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CAGE director arrested for remarkably principled stance

Advocacy group CAGE is preparing to mount a legal challenge after its International director, Muhammad Rabbani, was arrested for refusing to hand over passwords to sensitive client information in an ongoing torture case.

Rabbani was stopped under Schedule 7 at Heathrow airport in November—something he and many other Muslim frequent-flyers have become used to—but this time was different. He was arrested and released on bail, after refusing to give passwords to his electronic devices because they contained information for a legal challenge against a western government pertaining to torture of a detainee.

Because Rabbani did not have permission to share the client’s information, instead of acquiescing to pressure from the counter-terror police he took a remarkably principled stance at a personal cost (mā shā Allāh). He is expected to be charged on Wednesday.

He is one of only five people be arrested last year, out of 30,000 Schedule 7 stops, which are understood to be mainly Muslims and ethnic minorities.



Source: www.islam21c.com

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  1. Lies to invade a foreign state illegally on the pretext of non existent weapons of mass destruction..taking down of a regime without preparing anything to replace it leaving a country in a violent void…indiscriminate bombing using white phosphorus in some cases ….causing horrendous loss of life, resources, homes, jobs, peace, security and ultimately hope has caused this so called islamist terrorism….you don’t get a reaction without an action….keep out of what’s not yours ….keep yr greedy hands off other people’s resources…keep yr troops at home and not in every oil rich land LIVE AND LET LIVE …

  2. Cage Director’s arrest and charging is as a direct result of Islamic terrorist activities against the West, although he is innocent of terrorism himself.
    The torture of suspect detainees, whether justified or not, is a direct result of Islamic terrorist activity.
    Without this activity there would be no need for these severe laws and measures.
    The West is forced to adopt these laws in an attempt to contain Islamic terrorism. Innocent people will get hurt, just as they are by terrorism.
    Declaring war on the West is a very bad idea.

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