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Slaughter of Muslims in Burma. Call to Action

The Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) is calling for urgent action to halt killings, rapes and expulsions being carried out in western Burma against ethnic Rohingya (Muslim) Burmese citizens. 

“We strongly condemn these attacks against the Rohingya Muslims in Burma and call on the British government, as well as other regional associates, to bring the matter to the United Nations’ attention urgently,” said the chairman of MRDF, Sheikh (Dr) Haitham Al Haddad. 

In June 2012, hundreds Burmese Muslims have been butchered, and many more injured and made homeless in Burma as a result religious intolerance by the Buddhist majority.  The Burmese military government, far from trying to resolve the problem and protect the minority, has been silently conniving with the rioters by creating greater hardships for the Muslim minority.

The reason of this June 2012 riot is unknown except for the periodical outbursts of the Burmese Buddhists to show their might and vent their anger on the helpless minority.   It is commonly accepted that the June 2012 massacre of Burmese Muslims was intentionally orchestrated by the rioters in collaboration with the government.  Yet the world, including the UN, is conveniently silent.  The brazenly hypocritical and unscrupulous woman, Aung San Suu Kyi, is very prompt at accusing the Burmese military of human rights violations when she is under house arrest.  But she finds nothing wrong when the military helps the Buddhist mobs to murder the innocent Muslim minority of her country.

As in India, anti-Muslim riots are nothing unusual in Burma.  Violence in Burma against Muslims have been erupting periodically since the 1920s based simply on religious intolerance by the Buddhist majority.

The Muslims of Burma mainly belong to the Arakan state in western Burma.  They are known as Rohingya or Burmese Muslims.  The term “Rohingya” has been derived from the Arabic word “Raham” meaning sympathy.  Muslim settlements began being established in the Arakan province of Burma since the arrival of the Arabs in the 8th century.  Presently about 800,000 Rohingya live in Burma.  The United Nations describes them as “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.”  Yet it has never bothered to help them.

Religious freedom for Muslims in Burma has been systematically curbed.  In the post 9/11 era, random accusations of “terrorism” against Muslims have become a common form of persecution and harassment by Burmese Buddhists.  Burmese Government does not consider Rohingya Muslims as citizens and they are hated by the Buddhist majority. Rohingya Muslims in Burma have long demanded recognition as an indigenous ethnic group with full citizenship by birthright.   But the Government regards them as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship.

“Nobel Prize winner,” Aung San Suu Kyi, does not consider Muslims as citizens. Speaking at London School of Economics meeting on June 2012 during her visit to the UK, she said “Rohingya Muslims should not be considered citizens.”  Later during her press conference at Downing Street, she did not condemn the killings of Rohingya Muslims taking place in Burma.  Instead, she simply said that this “ethnic conflict should be investigated and dealt with wisdom.”   It wasn’t just an insufficient response but a very shocking one from someone supposed to have won a “Noble Peace Prize.”

The notorious master hypocrite and undercover CIA agent, Dalai Lama, continues to globe trot without mentioning a single word of the dangerously growing Buddhist intolerance in Burma, Thailand, Tibet and across the world.  Such intolerance and persecution invariably result in resistance by the oppressed.  Many Muslims have joined armed resistance groups, fighting for greater freedom in Burma.

On June 3rd 2012, eight Muslims returning to Rangoon in a bus after visiting a Masjid in the Arakan province were attacked by a mob of hundreds of Buddhists and slaughtered brutally.  An eye-witness reported that after the mass murder  “the culprits were celebrating triumph spitting and tossing wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road.”

“These innocent people have been killed like animals,” said Abu Tahay, of the National Democratic Party for Development, which represents the country’s much-persecuted stateless Muslim Rohingya community.

The Rohingya Muslims of Burma have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese junta since 1970s.  Over the years thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled to neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh etc.   Even as refugees they have been facing hardships and have suffered persecution by the Thai government.  In February 2009, a group of 5 boats packed with Burmese Rohingya Muslims were taken out and abandoned in the open sea by the Thai army.  Four of these boats sank in a storm and one was washed ashore near the Indonesian islands.  The few survivors who were rescued by Indonesian authorities told horrific stories of being captured and beaten by the Thai military and then abandoned at open sea.

Being “peaceful” or “humble” (as claimed by their biased supporters) is a far cry concerning the Burmese Buddhists.  Their vindictive temperament prowls for vendetta, waiting to use even the most insignificant occurrence as an excuse to perpetrate violence on Burmese Muslims.  At any time, if there’s some ethnic disturbance between Muslims and Buddhists/Hindus in any other country, the Burmese Buddhists waste no time going on a murderous spry killing the Muslim minority in Burma.   If there is the slightest of trouble between Muslims and non-Muslims in Indonesia, it’s taken as a pretext to kill Muslims in Burma by Buddhist mobs.  The destruction of the statues in Bamiyan (Afghanistan), created an immediate excuse to commit violence against Muslims in Burma in 2001.  The firebrand Buddhist monks demanded a Muslim masjid to be destroyed in retaliation.  Mobs of Buddhists led by monks, vandalized Muslim-owned businesses and property in Burma, and attacked and killed Muslims in Muslim communities.

