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10 Things You Didn’t Know About President Morsi

**Urgent announcement re Egypt from Sheikh Haitham al Haddad click here**

At times of great tribulation and turmoil, the first casualty is always the truth. Why? Because the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressors and tyrants is their ability to manipulate the  facts  to suit their agenda. Because without the truth, we cannot see what is right and what is wrong. Without the truth, there is only falsehood… and injustice.

And that is how we find ourselves where we are in Egypt today, where the elected President of a nation – who was kidnapped and held incommunicado for months till his supporters could be imprisoned, crushed, tortured, killed and banned – stands trial for crimes that seem to multiply by the day. Depending on which side of the divide you fall, President Morsi is either a principled hero of epic proportions or a bungling nefarious criminal mastermind. So who is the real President Morsi?

Here are ten little known facts that may help provide us with some clues:

1. He is a Hafiz of the Qurʾān

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One of the little known facts about the president is that he has memorised the entire Qurʾān by heart. This is no mean feat and something that itself is worthy of praise. The Prophet said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qurʾān and teach it.” Abu Musa Al Asharee reported that the Prophet said, “Part of showing glory to Allāh is to show respect to a white-haired Muslim, and a carrier of the Qurʾān who does not exaggerate in it nor ignore it and a just ruler.” An interesting combination of virtues there don’t you think?

2. He is intelligent

It is widely assumed that Morsi is not that bright. He is repeatedly portrayed as bumbling and dimwitted. His detractors point to a series of decisions that seemed to exacerbate anger against him – such as the taxation U-turns, the choice of governor for Luxor and his battle royale against the judiciary. And yet the majority evidence points to Morsi being much more academically gifted than any of his detractors. He has a PHD, is a professor and was the head of the Department of Engineering in Zagazig University. He has previously worked on various projects in America and was a visiting professor there. In his short time in office, he managed to achieve a fair amount and surrounded himself with individuals with proven track records in their fields.

3. He lived in an apartment

The Egyptian president has many palaces dotted around Cairo. They are sprawling in size and lavishly furnished. When Morsi walked into the Presidential palace for the first time, he had made up his mind that he would not live in any of them. He relented to carry out official government business in these vast palaces, but he would continue to live an apartment rented out for some time. This was how we were treated to the unbelievable sight of the President of a nation having death threats to his family being graffitied onto the walls of the elevator he used to get to his flat. Compare this to the other Muslim “leaders” who (and this is not an exaggeration) have toilets that are bigger than this President’s home.

4. He refused special treatment for his dying sister

Whilst Morsi was president, his sister fell seriously ill. When he went to visit her in hospital, the doctors told him that she may get better treatment if she was transferred to Europe or America. All they needed was the order from him and a medivac chopper and airplane would be commandeered. He refused stating that his family should not be favored above those of order Egyptians merely because of the position he held. His sister passed away in a government hospital like any other Egyptian citizen.

5. The adhān takes precedence over his speech

When Morsi was delivering an important speech he was suddenly made aware that prayer time fell. Instead of ignoring the adhān and continuing his speech or even just staying silent for a minute – Morsi loudly and proudly repeated the adhān. The effect was electrifying and a generation of pious young Muslims saw that even their leaders submitted to the words of Allāh.

6. The homeless widow

The video above is of a homeless woman who used to sleep on the streets of Cairo. One day a car pulled up and Morsi himself got out of the back. He asked her why she slept on the streets. She told him that since she had become a widow, she was unable to continue paying for their apartment and eventually found herself on the street. Morsi said that no mother in Egypt should suffer like this and directed officials to provide her with a respectable apartment and enough of a stipend from the state to pay for it. Since the coup she has become homeless again.

7. He took part in aid work

This is a picture of President Morsi visiting Banda Aceh, Indonesia following the devastating South Asian Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. He was there as part of an aid mission to help the survivors rebuild their shattered lives. Morsi isn’t just another scheming member of the deep state of Egypt who has done nothing but worked for their own advancement and that of their families since day one. When Bashaar Al-Assad sent him a congratulatory message on his election to the Presidency, Morsi replied “I do not recognize you as the rightful representative of the Syrian people.” Despite all protocols, he could not bring himself to be polite to the murderer of so many innocent people.

