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My arrest – it could happen to you

My arrest took place on the 5th November 2015, an auspicious day better known as “Bonfire Night” in Britain. Guy Fawkes is famously known as “the only man to enter the Houses of Parliament with the correct intention”. He was a convert to Catholicism,[1]  a man who went to fight in Spain against the Protestants and who later became involved in the Gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was caught, tortured and sentenced to death.[2]

The fact that hundreds of years later children still celebrate foiling the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ by burning effigies of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire proves how we are conditioned from childhood to dehumanise enemies of the Government.

At 6 a.m. on that day, as I lay in bed, I heard the banging of feet and shouting in the corridor outside of the flat I live in, it was all very frantic and slightly surreal. I did not understand what was happening immediately so my neighbour was the first to run out and see what all the fuss was about. “WE WANT LAURA STUART” I heard and went to open the door. Imagine my shock as police in uniform and stab vests started pouring into my home.

My memory of what happened next is very jumbled. As a person who had never been arrested previously and who had minimal contact with the police during my lifetime, the whole event was very confusing. I did confirm my name as I was informed that I was being arrested but had I known my rights I would have known that nothing more was required of me by law, but then we all think we will never be in such a situation.[3]

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The police asked me to show them where my mobile phones and laptop were, they also asked me for the passwords to access them and if anyone else had used them. They informed me that they would ask me those questions and that my replies would be transcribed word for word by a police officer and at the end of this they would ask me to sign a form and put my initials against my spoken replies to confirm they were accurate. I later discovered that it would have been better for me not to have done any of that and I would encourage all Muslims or all people involved in political activism to familiarise themselves with these procedures.

I had to stand in the centre of the room and was not allowed to touch any of my belongings and if I forgot this and moved the police got twitchy. Next I was told I would be taken to Southwark Police Station.

Because I was not resisting I was allowed to walk out to the police car without being handcuffed with two female officers and a male officer walking beside me. Forget anonymity and especially forget dignity as your neighbours witness you going to the car.

It took quite a long time to reach Southwark Police Station in the morning traffic, during which the female officer sitting beside me made friendly and seemingly innocent conversation with me. I think as I was in a state of shock I preferred to chat, something I should have been more wary of as there is no such thing as innocent conversation and the police weigh every word. A passing comment I made about the perils of exposing teenage shenanigans on social media was later related back to me during my interview as the officer had reported it as noteworthy that I never put family photographs on Facebook but rather used it only for political purposes.

Southwark Police Station is specially designed for terror suspects, basically a fortress. Arrival has to be radioed ahead, the car drives in through a massive gate and into a yard, then from the yard into a garage where the doors are sealed and you wait until the gate opens for you to walk into a short alley that takes you to the building entrance where you are held in-between two sets of locked doors. The security is impressive. Many doors lie between you and the huge double door of your cell. Panic alarm strips run around every wall.

I was astounded at the sheer number of officers sent to arrest me (about 12 – 15) and the number of personnel involved in manning the Police station during my long day there.

The cell has nothing but a duvet and pillow on a ledge and a metal toilet and washbasin. Breakfast was not served but I managed to get a cup of tea in a plastic cup given to me through the observation hatch.

I was asked if I wanted to make a phone call, as is my right. Unfortunately, in this day and age we use mobiles to store phone numbers and I was unable to remember anyone’s number off by heart. This is something I would advise everyone to do, after my experience. Learn one number of someone you would wish to call if you were detained. I was asked if I wanted a lawyer of choice or to use the duty lawyer, I remarked that since I was now an actual terror suspect that I would have the very best and, by a stroke of luck. I could remember the name Gareth Peirce. Ironically, this was due to me having written a reference for a friend who had been arrested previously and who was represented by Gareth Peirce, to whom I had sent my reference. That reference was subsequently disregarded because, by the time that person’s case was brought forward in court, I was myself on bail and, therefore, hardly a credible witness. Perhaps that may have been one reason why I was arrested – who knows?

Two female officers searched me in the most humiliating of ways.

Every time they enter your cell you hear one set of locks and then another in the absolutely, massively, secure door. They, no doubt, have a protocol of how many officers have to come each time your door is opened in case you get aggressive. Every process is explained to you as if your permission is required or as if you have a choice. Being taken for photographs was next on the program. The police photographer started and photographs were taken at every point on the clock in a 360-degree circle, head, head and shoulders then full length. It takes ages but seemed harmless enough at first. But then I was told they would photograph me without my hijāb on. I disputed their right to do this and an officer was sent off to ascertain whether or not they could indeed do that as I was protesting that my passport and driving license were adequate as identification even with a hijāb on in those pictures. Eventually the officer came back saying they definitely had the authority to take photos of me without hijāb. The same process again, photos at all points of the clock in a full circle. I would like to know if the police really have the right to do this and if the law allows them to retain the photographs even after ‘no further action’ is the result.