Gruesome images of murdered Rohingya Muslims in the recent June 2012 riots in Burma have been circulated on websites, resulting in protests in several Muslim countries and by various human rights activists around the world demanding justice & protection in Burma for the minority, but has fallen on deaf ears as usual, getting little or no coverage from mainstream news channels.

Take Action 

Write to your MP, send a letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague and urge them that Britain must draw international attention to the current crisis by strongly condemning the blocking of humanitarian aid, the human rights abuses committed by police, army and security forces, and by rejecting proposals for all Rohingya to be expelled from the country. 

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  1. Millions ordinary muslims can not do anything. Head of the countries need to step forward for the action. Should mot wait for a day because more delay more life gone. UN is useless. I think people who have power but silent…they are enjoying the killings

  2. I request to all muslims that plz stop something bad with muslims.

  3. Muhammad Ejaz

    BUdha was not a terrorist,undoubtly he threw his kingdom for the peace of humanity.devote HimSelf to the God.God d’nt harm humans.

  4. Where are muslim countries n where r muslims whole muslim stand for yemen crisis n now where are they.where are so called mujahidain where is arab nation.waiting for something happen to them.where is pakistan so call fort of ISLAM.where are the public of every muslim country who goes for strike for every bullsh*t issue.

  5. Bloody nonsense Buddhists of Myanmar are waiting for a very terrible disasters….! plz plz help the innocent Muslims of Myanmar….

  6. When you are, you have no right to speak.
    The only way to end this war is fight back!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Abdul ahad karwan

    Salam all Muslim brothers,
    Hope every one will be fine.
    As you see strong voilence in Burma on Muslims. This is unbearable for me.
    There are 50 Islamic countries in the world. But no one toom this matter seriously and neither they took an action except the Islamic centre TURKEY.
    WHY this?
    Who sewed your mouths by the slavery net?
    Who put dollors in your mouth?
    If you voice the rights of humans will you loose dollors?
    This is shame for you.
    This is shame for you.
    You will die once not twice.
    This is the time Rohingya Muslim need help than will ever.
    They lost mothers, sistera,fathers and they lost those who were feed them.
    If it happen with you like what are happening with Rohingyas Muslims. How you will feel?
    For God sake help them.
    They are slaughtered by wild in Burma.
    They are burned by wilds.
    They are victed by terrorists.
    You are Muslim as well. But i dont think you are muslims. Because, they are your brothers, sisters and motherz.
    Thousand of innocent muslim sisters are raped.
    How and which type of Muslims you are?
    You are thinking about your childerns future.
    But the Rohingya muslims present is destroying.
    People are died with hungriness, starvings and thurst.
    But you are still silent. Dont you afraid of Allah?
    Dont you have heart in chest?
    How you will face with Allah?
    Shame shame shame, shame,shame

  8. sayeed saleem

    now what do u call, Hindu Buddhist terror. wait u will feel same pain

  9. Evil Monks
    No doubt the situation is horrific, we can only pray and support the persecuted Muslim community by supporting those organisation committed in delivering aid and exposing these filthy evil mushriks for what they really are, Muslims have been persecuted through history, it’s the very nature that the truth of this religion will continue to battle with falsehood until the end of time, may Allah destroy his enemies and our enemies, Ameen

  10. zeenath Dsouza

    its a shame 4 a human to kill human
    🙁 its very sad tht humans dont understand n respect human , one human has to understand tht all humans r alike n all gods r one , v humans have created gods n different religion ,killin children means killin ur god ,i just want to say one thing to the people who has no feelin 4 any other human ( FEAR GOD ) hes watchin u ,heaven n hell is here down where u live u will have to pay 4 ur sins here b4 u meet god in heaven ……

  11. stop killing muslims
    …may u go through the same suffering

  12. msg
    plz help any other government stop killinng Why these innocent people are being killed in Burma because hey are Muslim plz help american government need for help and save for people i know y”u r best america…………….

  13. muslims
    i dont have knowledge about world even people say that i am mad. but then to i can see that whatever the burmese buddhist were doing wrong with muslims, they never knew the power of muslims. if will stand unitedly then all the buddhists will realize that what they have done with the muslim people …. i have seen the burma video .. may b 9 – 10 buddhist beating with rod to one man and that man is running for help to the fire brigade and to police but they were not helping him …. please arab countries help them atlist give a notice to burmese govt.. allah k kehar se daro salo …. once upon a time when buddha on his tour … he met mohammad S A W and mohammed s a w was the person who shared his own food with buddha … please stop killing muslims in burma ….

