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Dr. Aafia Siddiqui holds emotional reunion with sister

Muhammad Mussa 7 Min Read

After two decades of separation, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was granted a heartfelt reunion with her sister, Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui, and lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith.

Pakistan’s Generals: Defenders or Traitors?

Shaheer Choudhury 22 Min Read

Praetorianism is in full swing as the Pakistani army top brass continue to crush PTI leaders, workers, and supporters, even threatening expats worldwide.

Imran Khan arrested; army emerges from the shadows

Ehsan Latif 11 Min Read

After being targeted with over a hundred cases of terrorism and anti-state crimes, the PTI chairman Imran Khan has been arrested; here is some analysis.

Nephews of Masjid al-Nabawi imam freed from Guantanamo after 19 years without charge

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

The Rabbani brothers, nephews of the late Masjid al-Nabawi imam, Muhammad Ayub, have been freed from Guantanamo Bay and returned to Pakistan.

Former Pakistani president Musharraf dies aged 79

Shaheer Choudhury 4 Min Read

The former army chief and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, has died at the age of 79, after a long-term illness.

This is why 🇬🇧 £1 is currently 🇵🇰 Rs. 333!

Ehsan Latif 6 Min Read

Pakistan's economy is in dire straits, with a single British pound buying 🇵🇰 Rs. 333; Ehsan Latif explains why THIS is happening.