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ACTION ALERT: Oppose the UK Face-Veil Ban

Note; Islam21c and others are joining Claystone in their campaign against the proposed Face-Veil Ban in the UK. Join them too, read more about Claystone here

The Proposed Law to ban the face Veil in England and Wales will be debated in parliament this Friday 28th February 2014. The MP who sponsored the bill is Phillip Hollobone, a backbench Tory MP who has gone out of his way to re-order proceedings so that this bill stands a strong chance of being read on the day. After the first reading of the bill in September 2013, there was the most sustained period of negative media coverage against the face veil the UK has ever seen.

For a more detailed view of the face-veil debate please see Claystone’s briefing pack entitled,

“THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE- things you should know about the Face-Veil debate” [click to view]


Write a personalised letter asking them to attend the debate and represent your views. Details of MP’s and an online form can be submitted here:

Points may include:

• How Liberal Britain in 2014 shouldn’t even be having such a discussion.
• How the ban would affect you or someone you know and their right to religious practice.
• Your concern that Britain is becoming intolerant towards Muslims and this bill is stirring up Islamophobia, undermining social cohesion and will create community tension.
• A ban would be a complete infringement on the rights to religious freedom and expression, and also constitutes a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.
• A ban would restrict women who have chosen to wear the face-veil from living and working freely.
• Urge your MP to attend the debate and represent your views. Add that this will be something you hope to follow up and their stance will influence your vote at the next election.


3. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MOSQUE and Muslim organisations you know, if you are at University then get in touch with your Islamic Society and Students Union. Ask them to lobby their local MP’s and MEP’s to raise awareness that such a ban is unacceptable.

4. CONTACT CIVIL SOCIETY organisations such as Liberty, as the Bill is an illiberal, discriminatory and disproportionate piece of legislation.

5. RAISE AWARENESS via social media and forward this to all your contacts. #Right2Veil


Notes: Thank you to Claystone for producing this Action Alert & Report.

[1] Claystone Briefing pack on the face-veil debate:

[2] Petition:

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  1. All Muslims are advised to return to their countries where the sharia law is widely practiced by Taliban and freely apply veil on the face of their women. They make the life of religious minorities a hell in their countries. I belong from Pakistan and these Muslims (please do not say extremest or liberal, they are all same) have burnt many homes and Churches in series of attempting Sharia law practice. If Britain and the European did not open their eyes then it would be a great problem for them. Britain should make a policy that those who are not happy with liberal and freedom assured laws they can go back to their homes.

    • strangledbyfreedom

      How about you go back to Pakistan. For me, and many other British Muslims, we were born here and this is our home. If all immigrants behaved like house-negroes like yourself, then there would still be apartheid, Black people would have no rights in America etc It’s Britains policies and indoctrination of post-enlightenment ideals into Muslim countries oversees which have left them in the condition they are in, with those puppet leaders. If it weren’t for those very liberal ideals being espoused in past Muslim empires, then perhaps there wouldn’t as many Muslims in Britain.

      • shaunthebrummie

        what are your views on the home grown muslim groomer/rapists who follow the koran and are told it is ok to rape little non muslim white girls….hopefully the cultural war will happen soon..then we non muslims can administer some justified retribution for lee rigby..the 1000’s of little white non muslim girls..7/7 victims….who you gonna call….allah

  2. Edward,
    You make a fair but a moot comment in that that law should be respected by whomsoever lives in this country. The bill is being debated at the parliament (that would be our parliament) so that it may get enshrined in law. But it isn’t enshrined yet, though this is likely to be the case. So I don’t see how this article piece is in any way detract from what is – arguably- the most accept form of disagreement: civil debate and movement? Isn’t this how the democratic process work?
    If anything, I’d argue that political participation in this way should be commended when the whole nation is disenchanted with politics (whether native or naturalised) and the ballot box is more than half empty.

    Or would we rather people turn to other heinous and unlawful methods of disagreement for which we so often censure the extremists for following . Let’s rise above: you’re dammed if you do and damned if you don’t.

