Jahangir Mohammed

Jahangir is a Director of UK-based Muslim think-tank Ayaan Institute. He has also been Director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs since 1997, prior to which he was the Deputy Leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain (1992-1997).
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Has Imran Khan played his last innings for Pakistan?

22 Min Read

Following Imran Khan's jail sentence, Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think-tank Ayaan Institute, explains what's happening in Pakistan.

The Demonisation of Muslim Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

16 Min Read

The story of Khan is not just a Pakistani story, but a Muslim one.

End of the Ottoman Caliphate: The ‘Real Story’

21 Min Read

"It's time to stop blaming Britain, the Arabs or Zionists", argues Jahangir Mohamed, as he gives an alternate history of the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate.

What would a new civilisation of Islam look like? | Unscripted #76

0 Min Read

Jahangir Mohammed joins us this week on the Unscripted podcast to talk about the idea behind the new think tank Ayaan Institute.

Are We Witnessing The End Of The American Empire?

14 Min Read

If World War l is viewed as the moment that the US became a world superpower (circa 1916), then 2020 may define the beginning of the end of the American Empire and its ‘White supremacist’ power structure.

Stay Safe, Pray Safe: How to open mosques safely and lawfully

13 Min Read

Mosques should NOT re-open until they follow these steps, says charity specialist Jahangir Mohammed

The Hypocrisy of Attacking Muslim Schools for “Segregation”

13 Min Read

"Are we to believe that segregation for the non-Muslim ruling class is okay but it has a negative impact on Muslim children?"

The “Missing Muslims” Report:  More of the Same

15 Min Read

Jahangir Mohammed says that the recent report by the Citizens UK Commission on Islam, Participation & Public Life is yet another report about "the Muslims" which follows a familiar theme: "Muslims as a problem"...

Europe’s Bloody Holocaust Secret

13 Min Read

The Jewish Holocaust. The Jewish Holocaust was indeed one of the greatest crimes committed by white "Christian" Europeans against a people of another race and religion. I say “Christian” because anyone reading the works of Hitler and the Nazi’s cannot but conclude that religious beliefs and history formed part of the propaganda and policies against Jewish people. Jews were not only targeted because of their race but also because of their religious differences, practices and history. And yet, western historians have a tendency to sanitise Christian inspired violence and colonialism from their history books. Genocide does not happen overnight. It

Trump isn’t the problem. America is.

7 Min Read

It is heartening to see some American people standing with Muslims and against Donald Trump and his policies. Hopefully something productive will come of the protests and civil actions. However, Muslims around the world should be under no illusions about the direction American society has taken and will continue go in. The reality is that Donald Trump has both a mandate and support from a large segment of American society for his anti -Muslim/Islām policies. He made it very clear what he would do in power, and yet, millions of people supported him. The real question we should be focusing