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Trump administration bombed mosque then “targeted people as they were running away”

Bilal Abdul Kareem reported hours ago for On The Ground News from Jena in northern Syria revealing the harrowing, calculated attack on a mosque by the US.

In a recorded, unedited video he shows the world that the attack which the US has claimed responsibility for targeted a mosque “at a time where people were expected to be there.” He reports that they hit the main exit “so that nobody could escape,” and when people did run away through a different exit, they bombed the areas with shrapnel where people were running away. He reported that there were “pools of blood” in the road—which is clearly in the middle of a wide, open space without any buildings surrounding it.

The bombing was reported by US state media and other platforms,[1] although denying that a mosque was even hit, instead calling it some kind of attack against an “al-Qaida” meeting. On The Ground News (OGN) have been reporting since the strike, saying that those targeted were in fact worshippers gathering for their regular Tablighi Jamat gathering on Thursday. As soon as the real news came out of the targeting of worshippers, advocacy groups including CAGE stated that it constituted a war crime.[2] Today’s news reporting that it was not just a stray missile causing “collateral damage” but a calculated, targeted strike composed of three separate bombs following the worshippers as they fled into nearby fields, only amplifies this accusation.

OGN has reported that its Twitter account has been blocked due to its reporting of the US bombing, whilst its Facebook account appears still to be active.[3]

Source: www.islam21c.com


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