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Islamic imperative of truth in an age of bias

By outlining the Islamic mandate for principled journalism, we must call for truth despite being in a distortion chamber.

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Tips to Get Through the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Many of us will be heavily affected by the rise of costs, here are a few tips from Martin Lewis on how to be smart with your money.

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King Charles III and Islam

Throughout the years King Charles III has shown his appreciation of Islam. Here are a few times the King has praised Islam.

Thousands Across the Globe Gather in Solidarity for Uyghurs #Stand4Uyghurs  

On Sunday the 31st July thousands across the globe in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Toronto CA, Washington DC, Auckland NZ, Johannesburg SA, Istanbul, and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane AUS took to the streets to demand the CCP ‘Stop the Genocide Now’.   A staggering 100+ grassroots Muslim organisations joined the movement

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Quranic Community #11 | Allāh’s Great Favour

Whilst Allāh commands you not to steal nor to gaze at the inviolabilities of others as an individual, He likewise commanded millions of others to not steal from you nor to look at your inviolabilities! Therefore, the primary beneficiary from Haram is you yourself. And yet, beyond you benefiting, He

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Quranic Community #9 | Do you believe everything you are told?

Who's who in this era of gossip, fake news and hearsay? How and when do we scrutinise what we hear? If you tend to believe everything you are told, read on...

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A look back at 1439: a year of NewsViews

The year 1439 has been the first complete year that NewsViews have been running, alhamdulillah. Click for a reminder of some of the key news events that shaped the year 1439, and don’t forget to share with others.

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The Media Manufactures Disinterest

"Media outlets are not neutral and objective, so don't expect them to be..."

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Trump administration bombed mosque then “targeted people as they were running away”

Bilal Abdul Kareem reported hours ago for On The Ground News from Jena in northern Syria revealing the harrowing, calculated attack on a mosque by the US. In a recorded, unedited video he shows the world that the attack which the US has claimed responsibility for targeted a mosque "at

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Does Islamophobia now sell better than sex?

Does Islamophobia now sell better than sex? To break up the festive cheer on Boxing Day the Times published a front page article under a bold title: “Muslims ‘silent on terror’”. It was repeated on their website with a standard picture of some Muslims wearing niqābs titled “Muslims ‘stay silent’