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In supporting Israel, Germany still hasn’t learnt its lesson

Dr. Stef Keris Dr. Salman Butt 1 Min Read

By defending Israel's actions against Gaza, has Germany not learnt anything from its appalling historic role against the Jewish people?

Britain’s first ever Turkish mosque at risk of closing

Edward Rowe 6 Min Read

Do you know about the London mosque that has links to an Ottoman princess? Masjid Ramadan in Hackney is fighting for its survival.

Student sit-ins spread in US and UK over Gaza genocide

Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood Abu Hayyan 6 Min Read

Peaceful protests in support of Palestine have been met by violence; this is a microcosm of the situation in Gaza.

Top footballers to play in support of Gaza’s children

Shaheer Choudhury Zishan Khan 6 Min Read

Led by Nujum Sports, celebrated faces will take part in a special game to raise awareness of the plight of Gaza's girls and boys.

11 lessons from US campus pro-Palestine protests

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 14 Min Read

Young students in America are bravely demonstrating against the Zionist genocide in Gaza; let us learn from them and make it global.

Should we back Sadiq Khan or punish Labour?

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad Dr. Salman Butt 2 Min Read

London is to choose its next Mayor on Thursday; who do we vote for, and in light of Gaza, is Labour really for Muslims?