    I am directing my comment at you as your comment appears to be among the most sane and fair in the sea of racially motivated and islamophobic remarks here; but I’d like to point out that stating that this is an us versus you debate only inflames and sensationalise the debate when a lot of the Muslim readers here (those whom the action alert is directed to) are citizens of the UK. If the law, which you so passionately defend in your comment make us equal, why then turns this into an us versus you?

  3. Colin, im not sure what angle you are coming from. Or even if you are commenting on the article itself or just having a good old rant. Its true many Muslims and non Muslims came to this country because they were taken in from poverty and conflict amongst other reasons. And im sure all these people are greatful for it. The reason these people came here was they believed in and shared similar values – Such as, a person should be free to express their religious practice and not be ostracised in the process.

    You talk of freedom of speech though… Where is the right of those individuals to practice their freedom of speech to appose this face veil ban. A bit hypocritical there mate don’t you think.

    Just take a chill pill. Women have been wearing the niqab/face veil in this country for 20-30 years. No harm done.

    The last thing anyone needs is people like yourself getting all worked up and causing more hatred and disunity. Have some tolerance and realise that you are being part of the problem and not the solution. Get to know a Muslim and find out their perspective on things. Life is too short mate.

    As if there isn’t enough problems in the world.

    Muslims believe that this face veil is something that is pleasing to GOD. They feel they maintain a level of modesty with it and that it is a reward-able act.

    You don’t have to believe any of that if you don’t want to. but at least accept that some people do. And these ‘some people’ happen to amount to quarter of the Earth’s population. And about 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 people in London are Muslim so get a little cultured and have some tolerance for other people.

    way of life.

  4. strangledbyfreedom

    Funny how short sighted some of these bigots commenting here are. World history didn’t just happen 10 or so years ago. Peer into British Imperialism and see how in it’s hundreds of years of history has colonised and destroyed the lands from where many of the parents/grandparents/etc of British Muslims have come from. That’s the equivalent of me going to your council estate, smashing it up, taking away your JSA money which you spend on buying The Sun and copious amounts of baked beans with. Then with that money, expanding my mansion and decorating it with stolen goods from your council flat. O yeah, and then when you come to complain, I give you one can of baked beans back and tell you to be grateful. Also I don’t know what’s with the ‘our’ country and ‘our’ parliament. This is our country of birth and we will change it via legal avenues to how we feel is best. Also, get this point firmly understood: In Islam no-one can do an action and have it accepted by God if they are FORCED to do it.So, perhaps you should you should do some academic research(no, daily mail does is not ‘academic’) and learn to differentiate between cultural actions and Islamic actions. Why don’t you start by actually reading some articles about Islamic actions found on this site, rather than being so emotional that it blinds you from having dialogue which does not contain emotional pieces of baseless accusations.

    • Fair comments there…even although they are obviously Muzzie biased…what I can’t understand is, having read these comments many times –
      You muzzies always go on about council estates and benefits etc but there are probably more muzzies living on council estates than white U.K people…muzzies are also claiming benefits just as much if not more than white U.K people for instance…the average U.K family is 2.3 kids where as you lot have copious amounts of kids from your various numbers of wives even although polygamy is illegal in this country some of you guy’s are still at it having 2 or 3 different council houses to house the various wives and their kids, are you trying to tell me that the muzzie man is solely footing the bill for these houses and all the kids…”rock on”…no, us the working population of the U.K are footing the bill in the way of rent, council tax and child benefits….so while your sitting there in your house number 3, with wife number 3 by your side eating your chick-peas in salted water straight out the can just take a moment and think about what I have said….”Britain” does not want nor need Islam in the country so pack your bags and head on down to Heathrow as PIA is about to take of for Idiot’istan.

      • What other pearls of wisdom has the Daily Mail taught you about this fairy tale land you call “Britain”?

    • So im polish and u want me to go and take cash from germany ? Because of second war ,. Other way i can go too britain and take cash because we defent them as well .
      So till with century we have too look for repayment ???.
      Problem is u religion is againt our cultutre an if u wamt too life in europe u have act like european if not nobady hold u here u can go back too ur country with is destroy by ur religion low and u dodgy god. We dont need u , u need us dont forget that

    • Ha ha ha really? Take it you dont know much about Muslim history in UK regarding coastal village raid using women and children as sex slave and working men to death? West Atlantic slave trade 10% of slaves dead during transport, Muslims abducted slaves 90% died in transport. If you’re going to use imperial Britain past i advise you to look on your own past. Seriously read up on it and unless you’re a total scum bag you’ll be shocked and disgusted by it.

