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Beating Bad Breath This Ramadan

Dr Zahid Siddique 22 Min Read

Here are some top tips from a dental and pharmaceutical expert about oral hygiene and how we can tackle bad breath in Ramadan.

Avoid These Haram Dates This Ramadan

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 9 Min Read

As Britain is the 2nd-largest importer of "Israeli" dates, many people don't realise they're buying something that is haram, because of cunning labels.

Sh Haitham on Tarawih This Year

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 22 Min Read

Can I pray tarawih at home if the masjid is open? Can I hold a mus'haf or tablet? How much Qur'an should I read? Sh Haitham answers our questions about fasting/prayer times

Watch out for “Brand Ramadan”

Zimarina Sarwar 9 Min Read

Zimarina Sarwar argues in a culture where nothing is immune from being turned into a commodity, we need to be vocal and firm to preserve the sacred essence of Ramadan.

20 Health Tips for Ramadan

Dr Shafiul Amin 10 Min Read

Dr Shafiul Amin distils 20 practical health tips for you to make the most out of this Ramadan...

Turn your Meals into ʿIbādah this Ramadān

Ayshah Syed 19 Min Read

Many of us may be unwittingly poisoning ourselves in the nights of Ramadan. Click to read some nutritious foods praised by the sources of Islam.