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During the day I was also taken to their doctor and asked if I was on any medication, liable to self-harm, was suicidal and other such questions. I was able to establish that there were only two detainees in the Police station that day and the other was a young lady of just 16 years of age. Shocking! What kind of impact would this experience have on such a young mind?

Every process takes a long time but the very detailed fingerprints that involved a police officer and a fingerprint expert taking a multitude of prints took longer than an hour. A swab was also taken from the inside of my mouth for D.N.A.. During that long process my lawyer arrived and had to wait, something I was assured by police that lawyers were used to doing.

My lawyer asked me what had happened so far and discussed with me the coming interview. I can honestly say that it is best at such a time to only confirm your name and respond to everything else with “no comment”. My lawyer asked me what I thought I had done and I really hadn’t a clue. We went into the interview room.

The interview room has two police officers, a camera, microphone and a T.V. screen that only the police officers can see. I was advised that other officers would be outside of the room observing. So, with some trepidation, and after hours of due process I braced myself to find out what on earth I had done to get arrested. Hours of questions over two interviews later I can only say that I was none the wiser. The questions went on and on, round and round and nothing made sense. My lawyer informed them that I would be giving a no comment interview so I suppose they knew already that all I would say was “no comment” –  a phrase that became incredibly tedious and boring, as were the questions. If you have watched detective programs on television or read detective novels you may have the impression that the police have clever tactics to draw suspects out and once they have the suspect on the hook they skewer them with clever twists and turns of phrase. Real life is somewhat different; the police did not seem to have anything to offer except tedium.

Utterly exhausted and totally numb, I was still no wiser as to how I had become a terror suspect, although it was mentioned that I had shared a YouTube video by Anwar al Awlaki, in particular “The Dust Will Never Settle”, and I was asked if I agreed with his views. Since it is a talk widely available on the internet without any warning that it may be illegal to watch or share it, I had at some time no doubt done so, but I could not remember specifics. Again, “no comment” ensures that you cannot be drawn into a conversation where you may possibly say something that the police find incriminating yet you find completely normal.

After two sessions where my only reply was “no comment” I was told to wait with my lawyer. I had had nothing to eat all day and was tired. Finally, an officer came to inform my lawyer and myself that the Crown Prosecution Service had decided to allow me to leave but on bail and with conditions. These conditions included them keeping my passport, having to sleep only at my own address, being under curfew between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and having no contact with the person that I had given a reference for, a condition that was, in itself, rather revealing although the person’s name had not been mentioned during interviews. Had I been swept up as part of a fishing expedition for information about that person’s friends and contacts? The accusation on the bail form was that I shared media that could promote terrorism.

I was taken home by two officers. I was hugely relieved to have been able to escape the horrors of the cell but my lawyer warned me not to converse openly in the car and that every conversation could be used as evidence. The atmosphere in the car was more relaxed and the male officer, no doubt bored with his job as a mere chauffeur, decided to practice his training of how to spot a terrorist on me. He asked me who lived behind ‘that big wall’. I had no idea and said so. He told me it was Her Majesty the Queen (ahaa ahaa). Would a “real terrorist” say something like “the flag of Islām will fly from the roof of Buckingham Palace one day”? I secretly admired his ingenuity and replied that I felt the Queen had been a very good Monarch, a view that I actually do hold. The next innocent question was “So, excuse my ignorance, but what do Muslims do on Christmas Day?”

The police officer gravely advised me that if today led to nothing else it would perhaps serve to make me consider what it might be that I was doing that “they” did not like. Adding to the strangeness of my situation, the news came on. It was of a case in the Borders where police had held an identity parade of sheep stolen by rustlers so that they may be identified and reunited with their owners. I was greatly amused and asked the police officers if they were glad to be involved in the glamorous work of dealing with terrorists rather than sheep rustlers, but they did not seem to appreciate my sarcasm.

I found that my home had been minutely searched and everything replaced incredibly tidily. My phones, chargers, laptop, camera were missing and I therefore could not make any calls. I was not provided with a list of what was taken by the police so, for many days after, I would search for something and discover it had gone, including missing notebooks with my handwritten notes for my Tajwīd course, and just before an exam too. I do hope they had fun translating my wobbly Arabic.