      Ps Muslim slave trade is still alive and well with regular raiding parties going into South Sudan to capture and enslave Christians. This comment is only because you had the idiocy to bring up the old British empire and culture when you’re obviously unaware of your own……. Toodles

      • …if all else fails then revert to the EDL scripted accusations against Muslims. I would like to apologise to everyone on behalf of these buffoons, we normal non-Muslims hate them as much as you do

      • What a joker, I don’t suppose you realise the massive Burden of Proof fallacy you just fell into.

        A) Nice try, translating the Islamic legal rulings of Prisoners of War as “slave trade”, but it won’t work here I’m afraid. You’re welcome to visit this site but there’s a danger you might learn something.

        B) Trying to justify your historical Imperialist, fat-cat masters by trying to show something (fictionally) worse is another moral FAIL

        C) Using known, scripted lies about Muslim history (note, not even ‘Islamic’ history) without any proof whatsoever, and instead suggesting it’s the job of everyone else to go and confirm it for themselves, only backfired on you. Googling it only shows the anti-Muslim propaganda sites that you got them from, no proof whatsoever lol

  5. Many Muslims fled their homeland because of their laws based on the Islamic religion. Here you have freedom of speech which in your own lands you do not have. Why try and change our country to what your country is. If you do not want to abide by our laws and traditions you are welcome to go back to a Muslim run country. You are not forced to stay here

    • Very well said Colin…they are un-happy in their own lands so the travel to ours, some risking life or limb to get here. Once settled they then start demanding the things they had in their own lands…such as Sharia law etc…and these are the sort of things they were fleeing from. They are all brainwashed mongrels, believing in Allah and Mohammed, wasting thier time 5 times a day praying etc…what a load of ********.

      Sorry to be the one to break this to you guy’s but you have all been conned…”Allah” doesn’t exist and there is no paradise with 40 virgins waiting for you, no matter how many times you try and blow yourselves up paradise is still not there…so stop trying to enforce your fairytale religion on the world…WE DON’T WANT IT !!!

      • Your a real idiot because you know nothing about the world and life in any other country but your own.England,a land where as before in your history has always been ruled by your so called royal family.I don’t see anything royal about them,as they are like most leaders of any country they can make people disappear when they see opposition to their regime.They are cruel nasty people,look at how Diana was made to disappear,why?Cause she got with Dodi,who was what?A Muslim.Ha Ha.Your countries past history has been built on war,murder,plundering and piliging,sex and rape,by the Norwegians and many other Scandanavian countries.I’m an Australian convert to Islam and proud of it.For your information only 18% of Muslims are actually Arabs.How much % of you British are pure Brits,by blood.Not many because your mixed with European and Indian and South African.Many people leave their country to go to another looking for a better life not just Muslims,ok (mate).Your country is cold and bitter like it’s people that’s why you all want to go and live in the land down under.So tell me (who’s the hypocrite now).Also Phillip the Queens husband is not British,he’s of Greek origin

  6. this shouldn’t even be discussed, they don’t like it tough **** go back to your mud hut.

    • Which hut is that?! The one the British colonised/pillaged/destoyed over the past few centuries? Honestly mate. Read a book!!!

      Show a little tolerance. Honestly, what exactly is wrong with someone wearing a face veil. HOw does that affect you and your life?!?!?!

      • I have to laugh at all you lot complaining about colonialism – without it India and many other countries would still be living in mudhuts and travelling by horse and cart – the UK brought many great things to the ethnic world and just look at how far they have come since the Brits left or were forced out – exactly nowhere – the infrastructures are crumbling and we are still bailing them out with money we can ill afford.

        Apart from that to the conquerors go the spoils that a universal law of life so get over it and think again!!!

