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Trump isn’t the problem. America is.

It is heartening to see some American people standing with Muslims and against Donald Trump and his policies. Hopefully something productive will come of the protests and civil actions. However, Muslims around the world should be under no illusions about the direction American society has taken and will continue go in.

The reality is that Donald Trump has both a mandate and support from a large segment of American society for his anti -Muslim/Islām policies. He made it very clear what he would do in power, and yet, millions of people supported him.

The real question we should be focusing on is not Donald Trump and his policies but why people supported him and how they reached such a stage. Large sections of American society have become xenophobic, extremist and filled with hate towards Muslims and other minorities. They have effectively been “radicalised” and have elected an “extremist” preacher of hate as their President.

But no one calls him an extremist, primarily because he is white and Christian and these labels appear to be reserved for Muslims. He is still called a leader of the “free world” and treated with respect. Imagine if his name was Ahmadinijad or Mugabe, who put their lands and people first, how would he have been referred to, and how would he have been dealt with? Muslims in the UK and US who make relatively harmless comments are labelled as dangerous extremists and banned.

For all their good intentions, many of those protesting in the streets with Muslims are relatively powerless groups and people in American society. On the other hand, the right wing, white racist and extremist Christian movements are well funded in the United States. They have influential organisations and the media that promote their narrative. Over the last four decades these movements have worked hard to preach their message of hate and intolerance and their backers have also developed a support base and think tanks in the UK and Europe.

The result has been that, with each US president, anti-Muslim hate and policies have progressively gotten worse. Although other Presidents have targeted Muslims with their policies, Donald Trump, with his anti-Muslim rhetoric and Muslim travel ban, has gone a step further. He has assisted US society to cross a psychological barrier. He has now created a climate where it has become openly acceptable to speak about and target Muslims and their beliefs. No matter if the courts decide these executive orders are unconstitutional, the genie of anti-Muslim hatred has been unleashed and we are already seeing the consequences. Once the fires of hatred are lit they are difficult to put out. Trump has started something that cannot be reversed easily. America will never be the same again for Muslims in the US, or elsewhere.

We should not allow ourselves to be deluded into thinking that getting rid of Donald Trump will solve the current predicament Muslims face. The United States has been involved in murderous and destructive policies in the Muslim world for decades, it was only a matter of time before its leaders and people turned against the Muslims on their own shores.

America needs to be “de-radicalised” from the narrative of hate, “extremism”, white supremacy, and their hate preachers. How this is achieved is the real question; and elections are no solution. Trump is the product of the wishes of a huge segment of American society and people. Trump is not the real problem but America, in the direction it has taken, is.

Protests and civil action may form part of the solution but the issues are much deeper than that, and Muslims around the world need to be engaged in the solution. Trump has targeted those countries with (the exception of Iran) which are broken or weak for his Muslim ban.

Muslim weakness, lack of unity and apathy in the face of the powerful has emboldened politicians and interests in the United States. They know they can get away with anything when dealing with Muslims. This amplifies the importance of the ḥadīth that “the strong believer is better and more beloved to Allāh than the weak believer.”[1]

The United States and Trump are products of the Muslim world’s failure to recognise the nature of the US political system and to deal with its reality in the right manner.

If you continue to have normal and cordial relations with nations that are killing your people and stealing your wealth, and the behaviour of your own people and governments do not change, then the problem is not just with the United States, it is with Muslims too.

Above all, if you abandon the divine guidance that Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) has given you then do not be surprised if you end up humiliated and persecuted. If you continue to deal with and trade with the United States as if it does not matter whether or not they kill your people, do not be surprised if they lack respect for you and for what you believe. If you want respect in this world you have to first respect yourself, the life and the property of your own people. It is high time Muslims reconsidered and adopted a different approach to dealing with the United States and European powers.

“Allāh does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.”

