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The Calamity


Just another hour, just another day,

In the lap of al habibah did he make duah and lay.

He longed to meet the others, aloud he would say,

They will never have met me, but still await the last day.

Glancing through the window, jubilant with grace,

A sight to stun anyone was the smiling silver face.

They thought he had recovered to lead another fray,

But little did they know he was soon to go away.

Just another hour, just another day,

The angel gave the option and the choice he had to weigh,

It was the pleasure of his lord that was the purpose of his life,

The means were his actions, the message and the strife.

The punishment was averted by the mercy of his Lord,

For a life of sacrifice there was an ultimate reward.

The soul of the messenger was gently detached,

His mission was complete and the best ummah had hatched

Just another hour, just another day,

The greatest calamity there’s not a penny you can pay,

Just another hour, just another day,

Seek the pleasure of Allah and follow Muhammad’s way

Just another hour, just another day,

If we do indeed succeed then meet him we may.

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