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Responses to David Cameron’s disappointing speech

Prime Minister David Cameron today delivered what was pre-advertised as being his most important speech on the issue of so-called “Islamist Extremism”. The speech spoke of a five-year plan to tackle “fundamentalist terrorism”, and sparked an array of disappointed responses from think tanks, journalists, Muslims and non-Muslims in Britain. Criticisms of the speech ranged from it being “incoherent” and “ill-informed” all the way to “thoroughly misguided” and “destined to plunge this country, as well as the Middle East, into further chaos and misery.”

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David Cameron’s counter-terrorism strategy is ‘confusing, contradictory and over-simplified’ – Muslim groups react to PM’s big speech [Matt Dathan, The Independent]

David Cameron extremism speech: Muslim leaders give their views on the PM’s plans [Oliver Wright, The Independent]

David Cameron has made it all about Muslims – without engaging us at all [Mohammed Shafiq, The Guardian]

Far from offering a new approach, Cameron has the same tired solutions on terrorism [Maria Norris, New Statesman]

Cameron unveils crackdown on ‘anti-British’ Muslims [RT]

When will the government tell us what kind of free speech it’s going to ban? [Ian Dunt, Politics.co.uk]

Cameron’s “Munich 2” [Mend]

Cameron follows Blair in criminalising the Muslim community [Dilly Hussain, Middle East Eye]

Schooling ‘British values’: threatening civil liberties and equal opportunities [John Holmwood, Open Democracy]

How do you spot a student extremist in a university? [Katy Sian, The Guardian]

Stifling freedom of expression in UK schools [Simon Hooper, Aljazeera]


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  1. no difference between Blair and Cameron’s sicknesses as both of them are suffering from illness called an Islamic phobia .

  2. Very well said Faisal

  3. Riaz Khan Hazarvi

    There is no difference between Blair and Cameron’s sicknesses as both of them are suffering from illness called an Islamic phobia . David cameron should distance himself from Blair as soon as ha can.

  4. Br Faisal smashed it, spot on and well articulated!

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