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Gaddafi: Game Over.

The death of a dictator has again been trending on news feeds, Gaddafi was infamous for his cruelty. Gaddafi was born to a Bedouin family in Sirte in 1946. He personified in his life a term mentioned in the Quran; Hiraabah.Hiraabah means ambushing people and threatening them with weapons and so on, in the deserts or in the cities, killing them, terrorizing them and seizing their property openly by force. Hiraabah is one of the most serious of major sins, and it is forbidden according to the Qur’aan, the Sunnah and ijmaa’ (scholarly consensus).

The UK prime minister commented:
“Today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi’s victims. People in Libya today have an even greater chance of building a strong and democratic future. From those who died in connection with the Pan Am Flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street, and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex. We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime. People in Libya today have an even greater chance, after this news, of building themselves a strong and democratic future. I’m proud of the role that Britain has played in helping them to bring that about and I pay tribute to the bravery of the Libyans who’ve helped to liberate their country. We will help them, we will work with them.”

A statement likely to attract much critisim.

What next for Libya?

The revolution in Libya has thrown up some powerful new folk heroes. Sheikh Khaled Sherrif, a lifelong Islamist, now wants to be part of Libya’s political main stream. Sheikh Khaled is a close lieutenant of Abdel Hakkim Belhaj, a fellow former Islamist fighter and political prisoner and now one of the most powerful men in Tripoli. 
Both men have denounced democracy in the past, asserting that jihad was the only way to ensure the victory of Islam.Now, though, they say they want to be part of Libya’s post-revolutionary political mainstream. Sheikh Kaheld expressed dialogue is the best way forward he further said,
“We [Libyans] need to speak to each other and, God willing, we will reach agreement. The Libyan people need space to choose the kind of government they want. We will be with them on this journey. No-one should force anything on the Libyan people.” 

There is a remarkable – and rather hopeful – spirit in Tripoli. People are free for the first time in decades to make political demands. There are demonstrations in the streets almost every day, most of them urgent, vociferous but good-humoured. 

Libya’s Islamists must take their chances in the free-for-all of this new freedom. And, although this is a conservative and highly religious society, there is unfortunately little evidence that Libyans want an Islamic government or state. 

“Libya is not the place for extremists,” one man said after praying at a city centre mosque. “Don’t be scared of my beard! We are moderate Muslims here.” 

“We are Muslims, but we are moderate by nature, we cannot accept extremism. We are well-educated. We know what we are doing. We want our Islamic culture but not an Islamic state”  a woman said in Tripoli’s city centre market.

Notes: The views within this article are the authors own and do not necessarily represent the editorial line of islam21c.
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  1. Riaz Khan Hazarvi

    Anti Muslims

  2. Good concise article
    A very informative and neutral article which let the reader decide what to think. It gave us an idea what Gadaffi can expect from Allah SWT. It gave us a an idea of what Libya can expect from the West, what the they can expect from from their Ulemah and what we can expect from the Libyans.


    Re:Gaddafi game is over
    I tthink the killing of Gaddafi should be condemned instead apllaude by you. I have no idear of what he has done bad to his people all i know is, he is a Muslim and he is someone who has other Muslims at heart he had helped inorder to liberate other Muslims especially Palestinians. May Almighty Allah SWT have mercy on his soul may he also forgive all his short comings

    I am highly disappointed.

  4. Fatimah Muhammad

    Gadaffi, Game Over
    Salam Alaikum,

    I would like to know if any of you saw on the news that whenever they said, we are free, they flashed Muslim Women! Even in the newspapers they had the face of the Muslimah on it. As if to say that we are all enslaved and the West had to go and free the Muslimah. We should all fear our Lord. I pray for the best for the Libyan people, but I have a feeling that they soon will be crying one day, the way the Iraqi’s did. I heard some American politicians say that the Muslim countries to repay them for all the help they have given to them. Yes, Iraq needs to repay America, imagine that!! I personally would much rather have a Leader in my country that I know, than the one that I do not know. All I have been seeing on the media about Libya is how the West can now prosper from it. May Allah have Mercy on this Ummah!