I did not want to tell my family or friends about what had happened to me. Other friends had told me that when they had been arrested their friends, neighbours and even family reacted with fear. You find yourself alone once police are involved. I find that incredibly sad but, although I was sure that many of my friends were better than that, I decided it was probably best not to have to go through telling the story and explaining or justifying myself to people, so I kept it all inside. I did call C.A.G.E. so that my case could be logged and I believe this is very important, so that we can know the scale of arrests and particularly the numbers of those arrests that lead to no further action. I was grateful to be assigned a wonderful Sister from H.H.U.G.S.[4] who was always available to offer me help and support. These two organisations are essential and deserve our support with donations, they have so much experience dealing with people accused of terrorism and really are almost the only people you can turn to or talk to in this situation. The one friend that I did confide in actually said she wished that I had not told her about it, as she found it so horrifying and worrying.

My first bail date in mid-December 2015 drew close but the day before I was informed that I was not required to present at Southwark as no decision had been made. A new date in mid-February 2016 was set. A phone call by my lawyer a few days before the second date led to us being told that all the evidence was now with the C.P.S. I felt this was ominous but my caseworker at C.A.G.E. hoped that if there had been something concrete to prosecute me over they would have had time to do so by now.

Eventually the call from my lawyer came and, to be honest, by that stage I had reconciled myself to the possibility that if the establishment really wanted me detained that they would find some way to do so by any means. However, with huge relief I learned that there was to be no further action (N.F.A.) and that it was all over. All over apart from getting my property back, something that is not as easy as one might imagine.

You may wonder why I have written about this in such minute detail. I want people to read this and understand that many, many, Muslims, and even non Muslims, are being arrested under the terrorism act and a huge number lead to N.F.A..[5] Recently, fellow activists have been arrested for things as diverse as flying a Hizbollah flag to alleged anti-Semitism. The stress of those months on bail was huge, it disrupted my life. I was unable to travel, unable to be out late, unable to sleep at a friend’s home. The feeling of uncertainty was huge. The feelings ranged from the initial shock followed by relief to be out on bail, then anger and resentment at the experience I was put through, irritation that my neighbours were wondering what on earth I had done, the inconvenience of not having my notes that I needed for an exam and the huge frustration and anxiety over not knowing where on earth this could lead. Bear in mind, the evidence against me was so vague. It is human nature to fret over such a situation and I frequently reflected on how such an experience would disturb a young teen or young adult. If I was younger and more volatile, how might I have responded to the stress of the situation? Research definitely needs to be done into the impact of arrests on people and if there is a connection between arrests, feelings of being harassed and alleged suspects taking steps that end in extreme acts.

My other reason for writing this account is to help others understand what so many people are going through, particularly in our Muslim community. Anyone who is arrested should feel able to speak out about their experience without fear of prejudice so that information can be gathered on the scale of arrests, especially so that the harm they cause to the individual, family and community can be studied. I would encourage others to talk openly about their experience. Do not fear being isolated by friends and the community. Rather, speak out so that everyone can see this has become the new norm. I also wish that others may be alerted to such things as “no comment” being the best reply to all questions. It is really horrible to go through, but the more of us who come forward and share our experiences the more we can push back against the excessive arresting of people on what are very flimsy charges. It is time to come forward without fear of stigmatisation and we must not let this “war of terror” on our Muslim community continue undercover.







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  1. O Muslims – The police thugs are harassing your sisters. Make sure you don’t co-operate with these arrogants.

  2. Big Bruver state looms large. Well done to British citizens drawing on the wisdom of scripture/ muslim ideals and values in exposing the oppression and tyranny that is inherent to godless establishments. The godless Big Bruver created an unjust world, and then object to people calling for justice.

  3. Let’s not forget the many many more Muslims who are incarcerated in prisons with no help or chance to get out. All around the world for the only reason that they say the shahada! Always make dua for them. May Allah free them and make it easy for them and their families. Ameen.

  4. There is surely no need to answer ‘no comment’ to every separate question ? Tell them at the beginning you will not be saying anything, then just sit and smile.

  5. if you was a true muslim,you would not live in the west which you despise and hate so much,you are hypocrites of the highest order,true muslims live in raqqa under the fascists of the child rapers of isis,you are fake muslims raping the west of its resources for your own money grabbing desires.

    • Pedro: Your either a security government troll or an ignorant creature. In the Islamic ideology there is no such concept as East or West because the entire world is one and belongs to all human beings! Now if a Muslim is living alongside non Muslims then the idea is for the Muslim to live a life that exemplifies his lifestyle and helps the non Muslims! Therefore, a true Muslim will be living as much in the west as he/she will be living in the east.

    • To Pedro the troll. We don’t need to live in Raqa! In 2050 1 in 3 people on planet earth will be Muslim according to CNN statisitcs!
      You still got time, join the club!

