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Muslimah’s experience of 3 years with long COVID

In this frank discussion by a Muslim woman on her experience with long COVID, we get a glimpse of the painful blessings associated with the ailment.

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Protests spread in China after Ürümqi inferno amidst zero-Covid policy

Xi Jinping faces one of his biggest trials, after he recently began a third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

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Hospitalised with COVID-19? A Doctor’s Guide

Dr Yahya Amjad, a junior doctor working on the frontlines against COVID-19, gives a detailed breakdown of what to expect if you or a loved one are admitted into hospital.

To Vax or not to Vax | Sh Abu Eesa on Unscripted #70

Confused about the vaccine? We put all the questions and doubts we found to expert Sh Abu Eesa Niamatullah in this special Unscripted episode.

Unscripted #54 | Who is paying for the pandemic?

Salman Butt gets refuted by Tarek el-Diwany

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Stay Safe, Pray Safe: How to open mosques safely and lawfully

Mosques should NOT re-open until they follow these steps, says charity specialist Jahangir Mohammed

Stockpile your deeds before the pandemic ends

Before lockdown eases, stockpile these three low-hanging fruits...

An Unexpected Eid Lesson from Donald Trump

Lockdown veteran Moazzam Begg delivers a thought-provoking Eid message

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Ramadan on the Front Line

A Ramadan message from a Muslim intensive care specialist on the front line in the NHS

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Ten mental health tips for lockdown

How to stay sane in quarantine