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Exhortation To Myself

‘O you who consider yourself so perfect that you can point at others
Walk not upon the earth so arrogant and proud
Considering yourself above others in deed or in creation
Is it that you are saved while all others are doomed?
Are you completely free of fault, while all others are flawed?
Is it that you know what Allah has planned for you, while all others know not?
Is it that you created, or were you yourself created?
Take heed and silence your tongue,
Point not at others, but rather at yourself
You know not Allah’s Decree for you, nor are you saved
Remember those who came before you, who were similarly conceited
Thinking themselves superior, such that they transgressed
Warning upon warning, messengers did they receive
Did they listen or take heed? No, they thought themselves right
So humble yourself before Him, and let not yourself stray
For a small black spot could soon become a covering
And a heart already dead is not easy to revive
That is an attribute only Allah does possess
Who is there to save you if He were to desert you?
Were He to leave you to yourself, how long do you think you would last?
You are in need of Him, and He is not in need of you
So walk not upon the earth so arrogant and proud
Humble yourself before Him, and let not yourself stray.

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