  6. Professor Ahsan

    We expected globalization was to get us closer, however the unnecessarily terrorized people, the peaceless ones because they are not at peace with their Creator is the cause of all their troubles. They wouldn’t realize it till they meet their dooms in the form of constant fear, family breakdown, lust of senses and copying animals in that and dissatisfaction with their resources and the weapons of mass destruction all meant to destroy humanity. Our prayers for them: O Allah show them the right path of love, satisfaction, peace and paradise.
    They have killed before and they will kill again; the only thing that stops them from doing so is their hypocrisy with which they have painted their faces to look civilized.

  7. British Muslim

    A vital & brilliant article,

    It is so sad to hear that this happened. It really highlights the level that the unjust persecution of articulate Muslims has reached in the UK. Always remember that the Prophets, Messengers, their companions, many scholars, and other believers all over the world and throughout history have been through similar difficulties, and the reward for patience through such trials is Jannah.

  8. MashaAllah a great article
    I believe such experiences will become even more common in the coming future, it really is important to share these stories.
    We had an arrest in our family a couple of years ago and although we are completely innocent of t*rrorism and _no evidence_ of t*rrorism was found in the years of investigation the ordeal is still not over, alhamdulillah ala kulli haal.

    Just a couple of notes from my own experience:
    -Not telling friends/relatives is a smart choice. I was quite shocked at the instant isolation we experienced from our muslim community. That was the worst part of the whole thing, as if the arrest wasn’t bad enough. Unfortunately there is too much fear and too little strength of heart.

    -You are not obliged to answer any question. This is so so important because we think that of a police officer is asking we must answer. “No comment” is sufficient for even the most innocuous conversation.

    -Know that the arresting officers are trained to deal with the entire range of human behaviours- all their interactions with you are deliberate and designed to put you at a disadvantage. Keeping your head and your self to your self is the only way to survive.

    -Know your rights and what you are allowed during these situations. Its useful to know even though they may be denied you. I didn’t know people could be denied their rights but apparently they can (I asked the police officer point blank “Are you denying me my rights?” He answered bluntly “yes”. He was hungry and probably just wanted to get rid of me and eat)

    -In families with young children, police officers will actually tell the children stuff like “Daddy is a bad man and thats why we are taking him away”. Nice isn’t it.

    -Take the opportunity to give some dawah. If the police are insistent on talking to you, ask them if they would be willing to read the qur’an and find out what you believe. Hand them one if you can. Do it with the right intentions and Allah will make it easier on you.

    -All things pass. Even feelings of resentment give way inshaAllah

    • It sounds like your family went through a horrendous experience. I have been shocked by some of the stories people are telling me.

  9. When you born and live on Balkan reading something like this is really “fascinating”.
    Ottomans rule is here remembered as period of torture, rapping, taking boys for janissaries, impaling peoples, decapitating etc.
    In one documentary is mentioned how in place of today’s Public Theatre in Belgrade 200 years ago was Ottoman’s public torturing place. Infidels was impaled on sticks and left to dying slowly while insects eat them. Sewered heads are put on sticks and left to rotten and spread fear of Islam. Today Balkan Muslims represent self as a victims.
    And then join ISIS who kill thousands infidels and selling slaves on markets.
    But that’s nothing comparing to torture of this Muslim women – she spend one day in prison with no food.
    I’m pretty much familiar with Islamic logic and moral gymnastics but still fascinate me how peoples who bring so much suffering on this world constantly present self as victims.

    • If your rambling proves anything it is the power of propaganda in the Balkans to manipulate people apparently competent enough to operate a keyboard and mouse but thick enough to get fired up by such blatant, one-sided campaigns to produce and then justify genocide. How can anyone be surprised that cowards such as yourself revelled in raping children in Bosnia after their menfolk were removed, when we see the level of brainwashing the people in power who took advantage of your stupidity subjected your tiny little brains to. Get the stupidest people you can find to really really really hate a group and become blinded with anger, with tales of how they raped your mum and killed your dad, so that you are angry enough to actually do it—to them. That way the people in power will remain so after your jump to their commands.

      • Why you all are so frustrated ? Isn’t Islam suppose to be religion of peace ?
        “People in power” are Cultural Marxist and I don’t obey them, I despise them because they transforming Europe into Balkan/Eurabia/ISIS caliphate.
        And I wrote in few comments already it’s wrong West attacking caliphate, best solution is send all Sunni and Cultural Marxist there. You like Sharia caliphate so you live there, not enslave us in Eurabia !
        I don’t wish to torture Muslims, I wish to all you live in ISIS caliphate, far away from Europe. And bring Merkel with you.

        • Who said anyone is frustrated?
          People are just sharing experiences. One human to the next fellow human.
          We can all get along and live in peace if given the chance.

    • Reading your comment has made me realise it would have been better if my head had ended up on a spike outside the Tower of London. I am not sure if I can cope with the terrible feelings of “survivors guilt” that your comment has brought on.