  5. abubakar abbas

    Death of Gadaffi and Bullsheet Comments.
    Apart from the reference to the teaching of the prophet (saw) in this article all other babels are bull sheet.I don’t think any western government has the right or moral capacity to teach me what Islam i have to practice.weather other persons chooses to practice the western “moderate” Islam (what ever they mean by that), that is between them and their creator.
    All i know is that my Islam is the Qur’an and the Sun nah of Prophet Muhammad(saw).I want to quickly remind our brothers in Libya that if they want to succeed in this new awakening is practice the genuine Islam in the country. If you choose to rely on western powers for your progress, you will be doomed forever.The first thing they will do to your country now is to undermine the value of your currency and other debts will follow.Western do gooders of Democratization gives you the form of Democracy (political) with the right hand and take away the content (economy) with left hand. This is what is called the sorceress’s choice. Gaddafi actually did terrible things that only Allah can forgive, but he was supported and equipped by those same western do gooders.May God help Libya.

  6. credibility
    The credibility of this site should please be protected. Yes, it is the opinion of the writer but many of us come here to read something “Islamic”. i would appreciate a system that allows the verification of write-ups as truly Islamic before they are posted. Not every one sees the disclaimer and who needs one btw.

  7. Take Responsibility for your Publications
    Let me quote islam21C:

    “Notes: The views within this article are the authors own and do not necessarily represent the editorial line of islam21c.”

    The article above is very disturbing to me and I am disappointed to see it on Islam21c. I am not saying that this article is as bad as what someone like Geert Wilders or Salman Rushdi would write. However, would islam21C allow an article written by Geert Wilders or Salman Rushdi to be posted on their webpage? Would Islam21c then claim that the article in question [u]”does not necessarily represent the editorial line[/u]” of islam21c?

    I know it’s an ‘EXTREME’ example to use. (Oops, sorry for the use of the term ‘EXTREME’ to all you brothers an sisters out there). The point I am making here is that whether or not an article is the view of Islam21c it will have to take some responsibility for the content off all articles and publications that are published on its webpage.

    My advice/naseeha to Islam21c is to be more careful in the selection of articles and publications that appear on your webpage in order to avoid the people’s suspicion of you. There are plenty of knowledgeable and sincere people writing articles on the net. Use their publications instead.

    To say that the Muslims in Libya or elsewhere don’t want an Islamic state or want a more diluted western palatable version of Islam (moderation) is nothing but a fabricated, distorted, twisted lie and delusion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Just do some research; visit the web page “revisiting the arab street”. The University of Maryland and University of Jordan (Centre for strategic studies) have all carried out research about Arab public opinion which would contradict the views being espoused by the article above.

    In short, a large proportion of people in the Arab and Muslim world would like to apply Islam 100%; a large proportion of Muslims want a strict application of Islamic Sharia Law. JUST DO THE RESEARCH.

  8. Same old Game
    The CIA and Brit intel will have alredy drafted a new constitution, get everyone in line and say this is your Islam you Arabs. They will have no choice but to agree for the scholarly /academic advice to accept the lesser evil and have hadiths and Quranic ayats to back it up.
    The blueprint of life for the Libyans would be Exxon/shell landscape of commerce where the government cartels shall profit and a type of Islam that is certified by the west. The Libyans have a better choice than Gaddafi maybe a more shrewd one, its just a matter of time until the mechanics of a the new system kick in and a ‘new Karzai’ will emerge
    Same old game….. new face.

  9. At least he had courage to protest against the Western tyrants

    I am shocked . Now we have to learn from the western leaders and media who is a good Muslim and we have to believe that they will help the oppressed Muslims lol.

    may Allah forgives his sins and grants him Jannat. Ameen.

  10. YOu can’t read
    It’s obvious what the muslim’s flaws are these days, WE CAN’T READ. READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!!! I’m glad your names are not listed so you don’t need to be embarrassed. Especially the comments from Cameron, the article writer wrote after the comments “A statement likely to attract much criticism. ”

    CANT YOU READ ?!?!?
    Subhanallah why are we so hasty as an Ummah.

  11. Authors Views not i21c’s! read disclaimer in the notes section
    I have been a reader of this site for several years now to understand its views by now. There are times when disclaimers are given for articles and I Urge all readers to read/understand articles completely before causing a fuss.

