutely right Allah is the sustainer and he will provide for you. What I am most impressed with is how you made your effort and then placed your trust in Allah, the 2 worked together.

  14. Subhanallah! Jazakumullah Khairan Kathiiran to all for this beautiful article and your experience-sharing. Inspirational!

  15. JAzakallahu khair.

    Sometimes agencies can get you work. But you just got to be ready to pray wherever you are sent. I’m glad there are people in the west who stick to their principles firmly a#in a way that is respectful instead of comprimising the seen and even worse justifying it like these new age so calle ulama/talabul ilm are doing in their western islam institutes.


  16. I would just like to mention that I have written this article 3 years ago. I have been working for the same company ever since and subhanAllah Allah has opened many doors for me. Out of all the graduates that were recruited with me (~20 of us), I believe I am from the few who were given many great opportunities to develop and have fitted in very well within this global company, to the extent that other branches from the company in different countries have requested my services, and this is all due to the blessings that Allah has placed in this job.

    Re. Aisha
    One method I take when avoiding shaking hands is that I politely say “Hello, I’m sorry I can’t shake your hand” (usually I place my hand on my chest as a form of greeting them), however I do it in a welcoming way that ensures the other side do not see my refusal as me looking down on them, rather a matter of principle which does not affect my politeness and willingness to communicate. Naturally, when starting my job, or meeting new colleagues, I am still occasionally put into a situation where a female wants to shake hands but alhamdulillah I haven’t had any issues or negative comments due to my refusal.

  17. SubhanAllah! Lovely story mashaAllah . Allah truly is the best of planners and the Knower of the Unseen!! I remember when I was at Uni I applied to many jobs that I really wanted, I made it to some interviews and didn’t make it… Sometimes I felt it may be because of my dresscode (abayah/hijab) always a test for the believing women.. But Subhanallah… There was so my wisdom behind me getting rejected as I had applied to places close to my parents house.. However, few months later I got married (very unexpected) and moved to another area. I was then offered a job with minimal efforts 2 minutes walking distance from my husbands place !! How amazing is Allah plans !! Alhamdullilah. Never underestimate what Allah has planned for you….

  18. Thanks for sharing. That’s probably the best article on this site.

  19. JazakAllah khair for such a beautiful example of trusting Allah and doing the right thing. I pray Allah gives us the strength to always do the same inshaAllah. Ameen.

  20. This was truly inspirational, may Allah increase the brother in khair and all those who make such sacrifices and may He, jalla wa’ala make it easy on us.

  21. very inspirational, please what is the polite way of saying no to shaking hand of the opposite sex

  22. Jzk for such a beautiful and amazing reminder. Indeed Allah is the Best of Planners and the Best of Providers. I had a similar issue where for over a year I tried working with wellness professionals and was coming across astrologists, shaymanic healers and other wellness fields that rely on kufr – shukr alhamdulilah Allah didn’t want it for me. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make it work. Then Allah landed me an opportunity that came out of nowhere in an Islamic organization. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and I am SO grateful to Allah for this. When Allah closes one door, remember that Allah will open another and more better door for you. Never lose your faith in Allah SWT, truly He is Most Merciful.

  23. Subhanallah, it’s inspired me,
    Thank you for sharing my brother.
    may i share your story to my other friends?

  24. the truth is always the best..even through disappointments,as self has never been compromised. integrity in tact…..if an interviewer cannot understand that being different, might just be the prize for any the writer was….online CV’s are a waste of time as there is no sure way of securing a position within any company,as lying and compromising are essence of the day still….well done for staying true to your belief!! x

  25. SubhanaAllah a real eye-opener. Allah help us to put our full trust in Him in all matters Aameen.

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