  14. Mohammad Abdul

    Calling on the UN and foreign governments for help, will only make it worst for the Muslims of Burma, have we not seen how the UN and foreign governments handed the Muslims over in Bosnia, how they play games at the UN providing cover for Bashar Al-Assad to continue the massacre of the Muslims in Syria. Even when they do get involved it is for their benefit and profits, we must not call on the UN. The question that needs to be asked is why are not the Muslim countries in the region not helping the Muslims of Burma, why does not Bangladesh or Pakistan help the Muslims of Burma?

  15. Mohammad Abdul

    Calling on the UN will only make it Worst
    Calling on the UN and foreign governments for help, will only make it worst for the Muslims of Burma, have we not seen how the UN and foreign governments handed the Muslims over in Bosnia, how they play games at the UN providing cover for Bashar Al-Assad to continue the massacre of the Muslims in Syria. Even when they do get involved it is for their benefit and profits, we must not call on the UN. The question that needs to be asked is why are not the Muslim countries in the region not helping the Muslims of Burma, why does not Bangladesh or Pakistan help the Muslims of Burma?

  16. its a shame
    Assalam u alaikuim wa rahmatullah

    its a shame that we have to ask for help to those who are perpetrating crimes against us Muslims whether through invasion or through so called UN peace keeping missions. It is known that UN peacekeepers have been responsible for crime that goes unpunished and unnoticed whether it be through raping e.t.c.

    Not sure if Burma has any hidden minerals e.t.c. or oil; otherwise believe you and me there would be very strong condemnation from the west.

    May Allah strengthen the Ummah. As Muslims there is a lot that we would like to do, encourage and say but are restricted by the laws that exist in this country.

    May Allah unite us an Ummah and hasten our victory ameen

  17. Must stop killing of innocent people
    Every one have a right to live his faith..Why muslims are bing killed in Burma with only excuse that why they are muslims…Be noted that every drop of blood from Muslims in burma, will bring complete change in Burma and one day all Burma will be a Muslim Country…..Because Islam is the real and true divine religion and meet all the needs of humanity…..

  18. Must stop this in-human act to kill the innocent people in Burma (Rakan)
    Why these innocent people are being killed in Burma because hey are Muslim…Be careful that every blood drop of a Muslim will bring compolete change in burma and Islam will spread quickly all over Burma…

  19. Demonstration
    Please can we come together and set up a Muslim demonstration against the atrocities of our bros and sis.

    Does anyone have an idea of which organisations can provide support?

  20. Abubakar Abbas

    In the 1670 thousand of Muslims were massacred in Burma. While those men who have beard, the symbol of Islam, were beheaded, women were put into prisons and left to die of hunger.
    In 1938, Muslim were rioted against and killed as a Buddhist Nationalist reaction against the British rule in Burma. During these crisis Muslims’ properties, shops houses and mosques were looted, destroyed and burned. The massacre spread all over Burma and it was on record that about 113 mosques were totally destroyed and hundred of Muslim killed.
    When General Ne Vin came to power in 1962, Muslim were expelled from the Burmese Army and it became a crime to sacrifice a cow during Eid Celebration. The government equally placed a tight restriction on the performance of Hajj.
    Similarly in 2001, Muslims were killed in their numbers and their properties destroyed following the Buddhist distraction of the Hentha mosque in Taungo.
    Currently on the 3rd of June 2012, 11 innocent Muslim were killed by the Burmese Army and a Buddhist mob after bringing them down from a Bus. Muslim who protested these killing in Arakan were brought down by the tyranny of the Burmese and the intolerant Buddhist mob. Till this moment, Muslims in Burma, according to Amnesty international, have continued to suffer from several human right violations under the Burmese government.
    With all these atrocities against the Burmese Muslims, one is forced to ask were the United Nation? Where is the conscience of British government? Where is American? Where is the international press? This kind of mute indifference in the international community breads “Al-Qaeda”. Very soon we shall have Al-Qaeda in the South East Asia. Is the world waiting for another Bosnia or Kosovo? The world should know that genocide of Burmese or Myanmar Muslims is a serious threat to world peace and a very serious human right violation.

  21. Petition?
    As wmwb. Jzk for this much needed overdue article. May Allah set revive Barakah to those at MRDF. And may Allah swt relieve all those suffering oppression a cross the globe.

    It is unfortunate that out Burmese brothers and sisters are so far away and we went able to do much from here I pray those who can do help with all they have.

    It is petty that we have to grovel at the government. Is it worth starting a petition on the government website like babe ahmeds campaign ? Or organise a mass protest ?

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