    Before criticising islam21c for publishing this article read the whole article right to the bottom and you will notice the disclaimer in the notes section…

    “Notes: The views within this article are the authors own and do not necessarily represent the editorial line of islam21c.”

    If people could please read articles properly and completely before embarrassing themselves by making silly comments that would be much appreciated.

  12. Read properly before commenting pls
    Jazak ALlahu khair to the author for the article.

    Seriously im shocked at how flimsy and quick some are to make strange comments here on an article that they clearly havnt read properly.

    Where on earth did anyone get the idea that the author was supporting the View of our evil prime minister cameron? Where in this article did the author even allude to giving that impression? Please read the article carefully before you criticise. You made the arguement of not passin judgement on a ‘Muslim Leader’ but are so quick to judge the author who so obviously quoted Camerons speech to illustrate his hypocrisy. WHere is your husn al Dhan now?

    Secondly How on earth did anyone deduce that this article and its message is in support of the libyans who do not want an islamic state. Again REad carefully, the author clearly wrote

    “Libya’s Islamists must take their chances in the free-for-all of this new freedom. And, although this is a conservative and highly religious society, there is unfortunately little evidence that Libyans want an Islamic government or state.”

    Ok the use of the word ‘islamists’ may not have been the most wisest choice but please show some intelligence before commenting.

  13. 'Umar 'Abdessalaam

    Asalaamu alaikukm wa rahmatulLahi wa barakaatuhu,

    I’d just like to say that anyone foolish enough to believe in the euphemism of ‘democracy’ is not just awry in the deen, they are awry in humanity.

    Its virtues are extolled (and forcibly imposed) by Western puppet leaders to (and on) residents of the Middle East (or anywhere it’s deemed ‘regime change’ is necessary, for that matter) yet denied to their own citizens. This is particularly clear at the moment in America’s reaction to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    As has been said, the use of terms like ‘Islamist’/’moderate’/’extreme’/’liberal’ in reference to Muslims only serves to propagate the agenda behind this euphemism (of ‘democracy’)and ought to be disowned by Muslims of whatever political persuasion (if any) at all costs.

    Finally, I’d like to ‘translate’ that last quote, if I may:

    “We are well-educated.” – We know everything.

    “We know what we are doing.” – We are greater than Allah (a’oothubilLah)

    “We want our Islamic culture …” – We want the veneer of dignity and uprightness Islam provides …

    “… but not an Islamic state” – … while simultaneuously being free to pursue our whims and desires.

    Before anyone gets into a tizz, let me make it clear that that’s my interpretation of the quote itself and I am not passing judgement wholesale on the lady. That is for Allah (swt) and Allah (‘azza wa jall) alone.

    May He guide us all. Ameen.



  14. Abu Abdullaah
    Our Lord Allaah (SWT) through His wisdom allows certain individuals to be given authority, power, wealth and leadership. And no doubt that these things are from the tests of Allaah, as He says:

    “Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested.

    And we indeed tested those who were before them. and Allâh will certainly make (it) known (the Truth of) those who are true, and will certainly make (it) known (the falsehood of) those who are liars, (although Allâh knows All that before putting them to test).” [TMQ 29:2-3]

    And Allaah (SWT) says:

    “Did they Then feel secure against the Plan of Allâh. None feels secure from the Plan of Allâh except the people who are the losers. “ [TMQ 7:99]

    And these words of Allah (SWT) are not only aimed towards those in power and authority they are for each and every one of us in a general sense.

    How is it that a person can feel they can disobey Allaah and be corrupt on the face of this earth, how can a person walk on this earth with such arrogance and pride as if they are untouchable and will not be held accountable?!

    Allaah (SWT) says:

    “Does man think that He will be left Suda [neglected without being punished or rewarded for the obligatory duties enjoined by his Lord (Allâh) on him]? [TMQ 75:36]

    How many people before us had wealth, authority, power, kingdoms? How many kings and leaders have tasted humiliation and degradation?