      • Imagine you are Yazidi girl captured by ISIS. Or member of Benu Kurais tribe captured by your prophet.

      • ameela momoniat

        “I am not sure if I can cope with the terrible feelings of “survivors guilt” that your comment has brought on.”
        Not suggesting the subject is funny though! JazakAllahKhair sis Laura for sharing

      • Sister Laura thank you for sharing this. It’s given a lot of people with similar experiences strength. May Allah reward you.

    • Who were the butchers of Belgrade? He was def not a Muslim!

      You don’t have any proven legal evidence against ottomon empire. It’s mainly lies and propaganda.

      Here is the list of attrocities from the ex leaders of the Balkans. This is just what was able to be proven. Who knows what still remains. Genocide is mentioned in more than 1 place. This was proved in courts of law.

      Karadžić and Mladić . They were charged, separately, with:[40]

      Count 1: Genocide. On 28 June 2012, the trial chamber granted
      Municipalities: Bratunac, Foča, Ključ, Kotor Varoš, Prijedor, Sanski Most, Vlasenica and Zvornik.
      Count 2: Genocide.
      Municipality: Srebrenica.
      Count 3: Persecutions on Political, Racial and Religious Grounds, a Crime Against Humanity.
      Municipalities: Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Novi, Bratunac, Brčko, Foča, Hadžići, Ilidža, Kalinovik, Ključ, Kotor Varoš, Novi Grad, Novo Sarajevo, Pale, Prijedor, Rogatica, Sanski Most, Sokolac, Trnovo, Vlasenica, Vogošća, Zvornik, and Srebrenica.
      Count 4: Extermination, a Crime Against Humanity.
      Count 5: Murder, a Crime Against Humanity.
      Count 6: Murder, a Violation of the Laws or Customs of War.
      Count 7: Deportation, a Crime Against Humanity.
      Count 8: Inhumane Acts (forcible transfer), a Crime Against Humanity.
      Count 9: Acts of Violence the Primary Purpose of which is to Spread Terror among the Civilian Population, a Violation of the Laws or Customs of War.
      Count 10: Unlawful Attacks on Civilians, a Violation of the Laws or Customs of War.
      Count 11: Taking of Hostages, a Violation of the Laws or Customs of War.

      • Google “Tower of skulls”.
        And today’s Bosnian Serbs are also product of Ottomans.
        You should read how Ottomans created janissar Dracula and what he did to them in return.

        • Yes, the Muslims also slay Dracula and his entire army and then preserved his head in Constantinople!
          Remember according to CNN statisitcs 1 in 3 people on earth will be Muslim in 2050! The number will only grow after that too.

          • Yes, I already described that world in “would brexit shield us from the storm” comment
            Number will grow in beginning and then drop in inter Muslims wars for slaves and jizya.
            Chemical Ali killed 300 thousands Muslims in Al-Anfal, much more than Dracula, then imagine world in 2050.

            • Ww1 and 2 killed much more people. 1 million muslim soldiers died defended European countries! 1 million. Not to establish a state for Muslims but so you Europeans could live in safety.
              Why are you going back half century. Less than 100 years ago Muslims fought for you! For your liberty and for YOUR right to come here and say what you want.

        • Professor Ahsan

          So what should we do now?

    • Balkan Atheist

      I had to register to reply to your comment.

      Why are you bringing Ottoman Empire in all this? It’s finished ages ago. I am grossly offended by your comment that present Muslims in ex-Yugoslavia want to portray themselves as victims. They are VICTIMS! Their blood was flowing on streets of Bosnian towns and villages thanks to your Serbian moronic nationalist leaders and others from Croatia involved in butchering Bosnia. Bosnian Muslms were our yesterday’s beloved schoolmates and university colleagues, famous artists, musicians, professors and teachers. All gone down because of nationalist leaders and generals you and your deluded people supported instead of Ante Markovic, reformer and uniter of ex-Yugoslavia.

      What is the matter with you? Can’t you get over Biljana Plavsic, B&H Serb Mengele, who supported ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims for her Greater Serbia. She pleaded guilty at ICTY in Hague. She served only 7 years in Swedish prison for crimes against humanity. When she arrived to Belgrade from the prison, she was celebrated like diva with red carpet on the airport and with limousine taking her to secure residence. Your hero Karadzic, famous neuropsychiatrist and poet, who should have been locked up as a dangerous patient on the ward where he served as a doctor, got 40 years for inciting and supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims. He is lucky to get only 40 years in jail. Your hero Nikola Koljevic, part of that criminality against humanity, committed suicide. Milosevic, your Serbian hero, mad man, orchestrated everything from his Belgrade residence. He never sent his criminal son to fight anywhere, neither any of these psychopaths their children. In fact, Milosevic’s son was busy akng Bambiland in Serbia, profitable business in the middle of carnage, which brings us to general Mladic, awesome Serbian hero shelling Sarajevo from the hills for years, committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Srebrenica and elsewhere. I don’t even want to mention Croatian towns and Kosovo. Arkan, ubër criminal, known to many in ex-Yugoslavia with his volunteer paratroopers Tigers, reigned death and destruction of many Bosnian and Croatian towns, in. He got shot dead by other Serbian criminals, in dispute who had more power to share the loot of innocent people. Šešelj, another Serbian criminal whose White Eagles paramilitary volunteers were involved in killing and looting of properties of innocent people was acquitted at ICTY in Hague last week. Shameful decision. Mladic is next. I guess you celebrated Seselj’s acquittal by the Court.