        If you dont like it and want your own Sharia fairytale go back where you came from because this country is just aching for an interethnic war – not just whites vs other but I hate to tell you but blacks are far more racist against asians and visa versa than ever white people have been – YOU NEED PROOF then watch the recent documentary with Darcus Howe where a whole community of Pakistanis described blacks as criminal druggies who do nothing but steal murder and rape – That was broadcast on tv yet white people are not allowed to say anything remotely close – How come its only white people that can be racist – this country has turned into a joke- ENOCH POWELL and Winston Churchill were right – the Muslims and Islam are a parasitical , mysoginistic , homophobic , backward murderous death cult no more no less!!!

        • Obviously it wasn’t only the ‘ethnics’ that were colonised – look at how this peasant runs to his fat-cat imperialist masters’ defence… dunno what’s more pitiful.

          Without colonialism these countries probably would have carried on wasting time in ‘mud huts’ (like the 7 wonders of the world) doing things like coming up with algebra, contemporary medicine, astronomy, political philosophy and all the other stuff whose definitions I will save you the trouble of looking up. Their only problem was letting the dung-slinging, drunken primates of Europe get hold of their gun powder and boats so they could unleash their savagery across the world in the name of some obese monarchs. Bahah that you still defend them is a joke!

        • Here here, couldn’t of put it better myself. Vote UKIP, that’s what I say. I am sick and tired of all these people coming over hear and bleating on about their rights and freedom. If they love their culture so much then piss off back to where they come from and practise it, instead of coming over here and ramming it down our proxy throats. Then have the Gould to accuse of us being racist when we speak out when clearly it’s about us not having any equality or British Heritage anymore. I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

        • Colonisation by the British,well,look at all the countries Britain used to colonise.India,where Israel now is was given to these zionists by England,as the majority of the Jews are not even from this country,their Russian,Polish,German and many other European nationalities.Why do they have the right to steal Palestine from the Palestinians.The place is called Jerusalem not Jewrusalem.It’s funny how you all say go back to your mud huts but many of you were born out of wedlock to men who came from those so called mud huts.Sorry to be rude but your mothers didn’t mind sharing the beds with these mud hut men and then there was you.Like many people have commented here,look back at your history before you condemn.Listen England,Australia,America and many other countries has lost any religious context in their homes not just Islam.You work,go to the pub,get home,have dinner,watch some telly and go to bed,you give no time or thanks to God for anything.Sex drugs and rock and roll isn’t going to be in your favour on the day of judgement and that goes for a lot of the none practising Muslims who have put their Islam way on the back burner to follow the lifestyle layer down by the British and other countries they happen to live in so they can as they say,(fit in).Why should you have to fit in to a lifestyle based on drug using,Pork eating,alcohol abusing,sexually abusing people.I wish the Muslims of all nationalities would wake up.I don’t care what you Brits think of us.Who are you all.NOBODIES GOING NOWHERE FAST.

  7. I do think the veil should be banned. As part of national security and the fact that as a motorcyclist I am asked to remove my helmet covering my face but if it is covered by a veil then thats ok. A form of discrimination against bikers? Rules have to be fair to everyone concerned

    • If you look at America for example,they state that there are more home grown terrorists there than the so called Muslim terrorists.Think on that for a moment .If you look at the American Military,their terrorists,they only go into countries that they can gain from.Iraq,why,oil OIL,YES AND THEY ARE KILLING MUSLIMS FOR THEIR OIL.THAT’S TERRORISM.Ban the veil,well why don’t we ban the bikini,ban the mini skirt that show more of a woman’s body,leaving her more open to rape and men who Arn’t their husbands gawking eyes,while they imagine what they could do to her,if given the chance.Woman who cover and are modest,you are opposed to.Double standards.I am an Aussie and I wear the veil,of many different colours to match with what outfit colour I’m wearing.I must admit I don’t like all black.We woman who wear the Niqarb as it’s called should wear it in a manner to make people think positively about it,not be repulsed by it.We should make woman look like they really are in Islam,we are not oppressed.The only woman who maybe oppressed are oppressed from the cultural background of their countries,not from Islam.