8. The worlds lowest paid leader

We get so used to seeing the sickening figures that business moguls, sports stars and so-called celebrities pull in that we expect our political leaders to be earning mega bucks as well. We’re not shocked when we see former Prime Ministers or Presidents become millionaires on the lucrative speakers circuit. Morsi could have taken the opportunity of being President to build a nest-egg for himself and his family. After all, he still lived in a rented flat. Maybe he could buy himself a house? It turns out that President Morsi was the lowest paid world leader. Read that again. In. The. World. He stipulated that his salary would be $10,000 for the entire year. At the time of his kidnapping, it transpired that he had actually not actually drawn any salary at all. He had been working for free.

9. He rarely missed Fajr in the mosque

President Morsi was so keen not to miss any prayers in congregation and in the mosque that it became a running joke amongst the coup supporters who felt such outward displays of piety were pretentious. Yet, ignoring their cynicism, Morsi did not miss his prayers and he was often seen moved to tears by the khutba on Friday prayers.

10. No pictures please

Egypt, like most Arab dictatorships, had the picture of their “benevolent” leader plastered across the walls of every building. You couldn’t go anywhere in Egypt without seeing Mubarak staring down at you. When Morsi was elected, he decreed that his picture should not be hung in any Government buildings and replaced the portraits of his predecessor with that of the name of Allāh. This policy has been reversed and many Egyptians are once again deifying their overlord.

The truth is the first casualty of war. And I accept that the truth is much more complex than these 10 points. There have been mistakes – Morsi admitted as much. But, whether you love or hate him, I hope some of these facts will help you gain a better understanding of the man behind the figure of love and hate. I hope they can help point you in the direction of the truth.

Source; www.islam21c.com

notes; this article has been cross posted from www.muslimmatters.org and was authored by Yavus Selim

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  1. Dr Morsi is the man.


  3. Salaams.
    Whilst all the decent qualities listed in the article may well be true, it became obvious to me that there was something desperately wrong with Morsi when I saw a news photo of him seated in his presidential chair and talking to 2 visiting US senators, namely John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
    No self-respecting Muslim would ever receive precisely those 2 who in truth represent the Israeli Knesset and not the US Congress/Senate. What were they talking about? How could Morsi have ANY reason to even wish to talk to them?
    Also, it was a fatal mistake for Morsi to accept the IMF loan, not mainly because of the un-islamic riba but because it means debt-slavery to the Jewish controlled New World Order, which was obviously the whole idea of “offering” the loan to Egypt.
    Overall, my own feeling is that the entire “revolution” in Egypt was scripted start to finish by the NWO in order to discredit political Islam and, if so, the exercise was largely successful.
    The example to follow for all nations, whether Muslim or not, who wish to be independent, is Iran, which just yesterday celebrated the 35th anniversary of the glorious revolution of 1979.
    Many happy returns IR Iran! More power to you! May the spirit of 1979 sweep the planet!

  4. What in the name of God does this have to do with a person who leads a country ??? He had no Charisma or leadership values for Gods sake. He let people around say and do the worst things they can do to help bring his downfall and he just sat there like an idiot. Plus all these characteristics you are saying here , I can point out a lot of people who have even more than that !! but does that mean they are a good leader ! NO !

  5. It will be so naive to limit the huge failure in Egypt to a person like Mursi. If it was not for the CULT running the country (Muslim Brotherhood), behind the seen, Mursi may have succeeded. But the reality is Mursi was a puppet while the heads of the CULT (Muslim Brotherhood) were doing all the stupid things from behind.
    The problem now is they continue to push the simple people to violent under a religious banner.
    The Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is the problem and it will continue to deceive Islam and Muslims if those behind it will not stop using religion to justifies their criminal behavior.

  6. Egypt is clearly being managed by its armed forces. The Egyptian armed forces are indirectly paid up employees of a US payroll. The USA operates its foreign policies, especially in the middle east, under the direction of the powerful Israeli lobby. The Israeli lobby’s primary goal is to protect the legal and illegal actions of the Zionists in Palestinian lands. Egypt is the neighbour of Palestine, who must be controlled, from the Zionist point of view.

    Mr Morsi is a victim of the secretive but nonetheless powerful determination of a crumbling global empire to support Egypt’s neighbours.

    The rapid demise of the USA should be good for the removal of self-appointed kings, puppets and dictators. Inshaallah.

  7. If anything, the above article listing the many individual qualities of Mursi show that 1 person, no matter how pious he is, is not able to change an entire society.