      For the reconciliation and forgiveness to take place, you should condemn all sorts of crimes perpetrated against innocent civilians in that brutal civil war when your own duped Serbs suffered too. What did you achieve after leaving everyone to suffer? You don’t want Serbians who try hard to successfully overcome their past to win.

      Finally, what Ottoman Empire has to do with this woman writing about her ghastly experience, which isn’t nice at all. I had many discussions on her wall in the past, sometimes disagreeing with her opinion, but she certainly deserves answers why she was arrested by anti-terrorist squad, no?

      I think you are an infiltrator. Have you ever commented on this site before? Neither did I.

      • Oh great, Cultural Marxist found me even here. You must repress me even on Internet ?
        What is this babbling about nationalists ? They are enemies of deism, Enlightenment and united Europe, they started two world wars who destroyed Western civilization. Their stupidity helped creating Cultural Marxism. Why should they be my heroes ?
        Seselj is also nationalist idiot but he is actually accused for hate speech and political incorrectness and I don’t expect one CM see problem in that.
        I wrote about 15 comments so far and first is on text how Ottomans “liberated” Eastern Europe. That rubbish propaganda provoked me to respond.
        This website celebrate Ottomans and their caliphate and I’m not surprised because it’s all the same Sunni, just different names and flags – ashabi, Endelus, Ottomans, Barberi pirates, wahabi, Talibans, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Eurabia…
        And this women is ex Christian who hate Jews, support destruction ancient monuments and now represent self as Nelson Mandela in same time when she’s comrades slaughter infidels in Brussels and children playground in Pakistan.
        As we say in Balkan “ako je turcin krvav do lakata poturica mora do ramena”

        • Mr Balkans died ist –
          We don’t need people to convert. According to CNN statisitcs 1 in 3 people on the planet will be Muslim by 2050.

        • Professor Ahsan

          yes brothers we need not be haunted by what Chengez Khan or Pharaoh or Hitler did to humanity. As human beings our losses and gains are shared. A man or woman child or old, when suffers from poverty, hunger or oppression of any kind must affect us sharply if there is claim of humanity, and if we have not dumbed or blinded our senses.

        • Professor Ahsan

          So what should we do now?

        • Balkan Atheist

          Balkan Deist, you should be ashamed of yourself writing – “As we say in Balkan “ako je turcin krvav do lakata poturica mora do ramena”, translated in English – “If Turk is blooded to to his elbows, so are our Muslim coverts to their shoulders.”

          Are you not ashamed of saying it publicly?

      • Professor Ahsan

        yes brothers we need not be haunted by what Chengez Khan or Pharaoh or Hitler did to humanity. As human beings our losses and gains are shared. A man or woman child or old, when suffers from poverty, hunger or oppression of any kind must affect us sharply if there is claim of humanity, and if we have not dumbed or blinded our senses.

    • Professor Ahsan

      But why you compare her to Ottoman Empire? Brother learn to live in the present world of love and harmony. This is our world we can make it hell or heaven with our actions. If something goes wrong anywhere call it wrong, irrespective of the fact whoever does it.

      • Balkan Atheist

        Exactly, Professor Ahsan!

        Balkan Deist, I don’t read articles on this website, therefore, I have no idea if they promote Ottoman Empire as liberation of Eastern Europe, which is plain wrong considering enormous suffering of people who lost their lives in numerous battles and wars to get rid off the occupier of their lands. Our lands were always of interests to various Empires. Once Ottomans have gone, Austro-Hungarian Empire arrived, so much about that enlightened Europe. All Empires, including the Russian one, broke their swords over our land in order to rule supreme.