  8. ban it just ban it anw while they debate it lets have a debate banning sharia law and any terrorist found guilty of eny offence in this country should be kicked out and if ever the hole lot of them wanna leave then please feel free to do so BUT THEY WONT COSS OUR BENEFITS SYSTEM IVES THEM MONEY WHILE THEY PRAY ALL DAY


  10. You lot are nothing more than terrorists and should all be deported back to the east from the u.k.

    • You want Over 1.7 million Muslims to leave the country? That would cause a financial disaster! Not to mention a break up in relations with foreign Muslim investors from the Middle East, but it’s OK keep on typing nonsense, you will always have an audience.

      • You know what… it would not cost a financial disaster, it would give britain financial freedom, from the sacks of muslims who wait at home and get the government funding for them selves and their children… you think britain needs middle east funding ???? hahhhahahaa u are simple delusional my boy

      • Qasim, we managed fine before your mob turned up on our doorstep…heck we ruled most of the world before you lot turned up…so in answer to your question…”YES”, I want every last one of your whinging mob deported and then we can all get back to living life as we want, instead of being concerned that we may upset some sandal wearer because our town hall put some Christmas decorations up etc etc.

        • yes it was through colonising the rest of the world that you managed to set up your benefits system ie making yourselves rich by making others poor. so don’t complain when the mess you created elsewhere has consequences

      • shaunthebrummie

        do we give a f***…


    Not sure if this is a different petition, but it has grown by 7,000 signatures since this morning, so has some momentum

  12. Sohayb Peerbhai

    Salaams br Hans
    hope you are well, yes it is a fact that Maryam a.s & Hazrat were not touched by Iblees, please read the following Hadith

    ” The greatest women are four, Khadija r.a, fatima r.a , aasiya wife of Firown and Maryam bint imran ”
    Ibn Kathir

    Also please note that the Niqab is mandated through the Quran and hadith, Mufti Shafi r.a ( Father of Mufti Taqi Uthmani ) has written a book in urdu outlining 70 Mutawatir Ahaadith stating the Wujoob of Niqab.

    Imam Sohayb Peerbhai

  13. The main problem is that most Muslims who see this page will underestimate the importance of each individual following the steps. They will think “I support this effort but it wont make a difference if I dont sign the petition, write to my MP etc, as long as lots of others engage”. The sad reality is that the vast majority of us will think like that. And then very few MPs will receive letters, very few people will sign the petition etc. So please, go through each of these 5 action points, and then encourage all of your family and friends to do the same. Wallahi it will make a difference. These MPs are self serving and will oppose the niqab if most of their constitutents will boot them out for supporting it, and vice versa. EDL will not sit back quietly and neither will the right wing secularists and zionists and neoatheists. So Please every one of you action these points and get everyone else to. It literally takes 5 minutes and wallahi a letter to your MP or a petition is a good effort, it may be the only thing we CAN do, in which case Allah will test us according to our means

  14. When some jews came to UK, some of them shaved their heads (and wore wigs), as they thought that much of the wider public would not be able to handle their faith/ practices. At the time I read this I thought this was rather over the top, and that the British were a lot more sophisticated than that. Now that some politicians are trying to force themselves on to muslim women at the behest of right wing extremists and tabloid editors perhaps those jewish women that came to our shores had more insight than I cared to give them credit for after all.

  15. If the extremist right wing types and the immoral tabloids are not rounding on children (see related piece on this site regarding attempt to stifle British children’s fun day out), then they are rounding on UK women. Once one has sold ones soul to the devil there is just no limit to how low one can stoop.

  16. One minute the right wing extremists are saying that muslims are about imposing themselves on others (islam is actually committed to best practice, justice, etc), the next they are trying to do just that themselves by imposing themselves on to muslims. They are just choc full of contradiction!! Is this the type of godless perverseness that was around at the time of Noah?

  17. Sadly, I think quite a lot of (uneducated) Muslims will also support the banning of the face veil.

    I’ve worked with many “Muslims” in the past – i.e. the jumu’ah Muslims or the Ramadan Muslims – who were against the face veil, some quite strongly.

    • Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad is more than qualified to give leadership on the matter. Let’s hope that informed insight prevails over innuendo.

