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Dutch Muslims share 1,000 Qur’ān copies after failed burning

Daliel and Waaromislam have responded to hate and division by distributing the Book of Allah in the Netherlands.

Kuwait responds to Qur’ān burning by gifting 100,000 copies to Sweden

How do you respond to repeated attacks on the Qur’ān? By sending tens of thousands of copies to those responsible for such incidents.

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Turkey livid at “vile attack” on Qur’ān in Sweden

The Turkish government has sharply criticised the latest attack on the Qur’ān by Danish-Swedish hate preacher, Rasmus Paludan.

Why are we talking about Fireman Sam?

Wrapped in velvet, placed on the highest shelf, perfumed and honoured, the Qur’an has a special place in every Muslim’s heart. The Qur’an is the uncreated speech of the Lord of the Worlds, the Lord and Master of Mankind, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. Once this is appreciated