        It wasn’t Cultural Marxism that caused both worldwide wars. It was you and I, Slavs, who were considered Hitler’s undesirables, primitive Eastern European people, fit for extermination, but only handful of us to be saved to work as slaves in glorious German factories after defeating us. They never considered Western European nations as primitive because they were powerful colonialists subjugating other people to their mighty powers. We just let everyone to rule over our lands for centuries. Enlightened Europe considered us as primitive fierce warriors, apart from that we were seen as not fit for any kind of contribution to Europe. Living stain on us as primitive Balkan people will last for ever. It comes from supremacist ideology of Western Europe. That’s how they see Arab countries too. How they carved borders of Arab world and Africa is exactly how they made Yugoslavia in Yalta, which is now destroyed, thanks to nationalist idiots, leaders, who once again served enlightened Western world interests. And Russians, who were the first peace keepers running away with tails between their legs from Pristina airport when NATO bombs starting raining over Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

        As for Communist Yugoslavia under Tito, how come we were not allowed to worship God. It’s a lie, terrible lie. Communists didn’t destroy any religious church, monastery, mosque, synagogue. It was just that people ceased to be interested in religion. When I was student in Belgrade in 70s, everyone celebrated their family Saint’s day, Christmas and Easter. Hypocrites wanted to be Communist members to rip the benefits of the society and religious at the same time. They were instrumental in hiding their religious devotion, not state imposing on them restriction. How come that all Dalmatia and Boka Bay people celebrated their religious holidays all the time. Ramadan was celebrated by Muslim worshippers too. I’ve been invited to Muslims homes at that time. My grand-father was an Orthodox Christian Priest from Kotor, his son, my father was a communist idealist, totally disappointed in communism. He was taken away to Italian concentration camp by fascists and Nazis in WWII, where he spent 4 years rotting there as a political prisoner. Never in my life when we went to Kotor he banned us to go to famous Kotor Cathedral, or to Orthodox churches with grandma and his sister. All the time funerals were held in procession down cobbled streets of Kotor with Christian Priests, either Catholic or Orthodox. They carried on with their religion undisturbed.

        Anyway, how come enlightened Western Europe has less and less Christian devoted religious people. They become increasingly secular societies, particularly in Britain. Churches have been sold to development companies for building flats. It can’t be because of Cultural Marxism, loathed here.

        Islam is a way of life for many. Laura is an adherent of that religion. So are many living in Britain. Extremists, of course, are not welcomed. I doubt she justifies killing of innocent people in France or Belgium as you stated. In Pakistan, majority of victims were Muslims, killed by barbaric Muslims, during Christian Easter holiday. “Wrong Muslims” going with “wrong” Christians. That’s what extremists do.

        As for ex-Yugoslavia and other ex-communist countries were Cultural Marxism brought disaster to religious people, according to you, there is revival of deism, the worst one at the moment. Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo complain all the time that radical preachers from Saudi Arabia teach them to not mingle with Christians or infidels who drink wine and have girls having sex before marriage. On the other side, newly born Christians are poisoned by their own extremist Priests teaching them that Muslims and atheists are their common enemies.

        How do you know Laura is the hater of all Jews and an advocate for the destruction of historical monuments by ISIS, establishment of ISIS Caliphate spreading into Britain? I opposed her views on gays with all my heart, because I find it repulsive and highly offensive. I also never liked when she said Muslims should never say to their Christian neighbours “Happy Christmas”, when I know many of us would say Happy Ramadan to all Muslims, because we appreciate their holy religious holidays. But Laura is not a woman who will take gun, strap herself with bomb belt to cause massive injury to anyone. Maybe you should think about it while seeing our extremist ex-Yu newly born extremist Orthodox Christians going to Ukraine to cause mayhem to innocent Ukrainians on behalf of Russians. The very same ethnic cleansers in our ex-Yugoslavia. Equal to Muslim extremists you are talking about.

        You cheer reading about her home being raided by anti-terrorist squad, being arrested and put on curfew for a month, not knowing why. At least she deserves answers, no?

        • Why you attacking me here and writing this ridiculous things ? My English is not so good and now must type this long comments on smartphone. I just pointed out hypocrisy this islamic radical present self as Ana Frank.
          You confusing deism with abrahamic religions, Tito’s communism with cultural marxism, Enlightenment with imperialism…
          You don’t know what this site promote and what’s going on in Europe.
          For you Western Europe is supremacist fascism and Islam is way of life. Do you know anything about Islam except cultural marxist propaganda ?
          Do you know what is taqlid and taqia ?
          I’m sick of people who love to argue about small details and don’t wish to see grand picture.
          Please go on Wikipedia and look pages for deism, list of deist, enlightenment, counter enlightenment, scientific revolution, Romanticism, Cultural Marxism, taqlid and taqia.

