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Daily Mail Propoganda: Smokescreen & Mirrors

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Daily Mail Propoganda: Smokescreen & Mirrors The right-wing media schooled us well in propaganda and how to instigate a witch-hunt over the last seven days. The Daily Mail’s “4 month investigation of extremism in Britain” was much to do about nothing. All in all, what comprised of the string of “exposé” articles were repeated lies, nonsense extrapolations and comments masquerading as journalism. Their “investigation” begins by rehashing lies about CAGE’s alleged support of “Jihadi John”. CAGE has, of course, consistently made clear that their comments were made before he supposedly went to Syria and have consistently condemned his act of

Christmas, Muslims and the Paganisation of Christianity

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As Muslims who live in the West, we find ourselves surrounded by a culture of capitalism which utilizes anything in its means to further its spread and acceptance. Amid this culture is the widespread acceptance of the 25th of December being the birthday of Jesus Christ. However, as Pastors and Priests of the Christian faith have accepted over the years, this is an erroneous claim. Nevertheless many have continued to re-enact the nativity in their churches and narrate stories surrounding it which arguably suggests a lack of desire for the truth, and an acceptance of falsehoods into their religion. Additionally, there

Embarrassing truth of Tuesday’s “terror” arrests

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  On Tuesday 7th October, five young men, one of whom was named as 21 year old medical student Tarik Hassane, were arrested in police raids on their homes, on “suspicion of forming a terror cell in London”. Without verifying the information, a number of news outlets reported that these men were “jihadists” and a threat to national security in the UK, thus insinuating that they were guilty before any rule of law was applied to them and their circumstances. But on what grounds were these arrests made? And was there enough evidence beyond reasonable doubt to assume these men

The Beauty of Istighfar

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Incredibly, in our current times, we’ve come to almost abandon this virtue of constant istighfar and only seem to associate it with the major sins and when we fall into grave matters! When reading through the books, in particular the biographies and statements of our pious predecessors, one beautiful thing that always amazes me is how important Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) was to our Salaf and how deeply engaged they were in this particular act. Now, these were a people who lived and breathed Islam, whose hearts overflowed with Iman, yaqin (certainty), humbleness, and all good, and they were of tremendous

Complaining About the Hajj

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***Experience the Interactive Hajj Quiz here*** People love to criticise or complain, whether it is the weather, public transport or house bills. More than often they have the right to do so, but in being Muslims Islamic morality teaches us very succinctly that complaining decreases tawakkul in Allah and aids in increased belligerence. Added to that is the idea that the devil uses negative feelings to incite animosity and despair in one’s heart, both very perilous maladies. Very unfortunately, complaining is somewhat of a British trait in that most small talk is made up of menial complaints ranging from the weather

Feigning Innocence: The Politics of Demonization

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On 16 October 1946, Julius Streicher was Hanged by an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg after being convicted for crimes against humanity. Streicher was not a member of the Nazi military and did not take part in the planning of the Holocaust or the invasion of any country. He was the publisher of a tabloid newspaper, Der Stürmer, which for 22 years denounced Jews in the most crude, vicious, and vivid ways. Despite its Increasing popularity, the newspaper was even condemned by many Nazi leaders at the time and Streicher was brought before the German courts on several occasions. Despite

Reviving our Sense of Gheera

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We live in societies in which most men and women have lost their sense of modesty, women are obsessed with their appearances and wear clothes to be seen by others and to attract the attention of other men even if they are married! They have lost their sense of shame. Marriage is often looked upon as old-fashioned and short term affairs and frivolous relationships are the norm, everyone waiting to attract a better partner and feeling totally justified to dump one partner for another at the drop of a hat. Feminism too has reached its peak and men and women

Death and Disbelievers

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Yes, I know Hitchens has been dead for a while and that this article may seem a tad late (more than a month to be precise!), but since the ‘religious’ community (that is to say those who believe in God) has been mute on the subject, I thought it pertinent to say something. It isn’t that I’ve written this monologue as some sadistic form of religiously inspired gloat nor do I intend to offer a polemic refutation of atheism, but I think it useful to draw some meaning from the death of an ungodly celebrity who amongst both the irreligious

Abraham: The Man Behind The Hajj

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Muslims from the four corners of the globe flock throughout the year to the holy city of Makkah as pilgrims, however, during the month of Dhul-Hijjah, the greater pilgrimage known as Hajj consumes millions of people for a total of five days between the 8th and the 12th. The Hajj is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world, dating back to the time of Abraham and his son Ishmael. Being one of the five pillars of Islam, it commemorates the succession of trials faced by Abraham and his family. Some of those trials that are particularly related to the Hajj

Ibn Taymiyyah and Doctrinal Differences

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In urban societies people who observe various theological traditions (under the broad umbrella of Ahlussunnah) can be brought together, a phenomenon that often leads to dogmatic disputes with one another. Habitually, these quarrels spiral into a degenerated slinging match with takfir being made as the introductory statement! This phenomenon, although widespread amongst Muslims generally, also happens to afflict major sections of the salafi and ahl-e-hadith community, often more out of anger or frustration than being able to legitimately do so. Others sincerely believe that they are the only Muslims that shall enter paradise and all others are doomed to eternal