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What the Counter Terrorism Bill Means for British Muslims [Video]

Shaykh Shams Ad Duha discusses the counter terrorism bill and what it means for British Muslims in the video above on Jumu’ah 3rd Rabi al Thani 1436 / Friday 23rd January 2015

What we can do:

– We must be united amongst ourselves and rely upon Allah

– Each one of us must understand the bill and the implications on Muslims and non Muslims alike. Educate family members and colleagues.

– Any petitions related to preventing the bill from coming into effect should be signed. The more Muslims that voice their opposition to the bill the better chance we have to stop it.

– Send letters and emails to your local MP. It is the MPs that will be voting on the bill. Therefore we must lobby our MPs to ensure they vote against the bill.

– Participate and assist groups that are working to prevent this bill.

– We must make du’a and pray that Allah helps us to overcome this bill, and allows us to continue to practice our religion peacefully.

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