          From my perspective things are clear – there is positive side where are deism, enlightenment, scientific and industrial revolution.
          On negative side are medieval period, feudalism, slavery, romanticism and mysticism. And Islam is mix of all that.
          Romanticists destroyed Enlightenment and then cars go down the hill for Europe.
          I respect Tito’s communism because he is building country, he was be some sort of enlightenmented despot like Peter the Great in Russia. Tito was communist, not CM.
          And I didn’t say Cultural Marxist started world wars but nationalists, and their consequence is raising CM. Cultural Marxist consider entire Western civilization responsible for Hitler (so as you) so they wish to “deconstruct” it entirely. They destroying everything – family, culture, art, moral, economy, school system, justice system…
          You must read Houlenbeck’s “Submission” and Trifkovic’s “Sword of the prophet”.
          And Islam just waiting, like shark who sense blood. Taqlid make time irrelevant – Islam don’t have past, present and future, everything is just imitation.
          50 years from now Eurabia will be medieval feudal slaver society, with public whipping and worshipping Arab mystique. Western Europeans consider Balkan people as primitive and soon they will live like we 200 years ago.
          About Laura of Eurabia – on this page is section “more from author” where you can find her opinion about Jews, Christians, moderate Muslims, British government, statues and monuments and more… (now you mentioned gays) So it’s true convert can be more radical than ordinary Muslim ! (bloodier than Turk)
          In ideas she is jihadist and you and I don’t know is she ready to do something about that. But if I’m in her’s prison I wouldn’t expect sandwich and one phone cal, more likely cleaver…

          Finally, I think all this “security measures” in EU is rubbish. Creating Orvelian police state to harass your own people, cameras everywhere, phone listening, surveillance, detention, teachers reporting children to secret police… Madness !
          Hungary have best security in Europe – build barb wire fence on borders and send all that police to defend it. We should build that from Bosfor to Gibraltar.
          I’m not only one who think that, here on Balkan people are so pessimistic about Eurabia. On every article about migrants is hundred comments about Sharia, doom, chaos, jihad, Ottomans resurrection and hell in Europe.
          People cursing Merkel, people from my work talking about war in Europe….
          I think I read somewhere Qur’an is forbidden in North Korea, maybe we non Muslim should emigrate there ?

          • Balkans diedist you have still not answered my question!
            Ww1 and 2 killed much more people. 1 million muslim soldiers died defended European countries! 1 million. Not to establish a state for Muslims but so you Europeans could live in safety and freedom.
            Why are you going back half century. Less than 100 years ago Muslims fought for you! For your liberty and for YOUR right to come here and say what you want.

  10. as-salaamu ‘alaikum wa-rahmatullah,

    JazakAllah khair for sharing in detail – may Allah al-wadood ur-raheem bless you and reward you greatly for what you went through, and raise your rank in the aakhira, ameeen ya-rabb!

    SubhanAllah, as a British Muslim who likes the UK and even our monarchy, articles like these make me question why I’m living in UK because it could really happen to any of us. But then, where else could we live? As we’re being persecuted in every country.

    Perhaps events like this could just be to catalogue all (real) Muslims in the country, particularly their dna data, and round us up like sheep? i.e. what happened to the Jews before and during Nazi Germany and before they could commit genocide against the Jews?

    I expect such a day to arrive for Muslims.

    SubhanAllah, what also surprised me was the comment by the terrorist-Islamophobe-Theresa-May about her horror that Jews might leave the UK; and the comment in this article about saying anything considered anti-Semitic as being liable to be called a terrorist!!

    Unbelievable, such hypocrisy – would the government ever say that they were worried about Muslims leaving? Or the countless Nazi’s (“far-right”) in the UK saying such disgusting things against Muslims as them being liable to be called a terrorist because of Islamophobia?

    I think the advice in the other comment is pretty essential and important – for us to clear our digital data frequently, because we never know if any of our sites or video’s we’ve viewed might be liable as evidence against us.
    With the advent of new spying tech by Google (Android/Chrome/Gmail/DNS/Analyics/DoubleClick/etc) and now sadly Microsoft with Windows 10, perhaps it’s time for us to also heed Edward Snowden’s advice by switching to “Tails OS” and DuckDuckGo for searches and ProtonMail for emails?

    Anyway, again, May Allah subhanahu wa-ta’ala greatly reward you dear sister for sharing in detail, and making us aware!
    MashAllah your article reads fairly calmly and stress-free, but obviously what you went through was anything but!


  11. aisha siddiqui

    JazaKAllah kher sister Laura.

  12. A terrorised muslim

    Probably a main reason for the arrest is to get access to data on the computers and phones. Of course even if we have done nothing wrong they could try to make banter seem sinister so it’s a good idea to clear the whatsapp cache etc once a month just to reduce the opportunity for this to happen. Not just for your benefit but everyone else who you’ve been chatting with.

    Anyway trust in Allah, stay on the straight path and know we are promised recompense for any wrong done to us. Stay strong in this time of trials.

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