    Only a system has a profound and lasting impact upon a society. Unfortunately, he was another cog in a secular, democratic system that was more powerful than him.

    To change a society you need to change the system. To make a society Islamic, you need an Islamic system ie the Khilafah.

  8. junaid ur rahman

    brilliant.thank you so much

  9. I agree President Mursi was an educated pious humble and honourable man winning in a free and fair elections and I pray to Allah to help and support him in this calamity. But if we are to analyse the events in Egypt objectively Dr Mursi must take part of the blame for his fate having been ultimately outmanoeuvred by his opponents largely due to political inexperience.

  10. dr morsi, engineer, worked in usa on projects, is hafizz ul quran, would lead sallaats when time permit, never missed his fajr namaz, interupted his own speech whenevr he hear azan,which he also repeated loudly, refused to fly his dying sister to europe for treatment before she then died on govt. hospital bed, refused to live in egypt palaces but hire private accomodation, did not cash on his own decreed little salary of 10$k pa. replaced all presidents wall fotos by quranic word: Allah o Akbar, removed widow from street to be rehoused/fed by the state, unlike before/after him.
    these facts either hidden or ignored by his opponents, past/present/future.

  11. As-salâmu ‘alaykum

    Should the leader of a predominantly Muslim country agree to a riba (interest) based loan contract?

    O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remaineth (due to you) from usury, if ye are (in truth) believers. (2:278)

    And if ye do not, then be warned of war (against you) from Allah and His messenger. And if ye repent, then ye have your PRINCIPAL (without interest). Wrong not, and ye shall not be wronged. (2:279)

    Allah (swt) in his wisdom has declared in the above verse a return of the PRINCIPAL only. No where in any of the Abrahamic religions has an “acceptable” rate of interest been specified.

    Islam was not sent so that we could fix and change it in order to make it better. Islam was sent to fix and change us for the better.

    Morsi comments on Syria and IMF loan: http://youtu.be/4ELVa2JPnvg

    Lies, Damned Lies & Sadistics: The IMF’s Role as Bankster Enforcer:


    • So basically, ignoring all the leaders bout Morsi, you highlight one of his mistakes. We know he shouldn’t have done that, but to focus on that at the expense of all the good he did is wrong. May Allah grant us righteous leaders and may He curse and destroy those who fail to recognise and respect those righteous leaders when He appoints them over us.

    • Abdulaziz, it is your assumption that I have highlighted this issue as a mistake – you will note that I have simply posed a question.

      “O ye who BELIEVE! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remaineth (due to you) from usury, if ye are (in truth) BELIEVERS. And if ye do not, then be warned of WAR (against you) from Allah and His messenger.” (2:278-279)

      These are the words of the Creator, what do they state about those not who are not prepared to give up dealings in riba?

      Would a ‘righteous’ leader want to get himself involved in a prohibition, the consequences for which are WAR with Allah (swt) and his Messenger (pbuh)? Again, a simple question….What are your thoughts?

      ‘If someone insists on usury and does not desist, it is the duty of the leader of the muslims to ask him to repent. If he does not desist, he strikes off his head.’- related by Ibn Abbas (in ‘Al-Jami’ li-ahkam al-Qur’an’ by Al-Qurtubi, translated by Aisha Bewley, Dar all-Taqwa, London 2003)

      • True..How can a pious believer accept loan which invoves riba. Riba is among the biggest sins. Morsi was selling the the imman of believes of Egypt for cheep money. A muslim has to remain 100% obedient to Allah in all aspect of life. We think we pray five times and that is enough and we can do any haram business and call ourselves pious and khalifas…

    • When the state is in distress and cannot survive without taking the money, then what the money becomes Halal for him during this period. The one who sins his the one who demands the interest not the one that takes money when absolutely in need and without any other choice. When the state is rich enough or can survive without interest, then taking the money becomes Haram. I hope this helps you.


  12. ابن احمد

    Jazaakumullahukhayran for explaining your intentions and for the information. But you are not helping by referring to the situation as if there are only two polorized groups (love or hate). This website and what you write on it to the people is an amaanah.

    So remember Allah when you choose your words and how you portray the situation. Do you not know that there is a popular group who, even though they ‘love’ Mursi in the shared sense, do not agree to the continued bloody demonstrations and justify their position with the Sharee’ah…of course, these are the ulamaa’ who blind ikhwaanis with a complete detachment from the Egyptian society.

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