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“Peace gesture” – Pakistan to release captured Indian pilot shot down yesterday

News Editor 5 Min Read

“The officers of the Pakistani army have looked after me very well, they are thorough gentlemen”

Imran Khan’s address to Pakistan and India [English Translation]

News Editor 6 Min Read

Exclusive English translation

India carries out botched airstrikes on Pakistan

News Editor 4 Min Read

"Now, it is time for India to wait for our response,” Maj. Gen. Ghafoor said.

Kashmir Attack: Pakistan PM Imran Khan condemns threats of escalation by India

News Editor 4 Min Read

"Pakistan will not just think about retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate."

Pakistani Scholars Respond to Iran’s Bomb Threats

Editor 2 Min Read

The Head of the Council of Scholars of Pakistan condemned Iran following a ‘veiled threat’ on Monday by the Iranian authorities against Pakistan