“Allāh only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion – [forbids] that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers.”[2]

Source: www.islam21c.com


[1] Muslim

[2] Al-Qur’ān, 60:8-9

About Jahangir Mohammed

Jahangir is the Director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs


  1. When is the Islamic world going to make a new start in the 21st. century and teach the history of the formation of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth? Palaeoanthropology examines the anthropology of human (humanoid) fossil remains. The quarternary period was when the first recognisable humans were found in fossils. Homo Genus goes back more than two million years.
    Every single internationally recognised scientific convention, without exception, says that the Earth was formed about four and a half billion years ago, and is about one third the age of the universe. Why are not children being taught these facts? Is evolution taught in Moslem schools? Is it because these facts contradict Moslem (and Christian) doctrine?

  2. Make no mistake the Neo-Con Zionists both Jewish and Christian (including bigot followers) are no longer hiding their hatred of Islam the religion and this is a strategic error on their part. Someone tell ‘President Bannon’ and poodle Trump that Muslims love their religion more than this life.
    Unity will be achieved, God willing.

  3. This isn’t a “Muslim Ban” , its merely a temporary moritorium on “All People” from 7 nations. It has nothing to do with any religion. If it was a “Muslim Ban”, the temporary measure would have included Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia ,Saudi Arabia and other nations that are predominantly “Muslim”. You people live in such a bubble that you have lost the ability to think rationally.

  4. It is telling that the godless elements at the time of Noah were laughing/ mocking/ deriding Noah and his followers one minute and then crying their eyes out the next… Donold Trump said he liked water boarding, so (if he wants to insist on his lies about Islam/ Muslim then) he may well be on his way.

  5. The extremist US politicians and the UK extremist politicians have a particular relationship – They work hand in glove to invade, bomb & terrorise Muslim countries. They sponsor international terrorism and nazism (Israel terror state). The good news is that God said that the crimiinals would not get away.

  6. Don’t mind the gossip innuendo and nonsense that some ignorant and arrogant people try to band about. They are infact prisioners of their own ignorance and arrogance. Informed people with standards and values will move on and achieve, the while the dross ebbs awayn. God congratulates the Muslims/ believers for being at the forefront of civilisation and championing the cause of civilisation. ‘You are the best community raised up for the human race. You promote that which is good, and you challenge the iniquity/ injustice, and you believe in God as well.’ Quran( )

    O Muslims, you have the right to believe in God and the 10 commandments. After some godless western politiicans banned believing in God and the 10 commandments, they now want to harrass those who want to insist on believing in God and the 10 commandments. Now that the godless establishments have been proven to be false and fake, and having no big ideas to speak of, the world now looks to you, to lead the world to ciivilisation. With God himself the champion of truth and justice, believing in God and his illustrious prophets is a win-win. Congratualtions on being on the winning team. When the people reach the gates of Paradise, they will say it was all worth it. Having to put up with some nonsense from some ignorant and arrogant individuals for a few days from a few warmongers and nazis was worth it in the end. Alls well that ends well.

  7. ‘A time will come when the most base of people will be the leaders.’ – Hadith/ Statement of Muhammad

  8. Please, may He ta’aalaa reward you,

    Write to local mp. Sample letter at Palestine solidarity campaign for debate, to speak in parliament.

    On 9th Feb parliamentary debate on the settlements.

  9. ‘no one calls him an extremist, primarily because he is white and Christian’
    That simply isn’t true. Trump is often called an extremist. He’s called a fascist, a racist and much more besides. He’s the most heavily criticised position in history (thanks largely to the free press).
    Nor is it true to suggest Trump was voted in as a result of his stance on Muslims. It was hus economic policy. He won the election, and not the popular vote, because he won the economically deprived ‘Rust Belt’ states on a promise of jobs.

  10. Yahya Abuelzein

    Salamu alakyum,

    Dear Sir,

    The article seems to be based on the premise that:

    1. Successive American governments and American society have hated Islam and Muslims as a matter of policy.

    2. Trump is a natural continuation of this and that his choosing is a clear indication of how much those that voted for him (46%) hate Islam.

