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Iran’s strike on Israel raises tensions in Middle East

Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood Abu Haaris Shaheer Choudhury 10 Min Read

Might this ongoing situation between Iran and Israel be a sideshow from the abhorrent Israeli attacks against Gaza?

Iran expresses anger over Azeri poem recited by Erdoğan

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

Tehran accuses Ankara of inciting separatism among Iran’s Azeri minority

Iran’s top nuclear physicist assassinated

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the chief scientist at the helm of the Iranian Ministry of Defence Research and Innovation Organisation, has been killed in a targeted attack that involved machine gun fire and

Iraq: Parliament calls for expulsion of foreign troops as Iran-US tensions intensify

Hamza Saleem 4 Min Read

A new resolution passed by Iraq's parliament has called for its government to expel foreign troops from the country amid tensions between Iran and US escalating after the killing of Qasem Soleimani.

King Salman will host US Armed Forces in the Kingdom again

Hamad Momin 8 Min Read

The Saudi kingdom has not hosted US combat forces since 2003, when Donald Rumsfeld, the United States Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, announced their withdrawal.

Calls for ceasefire in Idlib, ahead of potential “bloodbath”

Abdullah Izzadin 3 Min Read

President Erdogan: “Any attack launched or to be launched on Idlib will result in a disaster, massacre and a very big humanitarian tragedy”