    “And How many a generation we have destroyed before them, who were stronger In power than them, and (when Our torment came) they ran for a Refuge In the land! could they find any place of Refuge (for them to save themselves from destruction)?
    Verily, therein is indeed a Reminder for Him who has a heart or gives ear while He is heedful.” [TMQ 50:36-37]

    And look to the rejoicings of the non-Muslims, how they think that they have instigated rebellion and removed a dictator? Did they spill the blood of their own sons and daughters? Did they spill the blood of their own brothers and sisters?! Were they forced to leave their dead on the streets for days before burying them? Were their mothers and daughters raped before they were free of oppression and injustice?
    Do they believe that they achieved victory by a proxy war? By Allaah, they achieved nothing of this, it was not their doing, so don’t be fooled by their claims!
    Ya Abdullaah, Ya Amatullaah, know that it is from the Aqeedah (the pure belief) of the Muslim that nothing occurs except by the permission of Allaah, not even the falling of a leaf from its tree – except Allaah has decreed for it to happen!

    So as to their claims, the Muslim believes exactly as what Allaah says, unflinchingly:

    Say (O Muhammad ): “O Allâh! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the Kingdom to whom You will, and You take the Kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do All things. [TMQ 3:26]

    So we should ask ourselves: what use was all of this wealth and power if no good came of it? By Allaah it will come to haunt them on the day of Judgement:

    “I wish, would that it had been My end (death)!
    “My wealth has not availed Me,
    My power and arguments (to defend myself) have gone from Me!” [TMQ 69:27-29]

    “In this are Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) for the people who believe.” [TMQ 27:86]

    Allaah make this a lesson for us that we take heed.

  15. Just a few comments

    I just have a few points:

    1. I think we need to have a deeper understanding of politics in the Muslim world and the history Western inference (particularly British & American inteference) before supporting our ideas with the words of western leaders such as David Cameron.

    Western states such as Britian & America will always support anything as long as it serves their interest. Their support of the uprising of Libya is nothing to do with supporting Libya’s democratic future. If the western powers really wanted responsible and accountable governments for the Muslims they would not continue to support the other oppresive dictators in the Muslim world. The West have a three fold interest in Libya; firstly they intend to secure some influence over Libya’s wealth namely the oil, secondly, they are terrified of the emergence of a true Islamic state and therefore, want to interfere with Libya’s political process and thirdly they to want to insure no future Libyan government will threaten Western or Israeli interests and security.

    The West only support freedom and democracy when it suites them. When this ‘democracy’ doesnt work for them they quickly oppose it, which was the case on Algeria in the 1990s (when an Islamic party won the elections)and Palestine in 2006 (when Hamas won a majority of the votes).

    2. I think we should also be very careful when using terms created by the enemies of Islam such as ‘Islamists,’ ‘extreamism,”moderates’ in our articles because were created to divide the ummah and they are terms that need to be understood from the Islamic perspective.

    Allah knows best.


  16. Muhammad rahman

    I am not sure the Muslim nature of Gadaffi, since he has done many things which many ulema would categorise him as Kafir, but still Allah knows best. But I agree with Abdullah about quoting a kafir who has more muslim blodd on his hand.

    I am surprised the libyans say they are moderate msulims but do not want an Islamic state??

  17. american semtex & ‘moderate’ muslims
    Dear writer,
    there is a jewish EDL rabbi from America who was busy saying in Hyde Park that the muslims want to harm the British, but the Americans would never harm the British. Actually, the Americans bombed this country for 20years with IRA fundraisers – it was American semtex not Libyan semtex that blew off peoples arms and legs in pubs and town squares throughout Britain in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
    Also, the term ‘extremist’, ‘moderate’ & ‘liberal’ when applied to the word ‘muslim’ is a statement of political alliance these days since the 9/11 war of terror started. Extreme means following the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and moderate/liberal means denying some of what the Prophet (pbuh) brought (Jihad, stoning, Caliph, etc). If you want to write on this formum then write what the kufar and the hypocrites term ‘extreme’ writing (ie on the sunnah).

  18. Gadafi-Game over
    Reading the start of this article I asked myself what kind of Muslims are you, just like the previous writer said you are using quotation of kafir, blaming a fellow Muslim for his faults, the faults you don’t even know if they are true, you believe everything the kufars are selling to us in their media, i believe a Muslim should leave every judgement to Allah (SW) who is all hearing, all knowing and sees all. May Allah forgive me and you for judging what we have no knowledge of…. Those behind all these have always used Muslims and Arabs to destroy each other, because most of us are not true believers, we follow the biddings of the kufars, assist them in killing our brothers, destroy our homes, families and everything we cherrished, in the end, we regret, because they will do same to us, its a viteous circle….

