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Trump: a Blessing in Orange Disguise

Talks from the event "welcoming" Donald Trump to the UK, hosted by Cage and Islam21c, featuring Asim Qureshi, Moazzam Begg, Dr Salman Butt, Dr Uthman Lateef, Sh Shaqur Rehman, Imam Shakeel Begg and Muhammad Rabbani.

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Five Spiritual Gems Muhammad Rabbani Taught us from Court

While many have commended him for his bravery, the reality is that he had no choice but to make this stand if he wanted to remain faithful to the principles of Islām...

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CAGE director Muhammad Rabbani receives hero’s welcome following trial

Alhamdulillāh, he avoided prison but was charged for protecting the confidentiality of a US-torture victim...

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CAGE Director charged under Schedule 7, Terrorism Act. What does this mean for British Muslims?

Brother Muhammad Rabbani, International Director of advocacy group CAGE UK has been charged after heroically refusing to disclose his password under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. He was released on bail and is set to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court on the 20th June 2017. CAGE are an advocacy organisation whose stated

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CAGE director arrested for remarkably principled stance

Because Rabbani did not have permission to share the client’s information, instead of acquiescing to pressure from the counter-terror police he took a remarkably principled stance at a personal cost (mā shā Allāh). He is expected to be charged on Wednesday.