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Islamic Finance Benefits Everyone

In this Face to Face episode, Umer Suleman discusses how a truly 'Islamic' finance is for the benefit of all creatures, not just Muslims.

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Islamic finance benefits EVERYONE, not only Muslims.

https://youtu.be/W3M3LEgDZzU   "For a Muslim, for every transactions there are two ways to profit from it..." Islam21c's Financial Editor, Umer Suleman, recently gave a talk at the EU Islamic Finance and Banking Summit. He talks about how the benefit and wisdoms of Islam and in particular Islamic economics is not just

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Two wines of different times

“Here's to alcohol. The rose coloured glasses of life.” “Curry and a pint”… “Wine and dine” … “Beer after the game.” How often have we heard the above phrases, or similar ones, during our lives? The answer: countless times. The society we live in today holds alcohol as one of the