  18. Islam says you should respect and follow the law of the country you are living in, and as a British Muslim myself can understand what you are feeling when you see a veiled woman, it is a alienating kind of feeling.
    In my opinion if you wanted to ban it, you should have long ago. I personally don’t support it, but it is NOT my choice to what someone decides to wear. My clear opinion is that it is for Muslim women to decide for themselves what they wish to wear, and why they wish to wear what they want to wear. It is not for government to ban what is inherently valuable to a Muslim women at the behest of people whose only quality, is hatred for minorities.

    I simply believe that the government do not tell people what they can, and cannot wear. If a Muslim woman believes in God and it is her want to symbolise her faith by wearing a veil, then so be it. A Muslim women does not wear a veil because she needs to keep her face warm, she wears it because it has symbolic meaning within her faith. It is her choice. And it is her choice that banning the veil will remove. If her right to wear a symbol of her faith is removed, she is no longer equal before the law, and that is what the tsunami of prejudice following this article has really been about all along.
    Many Muslim women do not wear any headdress at all. Many wear a headscarf, many wear a veil, many wear a full covering. The difference between these displays, is the difference between the various approaches that different Muslim women have in interpreting the Qur’an and what the Qur’an contains. The Qur’an is a weighty tomb and deals with the concept and word of God. Each and every individual has their own approach to the meaning of what the Qur’an contains.

  19. Good luck to that portion of the British society which has chosen to draw from the timeless wisdom of the Abrahamic faith.

  20. Good luck to the nuns & practicing muslim women. The extremist right wing thugs and the extremist immoral tabloids must have very limited/ narrow lives for them to feel the need to round on others going about their day to day business.

  21. “We (God) sent Noah to his people, and he said: O my people! Serve God, you don’t have any other god except Him. Lo! I fear for you the retribution of an awful day. The leaders of his people said: Lo! we see you are surely in plain error. He said: O my people! There is no error in me, in fact I am a messenger from the Lord of all spheres of creation. I convey to you the messages of my Lord and give you good advice, and know from God that which you don’t know. Are you amazed that there has come to you a reminder from your Lord by means of a man from among you, that he may warn you so that you might have regard for God and his limits, and thereby perhaps find mercy. Yet they denied him, so we saved him and those with him in the ship, and we drowned those who denied Our signs. Lo! they were blind folk.” Quran(7:59-64)

  22. I hope that the politicians will not be pandering to the noise from the extremist right wing elements.

  23. Mods can dress as mods, rockers can dress as rockers, punks can dress as punks, yet muslims can not dress as they chose. It is only someones intransigence that allows them to consider that they have the right to infringe on the personal space of others in this way.

  24. ALLAH is the greatest, thus his law is the best.

    • Yes, but covering the face is not a mandatory Islamic law.

      The most honoured woman in Islam did not cover her face, but she did cover her head. Her name was Mary, the mother of Jesus. These two are the only two children of Adam who have not been touched by Iblis at birth.

      It is an optional garment, so lets not get it mixed up with Islamic laws with regional traditions.

      • RE “Regional traditions” Urm no. There is a clear theological basis for the Niqab across all 4 schools of Islamic Jurisprudence. Let’s not speak out of ignorance.

        It is ironic that we live in a “liberal” society where there are calls to remove the “liberty” of women to choose how they dress.

        • You talk about a society that removes the liberty of women to choose how they dress when some muslim women are forced to wear the face covering by their violent families or husband! Also you muslims always have something to say about how british white women dress and how they are whores. You people make me sick with your fake god and how you make up your violent religion as you go along! You use god as an excuse to break laws,murder,steal an rape childeren and islam is the religion of peace is it?! Send us a post card from hell when you lot get there at least we will be rid of you disgusting vermin when we go to heaven for not jumping on the islam band wagon

        • this is a matter being discussed in our Parliament and voted upon by the British rulers of this land, i.e. The United Kingdom, you may agree or disagree with the issue as much as you wish, but if you wish to remain in this (our) Country you should abide by our Country’s laws and edicts. the same as applies to any law that I have to abide by, even if I do not agree with it. you can throw your faith into the argument as much as you wish. it makes no odds against a law that has been passed in both of our ruling houses.

    • Doesnt apply to everyone?

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