  19. Dont use the word Islamist please
    JazakAllahukhiara for your timely article. But can you please refrain from using the word ‘Islamist’ – it is a term that is used by the Media a lot – but must not be used by Muslims. The term is used to divide Muslims into those who are not political (by just calling them Muslims) and those who are and it is mostly used in a negative way. We are Muslims (whether we are involved in politics or not). May Allah reward you with goodness.

  20. Expect better from Islam21C
    I’m completely surprised to see this article on Islam21c…

    Really don’t want to bash you over this article – but please get a grip on reality and check your facts and history before writing neo-con/elistist propaganda like this.

    Check out Stop the War Coalition website for better articles on real stories behind the wars… http://www.stopwar.org.uk/index.php/middle-east-and-north-africa/868-gadaffi-killing-behind-the-gloating-the-western-powers-remained-mired-in-endless-war

  21. Yusuf M Patel


    JazakAllahu khairan for your article. You are correct to describe his cruelty and dictatorial rule.

    Firstly, it is clear that Qadhaffi was a tyrant who killed many Muslims and imprisoned countless others. He also very openly rejected the sunnah as an Islamic source which took him outside of the fold of Islam, especially when he was advised to a group of Muslims and killed them.

    Secondly, It is strange that you quote Cameron, when Britain has been the main supporter of Qadhaffi over decades, his killing of his people even their own citizen(s) was not enough to interrupt this cosy economic/political relationship. Britain also colluded with Libya in extraordinary rendition, Libya was where they were tortured and information extracted which Britain used. This reminder may have made the article sound less like a promotion of David Cameron.

    Thirdly, the quote of one man is not enough to make a case, neither are statements of 1,000, especially if the western media are promoting these and the people, imprisoned for decades under tyranny are venting their happiness at the end of tyranny. It is the western media that are making the claim that the ‘extremists’ should not get to power and Islam must not be established. The west should not interfere, although they have and continually will. Why should secular democracy be imposed on the people and Islamic rule be discounted? Is it because the west is expecting this? We should be praying for a rule of dignity that only ruling by the divine law can provide and not limit ourselves to western standards. Surely we should be promoting a change that places Allah and not western governments or secular rule in pole position.

    I have always expected a different perspective from this website, not the conventional wisdom we can read in the mainstream media.

    I know this is not what you intended and may Allah forgive me for sounding harsh.



  22. desires
    Yes we are moderate muslims, but moderate in the sense of how the Prophet (SAW) described us on the middle path, not the moderate that the west wants to hear about. So yes we should and do want a rule, which is only by ALlahs rule and a law which is only Allahs law. You cant pick and choose certain parts of the deen and ignore others because either you or your western backers do not like, this is kufr as by ijma (consensus).

    This is a very dangerous time for the muslims, the sides are splitting, the side of the believers who want the shariah and the side who want democracy and the fitna it brings, which is kufr. And this is a reminder of the time where you may wake up as a muslim but by evening beocme a disbeliever. May Allah protect us and the ummah.

  23. salaam!
    what kind of a write up is this? david cameron is much an auliyah to you than gaddafi? at least he died defending his country from the hypocritical west!may ALLAH have mercy on the souls of muslims,ameen

  24. ??? Proud of the British role???
    [quote]I’m proud of the role that Britain has played in helping them to bring that about [/quote]

    ??? The same Britain who were rendering Muslims at the behest of Gaddafi, and organising the torture of them and their families in Libya???
    The same Britain that was busily courting Gaddafi for the oil deals, whilst the populace suffered???
    The same Britain who has hurriedly sent in their men to secure the oil deals and business deals as soon as they could after Tripoli fell????

    I would suggest a liitle understanding of the real politiks of the motivations of the Western powers in this scenario. I wouldn’t be proud, just realising it’s the same old game being played out by them.

  25. Disgraceful
    You start my insulting a fellow Muslim,then quoting a kafir (David Cameron) who has more muslim blood on his hands, then quote people who are against a Muslim state? Fear Allah

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