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Saraqib recaptured as Erdogan vows Turkey will “not take a smallest step back in Idlib”

President Erdogan has vowed that Turkey will push the forces of the Syrian regime away from its military in observation posts in the Idlib region of Syria.

Despite the threat of the Russian-backed military, President Erdogan told his party in a speech:

“We are planning to liberate our observation posts from the surrounding [Syrian government forces] by the end of this month, one way or another.”

This week, Syrian fighters, backed by the Turkish military, seized the town of Nairab in Idlib. Assad has continued to send troops to advance into other areas of the Idlib province.

Earlier this month, President Erdogan said that President Assad must withdraw his forces to behind a line of Turkish posts before March, or else the Turkish military would force their hand. Idlib is currently controlled by Russia, which is home to the region’s airspace. Turkey therefore cannot use the airspace, although President Erdogan hopes they will find a solution soon.

This particular region has been responsible for Russian airstrikes targeting civilians throughout Idlib. The region has also seen the bombing of Turkey-backed rebels for a number of months in support of the Syrian regime, even targeting schools and hospitals. [1]


Consequently, hundreds have been killed and almost one million displaced, leaving them to survive in the bitter winter period.

Dr Shajul Islam, a humanitarian doctor working in Syria, attending to the injured posted on social media:

“I had the dilemma of wither I should empty my house or not. But were would I go? Sadly the choices are limited for those who are living in the city. Most have decided it is better to stay in their own homes, instead of dying without a shelter on the border.”

President Erdogan also said that Turkey is adamant to help the Syrian civilians displaced from Idlib because of the heavy fighting.

He said:

“We will not take a smallest step back in Idlib, we will certainly push the regime outside the borders we designated, and ensure the return of the people to their homes.” [2]

Dr Shajul Islam dispelled common theories many had with regards to Turkey:

“All praise be to Allah, Turkey is now fully supporting the most powerful rebel group in Idlib. It seems this has the potential to produce good results with the permission of Allah.”

“Today we had more Turkish soldiers die on the battlefield than rebels. For all those that are still in doubt if Turkey is serious, these figures should speak for themselves. Now instead of flying Turkish soldiers out to Turkey for treatment, they are using our hospital in Idlib for treatment.”

‘Liveupdatesfromsyria’ posted on social media:

“The important & strategic town of Saraqib- just miles away from Idlib City- was liberated from the Syrian gov early this morning by Turkish forces & rebels! They are continuing to push the gov back in nearby towns & taking back more territory!

No one knew what Turkey’s intentions were initially. But we judge based on what we see – we have seen them provide the rebels with equipment they never had before to defend civilians and counter-attacks, sacrifice their soldiers, as well as unite with & fight alongside rebels against the Syrian regime. There is no denying that Turkey is playing a vital, game-changing role so far in the fight against the regime criminals.

Inshallah, these new allies can keep the momentum up & civilians can soon return safely to their towns without fear!”

Source: www.islam21c.com


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  1. May Allah (SWT) guide Erdogan to continue making the right decisions. Hit pieces like the one’s authored today in the Guardian actually reinforce his popularity.

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