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LOCKDOWN SERIES | Explanation of 40 Hadith on Pandemics

Welcome to our brand new series, one of many on our brand new platform, The Online Masjid, coming soon inshāAllāh.

Your local Masjid may be closed, but The Online Masjid is open for business!

Islam21c are bringing you daily Q&A shows, special Unscripted Live podcasts, Weekly Friday Bayāns and over 150 transformational lectures and reminders inshāAllāh.

In this series, Ustadh Ibrahim al-Tamimy takes us on a journey through the 40 Hadith on Trials, Plagues and Pandemics – with Prophetic advice on how to deal with them, compiled by Tariq al-Tamimi published on Islam21c.


Hadith 1:

“They are a punishment which Allāh sends upon whomsoever He wills, but Allāh has made it a mercy to the believers. Anyone who remains in a town which is plagued with an epidemic, remaining patient and anticipating Allāh’s reward, while firmly believing that nothing will befall him other than what Allāh has preordained for him, then he will receive a reward of a martyr.”

Hadith 2:

“How wonderful is the situation of a believer! there is good for him in everything and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity befalls him and he expresses gratitude to Allāh, then it will be for his good; and if adversity befalls him and he endures it patiently, it will also be for his good.”

Hadith 3:

“The magnitude of the reward is proportionate to the severity of the trial. When Allāh loves a people, He tests them. Whoever accepts that shall be pleased, but whoever is discontent shall be devastated.”

Hadith 4:

“Never is a believer afflicted with discomfort, illness, anxiety, grief or mental anguish, or even something as trivial as the pricking of a thorn, except that Allāh will expiate his sins on account of his patience.”

Hadith 5:

“When a slave of Allāh suffers from illness or goes on a journey, he is credited with an equal reward of whatever good works he used to do when he was healthy or at home.”

Hadith 6:

“If you hear of a plague in a land do not enter it; and if it breaks out in the land where you stay, do not leave.”

Hadith 7:

“Servants of Allāh! Make use of medical treatment, for Allāh has not made any disease without creating a cure for it.”

Hadith 8:

“There is no unbidden contagion, no evil omen, no death bird (hama), no tape-worm (safar), and one should keep away from a leper as one keeps away from a lion.”

Hadith 9:

“Do not quarantine the healthy with the infected.”

Hadith 10:

“Being clean and pure is half of faith.”

Hadith 11:

“Charity wipes away sins.”

Hadith 12:

“Nothing revises the Decree of Allāh except supplication.”

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40 Hadith on Trials, Plagues and Pandemics

with Prophetic advice on how to deal with them

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  1. Alhamdulillah. Allah bless you and guide all of us to the straight path. My suggestion is whatever Hadith you quote kindly put a reference and authenticate it from sources

  2. Sad. We’ve made our Deen subservient to scientists. If scientists in future advise everyone else to miss the Ramadhan fasts, I’m sure a lot of Muslims will follow. Here’s an article that shows what the Prophet (saw) did during an epidemic:

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