    Regarding the first point, I think that this is demonstrably untrue given that there are established Muslim communities in the US and that they are involved at every level of society including government. It’s not because of an immigration slip-up that these communities exist.

    Regarding foreign policy, I don’t think the American government goes out of it’s way to kill Muslims, but it will work in (what it sees as) it’s own interests and resort to illegal means to get what it wants or influence things to gain an strategic or commercial advantage, including spying on allies (NSA scandal), supplying guns to both sides of a conflict (Iraq / Iran war), attempt to assassinate leaders (Castro) and support rebels against a legitimate government (Nicaragua). American foreign policy seems to care less about Islam than it does about Russia (perhaps until recently), money, influence, ‘irresponsible’ countries having nuclear weapons and Israel.

    Regarding the second point, the article ignores several other reasons why people may have voted for Trump including putting two fingers up to ‘the establishment’, his promise of jobs, the perception of him being successful and competent, Bernie Sanders supporters hating Hilary Clinton more than they hated Trump, voting ‘for the team’ despite disliking Trump as a Republican candidate. Yes, Trump is loved by xenophobes, racists, people who hate Islam and the like, however, can you to paint everyone who voted for him with the same brush? You cannot. Also, do you know how much of the population voted for him specifically for his anti-Islam policies? How large a section do you mean?

    Now Trump has seven Muslim countries on a ban list, but note that even then, he seems to put his business interests above his efforts in protecting America from countries that ‘have a history of exporting terror’ [1][2]. He is an opportunist preying on people’s fears to become / remain popular and Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants and refugees are the flavours of the month.

    The article is titled: Trump is not the problem. America is. It is true, America elected him as president. He is a symptom of the condition the country is in. However, the condition is far more complex than the ‘America is simply anti-muslim’ diagnosis the article sugguests.


    [1] Terrorism Speech August 2016 Accessed 30/01/2017
    [2] Independent News article on Muslim countries not in ban. Accessed 30/01/2017 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/muslim-majority-countries-donald-trump-travel-ban-immigration-entry-visa-three-main-countries-exempt-a7552526.html

    • Siddique A Khan

      No, no! The majority of white Americans (both Christians and Jews) have always targeted Muslims and through the power of their formidable war machine have pillaged and oppressed the Muslims in various parts of the world. Look at the destruction caused by the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran and Syria. Trump politics is continuation of this diabolical agenda in a more brazen manner. No playing down and or soft-peddling is going to help.

  11. Great article!

  12. Brother jahangir why don’t you send a Arabic transcript to your fellow muslim rulers in Arabia. Maybe they can move a muscle if they care or have a muscle. Yes it’s true, America is sadly a rotten nation but who knows Trump might sink the boat. I think we all need to make istighfar, and return back to Allah. We have an interesting future ahead of us.

  13. What sickens me is the so called Muslim leaders, who are silent? Where is the voice of the kuffar who rule our lands?
    Allah curse them. They are the biggest enemy of Islam.


    • ‘A time will come when the leaders (of the Muslims) will look like you, dress like you, speak like you but they will not be of you (ie not working for your interests).’ – Hadith/ Statement of Muhammad

      The so called leaders of Muslim countries are fake/ imposters. So the Muslims are caught between a rock and a hard place. Their immediate ‘leaders’ are imposters, and not working for the betterment of the country, the while externally you have failed godless systems that are corrupt and have narrow agendas too. This is a big challenge. However, not insurmountable. The key is to practice our faith (any Muslim who is not praying 5 times a day and paying their compulsory charity (zakaat) is selling out themsleves and the Ummah). If we practice our faith then God will give us good leaders that will unite the ummah. Imam Mehdi will perhaps arrive in 2020 and unite the ummah, since Muslims have persevered as best they can, in the face of nonsense and arrogance from the godless mafia establishments both within and without. The enemies of Islam will be left to bite their finger tips in rage and frustratin some more as Islam/ civilisatoin is established in the Middle East. Amen.

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