Ayshah Syed

Ayshah Syed studied English at Goldsmiths University of London, followed by a Masters in Comparative Literary Studies. During her years at university she became involved in da'wah, volunteering for various Islamic organisations. She has studied Arabic and works as an English-Spanish translator. She recently edited 'Meadows of the Divine: 40 Prophetic Traditions on the Virtues and Rulings of the Qur'an' by Sheikh Alomgir Ali, as well as other projects and publications for MRDF. She is currently working as Editor for Islam21c.
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Turn your Meals into ʿIbādah this Ramadān

19 Min Read

Many of us may be unwittingly poisoning ourselves in the nights of Ramadan. Click to read some nutritious foods praised by the sources of Islam.

They’ve taken my children. What do I do?

29 Min Read

British Muslim parents fight to keep their children.

A Tale of Two Terrors: Osborne & Adebolajo

18 Min Read

A discourse analysis of Muslim and non-Muslim "terror"...

The British Government “lost” thousands of controversial documents prompting accusations of a “cover up”

5 Min Read

Including documents about the colonial administration of Palestine, the murder of a journalist and torture of Irish dissidents...

Burma Muslims: Past, Present and Future

8 Min Read

Human Rights Watch confirmed that over half a million Rohingya refugees have fled Burma following mass genocide and ethnic cleansing. Recent satellite images show the devastation and destruction inflicted on tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of villages. Human Rights Watch commentators confirm that while the Rakhine villages remained intact, the neighbouring Rohingya villages were incinerated suggesting a targeted attack against the Rohingya. Analysis of the satellite imagery indicates both that the burnings focused on Rohingya villages and took place after Burmese officials claimed security force “clearance operations” had ceased, Human Rights Watch said. As we have been reporting

US Military’s control of Hollywood exposed in shocking report

5 Min Read

In a recent exposé, the sinister reality of the Hollywood industry’s connection, or rather, subservience to the American Military and Military Intelligence Agencies was revealed...

Are you breaking your fasts with stolen dates?

9 Min Read

Are you breaking your fasts with stolen dates? Also read Fatwa: ‘Israeli’ dates are Haram to Buy & Sell by Sheikh (Dr) Haitham al-Haddad Alḥamdulillāh, the holy month of Ramaḍān is upon us once more. A blessed time wherein we unite with our families, strengthen our attachment to the Qur’ān and increase our ʿibādah in the hopes of taking advantage of the Month of Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation, inshāAllāh. And of course, we fast. We spend our entire day abstaining from food and drink, guarding our eyes and our ears and controlling our actions, our words and our thoughts. And, as the sun

Ibn Ali Miller: the Black Muslim Hero

4 Min Read

Last month a video of Ibn Ali Miller breaking up a fight between two young, black, school boys drew attention the world over. Brought onto the Steve Harvey show “Harvey’s Heroes”, Ibn Ali Miller describes growing up in a challenging environment only to have his life and worldview transformed under the tutelage of a Muslim at the local mosque. What I found fascinating about this is that his action has impacted the hearts of so many people, that he is being hailed a hero and, as Ibn Miller points out himself, that his intervening in the fight between the boys,

#VisitMyMosque Day shows we have much work to do

11 Min Read

In light of the uproar caused by Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”, thousands of Britons had the opportunity to see the true face of Islam and Muslims in the UK on Sunday 5th February. 150 mosques across the UK welcomed in their neighbours from all backgrounds for #VisitMyMosque Day. Visit My Mosque Day aims to —Encourage all mosques in Britain to hold an open day at least once per year; —Foster better community relations and community cohesion for the good of society as a whole; —Work for a more enlightened appreciation of Islam and Muslims in the wider society; —Work to

Australia’s forgotten Islamic roots

11 Min Read

Australia Day; a day of progress, a day of fireworks and laser shows, a day of communities gathering, unified in celebration of what makes Australia great – or so they would have us believe. The truth of the matter is that Australia Day marks the anniversary of conquest, slaughter and invasion. For the indigenous people, January 26th is Invasion Day and marks 229 years of genocide. It is a Day of Mourning. For the British powers, Australia was terra nullius - land belonging to no-one (read: no one important), and they therefore felt justified in colonising the country without a